Irish 4-0 So Far This Season

The Fingers tell their story

The Fighting Irish are (4-0) so far this College Football season.

You don’t have to be an alumni of the South Bend campus – to know the ECT has your BACK on all things of importance to Eagle County Taxpayers!  From their Irish campus Golden Dome in South Bend – to our Yellow-Gold Aspens in the Central Colorado Rockies – it isn’t just the Irish – that are willing to Fight – the ECT folks are fighting today – in the defense of all County Taxpayers.


Avon’s Town Council – Won’t Listen

by  the Fans of Rod Serling

Imagine if you Will…you’re living in a Town where your elected Town Council – just won’t listen!

- Where Multi-Million dollar cost overruns are just ignored by the Council in charge of managing to prevent them.  (Click Here)

- Where Multi-Million dollar Capital Construction contract was awarded to “one of their own” – a sitting Avon Town Council member.

- Where Millions in additional long term Avon DEBT – is issued against your real Avon Property in the form of ‘Certificates of Participation’ – you, Avon Property owner get the bill – but don’t get a Vote!

- Where handing a Canadian Company ~$40,000.00 for the design of a new Town Logo – instead of holding a local CONTEST among our Students to design a new Avon logo for thousands – less.

-Where Avon Citizens line up – one after the other – to speak during the Public Hearings of their elected Government.  And then are summarily IGNORD.


That place today (doesn’t exist in the Twilight Zone) it exists in Avon, Colorado today.  Long time Real Estate professional – Bob West – at the Avon podium.


The current Avon Council – doesn’t listen – however rest assured Avon Taxpayer – this current Council – doesn’t ignore what you have to say – on an empty stomach!


THERE IS GOOD NEWS TO REPORT! –   (4) Town of Avon Council seats are up for election this November 4th 2014.

Avon Taxpayers and Voters – would be VERY WISE – to elect (4) NEW Council members determined to change the way that Avon – does business.!

Dr. Glass – may need new Glasses

by  Clayton Moore

Dr. Jason Glass is our Eagle County Public School Superintendent.

Last week – Dr. Glass advised Eagle County voters – on what his view and position is on Colorado’s Proposition 104.  Yes, Proposition 104 is a Colorado State wide Ballot question that is printed on your Eagle County Ballot – for you to vote on.

From Dr. Glass’s column last week – (he wants you to vote No!)


Here is the actual Ballot Language that is printed on your Eagle County Ballot!


Say What, Dr. Glass?  Ambiguous and Poorly Worded?

For the Record the ECT folks recommend you VOTE YES! on Proposition 104 – if for no other reason than “open and transparent” governance is a good thing.

Dr. Glass might want to get his reading glasses checked.  ECT not sure why the word “any” confuses Dr. Glass in the above Ballot Language.  Ambiguous Ballot Language?  Not to the ECT – however having studied some of the TCAP/TSAP Public School scores and ranking reports – and the word “ambiguous” came to mind many times while trying to get a reasonable “handle” on what we were reading about the overall performance of Eagle County Public Schools.  There is little chance of Dr. Glass reasonably explaining his/our Public School “state rankings” if Dr. Glass finds this Ballot Language ambiguous…

‘nuff said – VOTE YES!

Hungry for some – Real Science?

by   the fans of Quantum Entanglement

Perhaps it’s time to organize an Eagle County Field Trip – to enjoy some Field Theory.  We just have to jump in our cars for a bit – to arrive at the location where we can – Aspen.  The Aspen Center for Physics just announced their Winter Schedule of Physics lectures for 2015.  (Click Here) for their new Winter Schedule of lectures!

Don’t Worry!  The Public Lectures go real easy on the Arithmetic!  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never taken your first derivative (partial or otherwise) – the public lectures are organized to inform on recent topics in Physics – not to confuse.

A background in clear thinking is helpful as terms like “ECO”, “Global” and “World Class” are terms – not used very often by this group of Scientists.  That’s because these folks – are the real Scientists.

The FREE Public lectures are delivered at Aspen’s downtown Wheeler Opera House…but be aware – while the secrets of our Universe are revealed at these Lectures – the Physics of “where to park” in Downtown Aspen (during Ski Season) remains an unsolved problem – by the 52 Novel Laureates that have participated, so far.  Car Pooling it seems, is still their recommended Space-Time solution.


Tornado Rainbow??

by  Jimmy Olsen photography

Tornado Rainbow?  OK – not the best description.

Early Risers in Eagle County’s mid-valley were treated to an unusual optical effect at sunrise over Cordillera on Sunday, September 21st 2014.  The Sun just broke through the sliver of our east horizon (notice the shadow) and lit up an unusual morning Cloud formation.  The effect lasted about 100 seconds – and then it was gone.  The always reliable Jimmy Olsen – reached for his camera early Sunday, before he reached for his coffee.  Just (Click On) the photo to enlarge it.


Avon – Millions in Cost Overruns – for their Pavilion

If the current Avon Town Council has their way…the Avon Taxpayer will be paying Millions more in Cost Overruns – for their Avon Pavilion by the Lake.  Current (Sept 2014) projected cost?  $3.8 Million.   The projected cost (just 2 1/2 months ago) in July 2014?   $1.9 Million  That’s about a $2 Million dollar cost overrun in just (3) months!  Just imagine what this Avon Council could do – given (6) months of more mismanagement!

At the last Avon meeting (16SEPT2014) their Town Council admitted that they used a construction process known as “Design Build” – when Construction started BEFORE Council knew what the total cost would be!

Incredibly – at the last meeting current Town Council members said publicly – this Design Build concept was approved because “it was going to save Avon money.”

Well, it backfired…and the current Town Council now wants the Avon Taxpayer to pay millions in additional Avon (Real Estate Transfer Taxes) to “cover” for their own Cost Overruns!

How did this happen?

Their Council moved forward (16SEPT) with a Construction Financing technique called “Certificates of Participation” which is used to (prevent and avoid) a Public/Taxpayer VOTE from Avon Citizens – as required by TABOR Law.

Below is Avon Town Council candidate – Peter Buckley’s comments on that Taxpayer Issue from Avon’s last meeting!

Avon, Citizens are encouraged to attend the next meeting in Avon – Tuesday, September 23rd and give their views – during public comment!

2014 Candidate Debates – Coroner – Commissioner – Sheriff

by  Eagle County Television (ECO TV 18) and Jimmy Olsen videos here at the ECT.

Special Thanks to Eagle County Television (ECO TV 18) technology wizard – Josh Stowell for this video.

Failure “in the Ranks”?  The biggest disappointment of the Debate evening were the (4) County Commissioner Candidates who DID NOT speak to the fact (we all) have the Highest Health Insurance costs – in the Nation!  (Click Here).  Worse Yet?  Neither of the two Debate moderators – even brought up that Issue – even when they had that question submitted to them on a card.

Eagle County, Colorado – 2014 Candidate Debate – Coroner

Sue Franciose (brunette) vs. incumbent County Coroner Kara Bettis (blonde) folks calls this debate a win for challenger Sue Franciose.  What do you think? Leave the ECT a comment!   Debate is 16 minutes and 38 seconds..

 Eagle County, Colorado – 2014 Candidate Debate – Commissioner, District 3

Jeanne McQueeney vs. Dick Mayne.  Voters should NOTE that Jeanne McQueeney is your current (elected) president of your Eagle County School Board.  To date (22SEPT2014) Ms. McQueeney HAS NOT stated if she will resign her School Board seat…should she be elected County Commissioner.  Ms. McQueeney has stated publicly – that our School Boards “annual budget” is bigger than Eagle County’s…

Eagle County, Colorado – 2014 Candidate Debate – Commissioner, District 2

Courtney Holm vs. (incumbent) Kathy Chandler-Henry  This is the first election for Chandler-Henry as she was appointed to fill the District 2 County Commissioner seat when (then) Commissioner Jon Stavney resigned his post to become the much higher paid – Town Manager of Eagle, Colorado

Eagle County, Colorado – 2014 Candidate Debate – Sheriff

Deric Harvey vs. James van Beek.  James van Beek won the GOP Primary election (June 2014) against incumbent Sheriff – Joe Hoy.  Hoy’s term as Eagle County Sheriff ends in January 2015 – when the Sheriff, Commissioners and Coroner will be sworn into their new respective offices to start their (4) year terms.


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