Nature Welcomes – Spring 2015

by  fans of the Narcissus Genus

The spot of this top 2015 photo is Mid-Valley in Eagle County, Colorado.

The same spot the ECT folks like to photograph in most years.  Nature it seems is more anxious for Spring in 2015  than in recent years…The dates on the ECT’s photos – tell the year to year Story.

Photo Dates? (lower right corner) CLICK ON the photos to enlarge them..


In 2014 this April 12th Photo below was taken in Eagle, Colorado.  Obviously a bit cooler, and a later arriving (2014) Spring Season.


Spring arrived a bit later in 2013 – Mid Valley Photo below from April 7th from the ECT’s usual spot.


For the Record – Easter was on Sunday, April 8th 2012.  Again this Mid-Valley photo from the ECT favorite Spring location.


EC Campaign for Higher Sales Taxes?

by   we listen to local Radio too!

A new Eagle County Ballot Issue/Question for higher Sales Taxes – this November 2015?

Some folks think the Campaign to convince you (to vote for higher taxes) – has already started on local Radio.

What the ECT knows…

Very recently the Radio Voices of individuals sitting on– the Board of Governors of the Vail Valley Partnership – have been running Radio Ads – to tell you “just how wonderful” our Eagle County Regional Airport is…and the Airports relationship to our local Tourist economy.


What’s the Concern?  While their current (March 2015) Radio Ads…don’t specifically mention a (proposed higher sales tax in Eagle County)…they are unquestionably trying to build a public consensus – about just how “wonderful” the Airport is…

Background:  Historically the so called “EGE Air Alliance” has gone out each year (for the last several years) and canvased local businesses (and Vail Resorts) for cash donations – to help subsidize Airline flights into our Eagle County Regional Airport.

What this group unquestionably wants is a “dedicated, re-occurring Funding Source” that many insiders believe – will turn out to be a November 2015 Ballot issue – to raise the Sales Taxes paid in Eagle County.  We’ll see.


Time will Tell over the next few months.  Turns out the legal process is that… our elected Board of Eagle County, Commissioners would have to vote to approve that Ballot issue/question to raise taxes – before it goes on the November 2015 Eagle County Ballot.

Here are a few FACTS that the folks at the EGE Air Alliance and Vail Valley Partnership (forgot?) to mention in their Radio Ads…

1 – Per person Flights costs out of KEGE (Eagle County Regional) are not affordable for most Eagle County families – when compared to the Airfares out of DIA in Denver…


2 – FACT:  Neither Vail Valley Partnership , nor the EGE Air Alliance has any control over what the Airlines will charge us…after we Subsidize the cost of their Flights!!!

3 – While the Radio Ad insists…”that since 2007…100,000 Flight Seats have been lost at our KEGE airport…”  No mention is made to fact that the costs of those seats (compared to Denver)…makes Denver a much more attractive Airport – for a family of 4 to fly into for their Ski (or summer) Vacation…

4 –  No mention is made of the Economic contribution that the Vail Valley Jet Center (private Jet aviation) has made to our local Economy…That’s the place at our Airport that our 1%ers fly into.   Our local “Private Sector” Airport isn’t asking for any Subsidies…in spite of the Economic contribution that the Jet Center and the high-roller 1%ers make to our Eagle County economy…

Don’t worry – Eagle County families and Taxpayers and small business owners – the “has your back”….

More on this soon.

Eagle County’s Summer of CDOT – 2015

by    the fans of Public Safety

Make no Mistake.  The ECT folks are fans of CDOT because these folks work every day to improve our Public Safety on our Roads.  Day and Night.  Good weather, or a Blizzard these CDOT folks are out making sure our Roads are as safe as they can make them.  ECT enjoys listening to (on our Radio Scanner) to CDOT Snow Plow Driver “Tammy” who is a Regular Radio Voice during the tough Winter Months in Eagle County, Colorado.  Keep up the Good Work, Tammy!

ECT’s Point Here is…our collective County’s attention will soon shift from the Rock Slides on Hwy. 24  (Minturn/Red Cliff) to I-70 in Eagle Vail and Rte. 6 between Eagle and Gypsum.


Bottom Line:  Much needed and scheduled Bridge Repair at both locations.

As reported in the ECT last November (Click Here) one of the I-70 bridge spans across the Eagle River in (Eagle Vail) will be completely closed starting in April.  While Repairs are completed on that span…2-way/single lane, I-70 traffic will use the other I-70 bridge span for normal I-70 traffic.  Time to slow down and replace your Red Bull drink with “Patient Bull”.


Meanwhile…down valley…on Rte. 6 between Eagle and Gypsum the current Brush Creek Bridge (last weeks ECT report – Click Here) will also be repaired this summer.  If all goes as planned repairs will be completed by November 2015.  Up valley folks making their (weekly?) trip to the Gypsum Costco or to our Airport…would be well advised to give yourself a bit more time to get there.

(Photo – special thanks to Bob Yost, PE – CDOT’s Project Manager in Region 3)

(North is the top of Bob’s photo below)


Brush Creek Update – (1) week later….

What a difference a week makes in CDOT time.  Here is what the Brush Creek Bridge Construction Zone (Eagle, Colorado) looks like one week later – Sunday, March 29th 2015.


All of Eagle County lays inside CDOTs Region 3 geography – diagram below.

The ECT folks suggest that “2015, the Summer of CDOT” will have a much bigger and more direct impact on your traveling life…than those past (2) over-hyped weeks during February this year…Live it, Dream it…you’ll be sharing it…and don’t forget to slow down.



From the Street

Investing into the Future…

If you were the largest Ski Resort operator in North America…and you had $50 Million dollars to invest in multi-year Capital Improvements…where would you invest to get the maximum return on your money?

Colorado?  Summit or Eagle Counties?

The answer to this question is (Click Here).


This fact also raises some interesting questions about Ski Resort Real Estate investing…in the years ahead.

If you were a Real Estate investor in your 30’s or 40’s looking to make an investment for your family…with an excellent chance of your property’s value increasing…where might you invest?

- a place that has the highest Health Insurance costs in the Nation? (that’s Eagle County, Colorado)

- a place where Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) is immediately attached to your investment property (1% Vail) or (2% Avon) (Beaver Creek is 2.75%)?

- Public Safety?  a place where your growing, curious children will have “easier access” recreational marijuana?

- a place where your young children can experience the thrill of (exotic male dancers?) dancing on Vail Mountain (Pink Vail event) – wearing ski boots and ladies bras?


- a place where for only $50.00/ea. the esteemed intellectuals at our “Vail Symposium” group welcomes blue haired lady speakers – happy to lecture you on how, you too, can “talk to dead people”?


The ECT folks here ask a lot of questions.

What our Community “has become” and “where we’re headed” in the future…is constantly on our minds…

PS – if you’re shopping for groceries in Vail…you might want to remember to bring your own – plastic bags…

Proof! They’re lying in the Fishwrap

by    the Fans of Sgt. Joe Friday!

The ECT can’t stand public liars.

Case in point.  Last weeks Fishwrap and one particular ‘letter to the editor’.


Really?  Nothing could be further from the truth – Joy Harrison – and the ECT will prove it.

Eagle County, Colorado – Election Results, November 2014  (Click Here) – Documented Election Results from EC Clerk and Recorders Office.

FACT:  Every Single Democrat on Eagle County’s 2014 Ballot – WON in Eagle County, save (2 elections) –  EC Sheriff’s election – James Van Beek (R) beat democrat Daric Harvey and Ted Archibeque (R) beat democrat Kelly Miller for Eagle County Surveyor.  Yes, Ms. Harrison the ECT didn’t count EC Treasurer Karen’s Sheaffer’s (R) re-election because Karen ran – unopposed.  There were (16) contested candidate races on the 2014 EC Ballot.

2 Years earlier…Eagle County, Colorado – Election Results, November 2012  (Click Here) – Election Results from EC Clerk and Recorders Office.

FACT:  Every Single Democrat on Eagle County’s 2012 Ballot – WON in Eagle County, save (1) lone Republican.  Glenn Gallegos (R) was elected as our University of Colorado “CU-Regent”.  There were (14) contested candidate races on the 2012 EC Ballot.  For the record, Obama won in (2012) Eagle County by over 14 percentage points – 56.3% to 41.6%

FACT:  While U.S. House of Representative Scott Tipton (R)  (2012 – won re-election injoe-friday his Congressional District) – however Tipton LOST inside Eagle County – to Democrat Sal Pace (7410/7118)  – obviously just part of Tipton’s 3rd Congressional District is in Eagle County.

Congratulations seem to be in order for (then and now) EC GOP Chairman – Ms. Kaye Ferry – who was able to improve her (local party’s) historical election results by 100% in 2014 contested races.  Ms. Ferry efforts helped get (2) Republicans elected in Eagle County during 2014 as opposed to the (1) Republican elected in Eagle County during 2012.

FOR THE RECORD:  Ms. Harrison – The writer of this ECT fact driven report is an Eagle County “Unaffiliated” voter or if you prefer a registered “independent”.

It is simply a bold face lie – Ms. Harrison for any individual to suggest in writing (as you did) that “the citizens of Eagle County are centrists and lean slightly Democratic”.

The FACT is Ms. Harrison…outside of Nancy Pelosi’s (D)  District in San Francisco – the ECT can’t think of ANY location in our great Nation – that is further, nor harder “democrat-left  leaning” than Eagle County, Colorado is today.

Got it?

Time to wake up, Joy Harrison.  It’s time to quit your obviously uninformed and active political “fantasy life” and tell people the truth about the “hard-left” democrat bias – entrenched in Eagle County, Colorado today.

One more FACT, Joy Harrison – the web links (Click Here’s) posted above in this report – state “unofficial” election results, from the Eagle County Clerk’s Office – Clerk Simonton printed them that way – because at the time Teak posted these results – Eagle County Canvass Board hadn’t completed and certified County election results.  The election result numbers the ECT posted here did not change nor did the election results – after the Canvass Board completed their work and these “unofficial” election results documented here – became official.

PS –  ECT isn’t any particular fan of Ms. Ann Coulter either.

We just make a point here at the ECT – of telling (and documenting) THE TRUTH.

That’s what the ECT folks call being “Politically Correct” – Ms. Joy Harrison.



Brush Creek Bridge – Rte. 6 Eagle, Colorado

by   the ECT’s concern for Public Safety

Concern for Public Safety has always been a “Hot Button” here at the ECT.

The ECT’s Goal Here – is to bring the current condition of this Eagle County Bridge to the attention of both CDOT and Eagle County’s Road and Bridge department.

Bottom Line:  The ECT folks are not comfortable with the current (22MAR2015) safety condition of this Rte. 6 Bridge (over Brush Creek) between Eagle and Gypsum.

This Bridge is on the part of Rte. 6 – we all drive on to get to the Costco and Eagle County’s Regional Airport.

Any Reasonable Person – can insist that attaching a (protective guard rail) to a concrete barrier that is clearly in the process of decay – in an inherently UNSAFE thing to do.

How did things deteriorate to the point where a (highway safety professional?) thought it a good idea to even suggest bolting this guard rail to the concrete – as some sort of (temporary?) safety repair?


The ECT folks are not professionally qualified to articulate the current (22MAR2015) safety condition of the underneath concrete supports, that support the Steel I-Beams that constitute the bulk of this Bridge’s load bearing capability.  What concerns the ECT folks is – if this Bridge’s (support undercarriage) has been maintained as well as the Bridges concrete guard rail…maybe it’s time to encourage our Public School Bus Drivers (and everyone else) to consider using I-70 to get between Eagle and Gypsum…


Hopefully someone at both CDOT and Eagle County – Road and Bridge is willing to comment publically and advise the ECT and others of the current Safety Assessment – and their current (much needed) plan to improve it – this Spring 2015.



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