Avon’s new Boxcar Restaurant

by  the fans of  Lecil Travis Martin

Boxcar is the newest edition to Avon’s somewhat upscale Restaurants.  It’s located next to (just east) of  Christy Sports in Avon.  If you know where Avon’s Pier 1 and Sports Authority are…it’s the building behind them (just west) of that location.


The Free Parking out front is pretty good, considering it’s Avon.

Owners James Charmness and Cara Luff made some significant modifications to the original space…since that space was (years ago) a bowling alley in Avon.  Some photos of that extensive remodel can be seen on Boxcar’s Facebook page (Click Here) if you’re interested.

When you walk in, you walk down a few steps to the Bar area and seating near their gas fireplace.  When you walk “into the back” you find the open kitchen and a bigger dining room, that the owners say can be reserved for special parties and events.

Boxcar’s Summer plans include expanding outdoors (south) as there is plenty of room between a new wood fence and the Boxcar building.

A quick glance of their self described “Modern American Cuisine” menu can be had by (Clicking Here).  The ECT folks can vouch for their “Rosemary Gougeres – Chevre and pear mousse” found at the top of their menu.

Boxcar also has an extensive smooth Specialty Cocktails drink menu…however take note, some are a bit pricy but also quite good.  Craft Beers are also available.

Now that the 2014 Ski Season is behind us…put the Boxcar in Avon on your list of things to check out this Spring.  Tell them the EagleCountyTimes.com sent you!

Who is this May 2014 Election PAC?

by  Jay Silverheels

Who is this May 6th 2014 – Water Election – Political Action Committee?

Their PAC – “Citizens for Healthy Rivers”

Well according to the Colorado Secretary of State Web site – this is “who they are” based on their stated Election Contributions.  Yes, the ECT knows…just (Click On) the graphic below to zoom in and read it…ECT sure you’ll recognize some of the names of these locals.


The ECT claims this PAC is deliberately misleading you on – Ballot Issue “B” on the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District election this May 6th 2014.

The CFHR PAC claims on their color brochure they’ve sent you via U.S. Mail…it states if you Vote “Yes”,    “You keep your TABOR rights to vote on Tax Increases”

Foul!  The ECT claims this is not true!  Voters must vote “No” to protect their TABOR Rights!  Let’s read the actual Ballot Language for Ballot Issue B and let you decide.  Just (Click On) the graphic below to enlarge it.


FACT:  This CFHR PAC didn’t include the actual Ballot Language on their full color brochure.  Now why do you think they (deliberately?) withheld the Ballot Language from you – when it is easily and readily, publicaly available?

Don’t be fooled.  Read the Ballot Language and Vote “No” to protect your TABOR RIGHTS!

Water Candidates – ducking the Big Question in their May 6th Election

by   Clayton Moore

To date (16APR2014) ALL the Water District Candidates are (publically) avoiding the Big Issue – facing the Customers and Voters inside the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District.  Their election is Tuesday, May 6th 2014.

The Issue:  Ongoing – Unfunded Government Mandates

According to the Water District’s own Attorney Glenn Porzak – the ~$25 Million Dollar Bond Debt that the ERW&SD has very recently Bonded for – was the direct result of the Unfunded Government Mandate handed down by the EPA through the Colorado State Legislature!  (Click Here)  Water District customers are now legally “on the hook” to pay that new $25 Million dollar debt.


Which ERW&SD Candidate (above) is willing to tackle this ongoing issue – to protect the financial interests of customers (read: voters) inside their Water District?

Specific Issue:  What is to stop the EPA or the Colorado State Legislature or Colorado Regulator from issuing a New Regulation – requiring our Water District spend (another $25 Million dollars?) for (Mag Chloride?) clean up in the years to come?

Answer:  Nothing!   What about a future mandated “heavy metal” water clean up because of the Gillman Mine (an EPA Superfund site by the way – Click Here) near the Eagle River?

So then why aren’t these Candidates addressing this Big Election issue?

Granted:  It is not reasonable to expect the ERW&SD to “take on” the EPA by itself, HOWEVER it is reasonable to expect the Elected District Leadership to work through their “Special District Association” of Colorado (they are a member) to address the issue of ongoing Unfunded Government Mandates affecting what their customers pay for clean water.

Yes, the SDA has many other Colorado Water Districts as members and the SDA (in part) acts as a lobbing organization representing the interests of other Colorado Water Districts that are also under the threat of continued Unfunded Government Mandates.

How many of these candidates have talked to our Colorado State Representatives about this issue?  Anybody know?  What was the result of these alleged conversations?  What specific action items have current Water Board members (trying to get re-elected – Rick Sackbauer) asked their SDA to address going forward?  Nothing?  Why don’t we know?

ECT recommendation:  Know the Water Issues affecting you.  Know your Candidates before voting.  Vote for Candidates based on their actions, not their expressed intensions.


Water Candidates Respond – Issue ‘Unfunded Mandates’

by  the Water Candidates

Recently the Water District Candidates (Election, May 6th 2014) were asked to respond to the issue of “Unfunded Mandates” imposed on the customers of ERW&SD.  This new EPA/Colorado State Government Mandate – resulted in the Water Districts customers having to take on an additional $25 Million dollars in Debt…in the form of a long term Bond…the Water District customers are obligated to pay.


All the candidates were asked…(when elected) what are you going to do to protect the Districts customers from future “Unfunded Mandates”?

Their (verbatim) answers below – printed in the order receive back (emailed back) here at the ECT.

Incumbent and current Chairman of the ERW&SD Board – Rick Sackbauer.

Dear Eagle County Times:
rick-sackbauerAs Chairman of the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District I fully recognize that the regulations being imposed upon the District by the Federal and State Government constitute unfunded mandates – except that the State is attempting to make available grants to assist in the implementation of these regulations.  I further recognize that there is a large body of scientific evidence that nutrients from the District’s three sewer plants, and from other sources, can negatively impact our streams.
The real issue, then, is balancing our community’s interest in protecting Gore Creek and the Eagle River from pollutants, which is so important to the quality of life of those of us who live and recreate here.
We, along with the Colorado Special District Association, have had substantial contact with the Colorado Department of Health and our Legislators over achieving the proper balance.  Ann Terry, the Executive Director of the Special District Association, and her lobbying staff have worked diligently with us.  This has aided the District in recently receiving $1.4 million in grants from the State for the improvements currently planned.
Every effort has been made to scrutinize the proper level of capital construction necessary to achieve the best result in maintaining (hopefully enhancing) the quality of our streams . . . through the proposed Bond Question and Grant Revenue Question currently on the Ballot which was mailed to our customers this past week.  A Yes Vote on these two Ballot Questions will provide at least $1.8 million in savings on the debt the District must incur, and will allow the District to accept and retain other grants which we expect the State will make available.
I assure you, all of these issues have been carefully researched; and the proposal presented to our voters is the best solution.
Respectfully submitted,
Rick Sackbauer
Eagle River Water and Sanitation District
Candidate for Director District 1

M.I.A – the rest of the Water District candidates.  The ECT folks did receive a few election Post Cards from some of the candidates wanting our vote, but they chose “not to respond”.  If the Chairman of the Board was willing to respond to our reasonable questions – why not the other candidates?

FACTOID:  The most recent ERW&SD meeting on record was held on Thursday, Marchbuckley-vote_thumb 27th 2014.  Fact is…only ONE candidate (on your election ballot) attended that meeting – that being current ERW&SD Chairman – Rick Sackbauer.  Rick was contacted via email at the same time all the other candidates were contacted  – in an effort to have District electors – see what their position is on the current (and future?) Unfunded Mandates.  Recall this Unfunded Mandate resulted in the new $25 Million Dollar bond issue by the District.

Interestingly – current ERW&SD Board Member – Steve Friedman (Beaver Creek Resident and board representative) stated publicly at the February 27th Board Meeting that…”the first line of taxpayer protection is electing representatives who are good stewards of public money.”

The ECT agrees with Mr. Friedman.  The problem the ECT has – is outside of candidate Rick Sackbauer…we can’t seem to get a response to a reasonable/financial question effecting the Districts customers and voters!

Indeed Mr. Friedman, who are you voting for?

SCOTUS Update – Kelo vs. New London

What happens when the Supreme Court of the United States sides with “big government” – on the issue of Individual Private Property Rights?


Nothing good, that’s what.  And those responsible for this abuse of power – are not held to account, starting with the elected officials of the town of New London, Connecticut.

Below a re-print online from RedState.com.  Just (Click On the graphic below to read the entire report)


Here is what the site that was suppose to be developed…looks like today…Kinda reminds the ECT folks of the big empty lot known as…Eagle River Station…in Eagle, Colorado


Meanwhile – the ECT folks knew the Fishwrap wouldn’t report this so – the ECT will.

From a recent story we found from the U.K.’s “DailyMail” online.  Just (Click On) the graphic below to read the report from the DailyMail.


Total Lunar Eclipse – Over Eagle County

by   the fans of Edwin Hubble

It was cold last night.

Early AM – Tuesday, April 15th 2014.  The difficulty photographing the total Lunar Eclipse – is that during it – there isn’t much light entering the lens of your camera!  It’s tough to get a well focused digital photo even using your tripod.

Yes, that’s the Star “Spica” in the lower right near the date of this photo.  Just (Click On) the photo above to enlarge it!  A few more photos from last night’s total Lunar Eclipse are below!

View album
View album View album View album View album View album


Below Video made last night at the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles, California


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