Memorial Day 2015 – Indoors – Eagle County, Colorado

by   the fans of our Service Men and Women!

A wise last minute decision by Master of Ceremonies – Ms. Pat Hammon today to move Eagle County’s Memorial Day Service indoors.  Our Afternoon weather remaining as unpredictable as ever.  The Ceremony moved inside the WECMRD Field House in Edwards, from the planned event at Freedom Park – just outside the Field House.

This years event was very well attended including Eagle County Commissioner – Kathy Chandler-Henry, the only Commissioner the ECT noticed at the event…

Pat Hammond proudly announced that Eagle Valley High School (Gypsum) HAS TWO Graduates headed to Annapolis, Maryland to attend the U.S. Naval Academy.  Both Ben Witt and Natalie Morrissey won’t be waiting till this Fall.  They will begin their training and duties as new Plebes (Click Here) at the Academy this Summer 2015.

The Sights and Sounds of Memorial Day 2015 – Eagle County style!

Here is Pat Hammon assisting the Battle Mountain High School Band – singing our National Anthem!


ECT Loves our Big, Beautiful, American Flag inside the Edwards Field



Cordillera Confusion?

by     the ECT fans of Accurate Reporting

Cordillera, Colorado? –  What’s going on in that well to do Community, today?

Answer:  Well, that seems to depend on “who you ask”.

Case in Point:  Recently a letter about the Cordillera Community was published in the Fishwrap.  Letter penned by a Slifer Realtor.

Her Bottom Line:   essentially “everything is going just GREAT in Cordillera”.  “Property Values going up, Real Estate on the market is moving.”  (Click Here) for a copy of her letter.

So?  Well… just another local Realtor, selling Cordillera – happy to suggest a (vibrant) current Real Estate Market in Cordillera?

Now digest this documented FACT:   David Willhelm is still the owner of all the Golf Courses (3) at Cordillera.  David has contracted with Troon Golf to run and manage the Golf Courses and the Golf Club House at Cordillera.

So?  Things (additional memberships?) selling well for Willhelm and Troon?

Somehow a local Realtor (forgot?) to mention this special Cordillera offer in her letter…

You Decide – ECT Reader:  



The Club at Cordillera and Troon Golf are pleased to announce the opening of the Mountain Course tomorrow, May 22nd 2015.  To celebrate the opening of our third season with three courses, we’re making a special offering to anyone who was ever a member of the Club at Cordillera.  As a prior Club member, you are invited to re-join for a $4,500 Initiation fee and NO DUES for the 2015 season.
With the Cordillera Valley Club open, the Mountain Course open, and the Summit Course scheduled to open June 5th, we would love to welcome back any and all prior club members for this limited time special offering. We’re thrilled with the results of our membership drive over the past two years and expect to exceed 500 members this season. Thank you to all of the community for the continued support of Troon Golf and The Club at Cordillera.  I look forward to hearing from you soon to take advantage of this tremendous offer!
Warm Regards,
Suzanne Morgan
Director of Membership * The Club at Cordillera
p 970/569-6418 | c 970/470-9415 | f 970/926-5934


Private Clubs of Distinction

© 2015 Cordillera Metropolitan District | 970/926-1923


Beaver Creek – A Soggy Start this 2015 Summer Season

by    the fans of dryer Weather

Dateline:  Beaver Creek, Colorado – Sunday, Memorial Day weekend 2015

First Event of the 2015 Summer Tourist Season?


Well the Good News is:  There is no reported Flooding happening during the Blues, Brews & BBQ festival in Beaver Creek today – and no danger of Tornados nor excessive Crowds…Best to bring your Hat if you’re in Beaver Creek ‘bout lunch time on Sunday.


Memorial Day – at the Block!

by  the fans of our  Service Academies

Eagle County, Colorado’s Memorial Day Service will be held Monday, May 25th 2015

Where:   3:30PM – Freedom Park, in Edwards  (a.k.a. the Block)


The Block (photo) of course is a piece of the Limestone from the Pentagon – taken after the 9/11 attack.  This is the 11th Annual Memorial Day Service sponsored by VFW Post 10721 (Minturn) and the Freedom Park Memorial Committee.

Unmistakable – Boeing’s C-17 Globemaster

by   the fans of the  U.S. Air Mobility Command

Those lucky enough to be outside in the (Eagle-Gypsum) area about noon on Sunday, May 3rd 2015 – caught a glimpse of (3) C-17 Globemaster’s on maneuvers over Eagle County.  The C-17 is a very big, heavy lift Military transport Aircraft design to move troops and Heavy Equipment into any part of the Globe.


Neither Colorado, nor Utah has a (A.M.C.) base…so the local speculation is a training mission for C-17 Pilots and (troops?) flying and deploying in Mountainous conditions…much like those found in Afghanistan…

(photo taken from the Highlands in Eagle Ranch – Eagle, Colorado)


Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility

by   Clayton Moore

Legal Term:  Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility

It’s a legal term that applies to either an Elected or Corporate entity – that has the LEGAL obligation to protect the Financial Interests of their Constituents and/or Stock Holders.

The Avon Town Council has put themselves (by their recent unanimous vote) in legal trouble again.

The Trouble:  Avon Town Council voted Unanimously to hand the Eagle River Fire Protection District (of which Avon is a member) an $830,000.00 “Interest Free” 5 year loan!  This loan granted to the District (by Avon’s Council) to help the District close on a land sale (owned by the District) located in Avon.

Here is Avon Mayor (Jennie Fancher) at Avon Town Council meeting Tuesday, April 21st 2015 demonstrating to Avon Taxpayers – her “Breech of Fiduciary Responsibility”. Video 1 minute 12 seconds.

Mayor Fancher:  “You’re taking from one hand to pay the other hand”

FACT:  The Eagle River Fire Protection District – includes Avon AND all of Cordillera, Arrowhead, Singletree, Edwards/Homestead, Bachelor Gulch, Eagle Vail, Minturn and Red Cliff.

Fact is (now) Mayor Fancher you and your Unanimous Avon Council has voted and forced Avon Taxpayers living in the Avon Trailer Park (Aspen’s Mobile Home Village) – to make an Interest Free ($830,000.00) 5 yr. loan to the folks living in all of Cordillera, Arrowhead, Bachelor Gulch, Singletree…and the rest of the Fire District.

(Photo – Aspen’s Trailer Park – Avon, Colorado)


Video – Mayor Fancher on the loan Amount:  “This money is significantly less than it appears on paper…”

FACT:  Mayor Fancher is not telling you the Truth.  The Truth is…this specific loan amount is written as a “not to exceed amount” in the IGA (Intergovernmental Agreement – Click Here) signed between Avon and the Fire District.  Until the financial sale of the District land is completed, no one will know for sure what the actual amount of that (so called) “bridge loan” will be, Mayor Fancher.  For anyone to suggest otherwise Mayor Fancher – is simply not telling the Truth.

FACT:  Avon Taxpayers should note that this IS NOT the first time Mayor Fancher and the rest of the Avon Town Council – has committed a legal “Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility” – recall the recent $2 Million Dollar “cost overrun” on Avon’s new Music Stage…that the Avon Taxpayer is now responsible to pay (Click Here).  Ultimately and Legally that cost overrun is the responsibility of the elected – Avon Town Council.

FACT:  It is “not the job” of the Avon Town Council – to hand ANY local/legal entity an “Interest Free Loan” for any amount, at any time!  This is unquestionably a violation of the Legal and Fiscal Responsibility of this Council!

Even More Trouble in Avon?  April 30th 2015 – The ECT folks will not (yet) comment about the Avon allegations of Misconduct including (Sexual Misconduct) by the Town Manager (Virginia Egger).   (Click Here 4 page PDF)  ECT will withhold Comment pending the results of Avon’s ongoing investigation into this matter.

Know This:  Until there is a Recall Election in Avon – or specific legal action is filed against these Avon Councilmembers – this kind of “Tax Abuse” against Avon Property Owners – will no doubt continue.

More Juris Doctors owning Property in the Town of Avon – are encouraged to contact the

Eagle County – Property Values (and Taxes?) SKYROCKET

DATELINE:   May 1st 2015 Eagle County, Colorado

Sticker Shock or “Shock and Awe” if you prefer – however the first Shockwaves in Eagle County, Colorado arrived “online” from the Eagle County Assessors Office on Friday May 1st 2015.  Don’t worry – your new/2015 Eagle County Property Tax Valuation is in the U.S. Mail to you this coming week.

Since last Friday, May 1st – Everyone the ECT has spoken to, real Property Owners in Eagle County – have seen their Assessed Value of their Property go UP.  A lot.

Anywhere from 20% (on the low side) to 38% and even up to 50% increases (Gypsum) have been seen (online) at the Eagle County Assessor’s office.  The ECT’s informal (Property Valuation increase) survey taken from folks in the mid-valley areas.

(Click Here)  to search your Eagle County Properties Records.  You’ll need your Street Address or your “R” account number – printed on your Property Tax bill.


What you need to know:  According to a long time Eagle County Mortgage provider…most folks who have a Mortgage (with an Escrow Account) will see an increase in their Monthly Mortgage Payment starting (most likely) February 1st 2016.

Why so long from now?  Because until the Taxing District’s (i.e. School District, Fire District) set their official Mill Levy (~December 2015)…your Mortgage lender wont be able to accurately calculate your Property Tax increase – and hence your increased Monthly Mortgage payment.

Of Course – not everyone in Eagle County – has seen a big increase in their Properties Assessed Value.  Here is the Public Record of a local well-heeled Developer whose wife – owns a Residence on Beaver Dam Road in Vail.  His neighbor on Beaver Dam road? A well known Billionaire from Texas.


KNOW THIS:   Eagle County Taxpayer!  There are some folks in Eagle County, Colorado that believe you are NOT paying enough in new, Higher Property Taxes.  Keep in mind that increases of 30-40% sometimes EVEN 50% (Eagle and Gypsum) properties are not unusual this 2015 Assessed Valuation.



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