Eagle County – Voter Turn Out – 3NOV2015

by  Clayton Moore

Dateline:  Eagle County, Colorado – Tuesday, November 3rd 2015

Q.)  What are the Voter Demographics of the folks who voted in Tuesdays General Election?


So what reasonable conclusions can be drawn from this data?  (Special Thanks to Eagle County Clerk and Recorder – Teak Simonton for this data)

1.)  Especially Young Voters – don’t seem to see (themselves) as much effected by the outcome of these elections…else, they would be voting more as a Group, right?

2.)  ECT will insist most of the Private Property WEALTH in Eagle County today, is not owned by the young folks, rather the opposite – our Seniors own/control the majority of it.

3.)  Hence, our Seniors seem themselves as being more effected by the election (re:  Ballot Tax questions) than do the younger folks.  So they VOTE!

It is interesting that (by almost 2-1) the age 60+ voters out voted the 50+ voters in Eagle County today.

It is left to the ECT readers to decide if our Seniors are more (Patriotic?) than our younger voters are (as a group).  ECT has a lot of photos (over the years) of folks who attend the Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies at Freedom Park in Edwards.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Dawn of a new Ski Season – 2016

And so it begins…

…from the top of Vail Mountain – Saturday, November 7th 2015.  Dawn on fresh blanket of Snow from the top of Vail Mountain.  Vail is scheduled to open the 2015-2016 Ski Season on Friday, November 20th – just 11 days from this Monday.


Blue Sky Basin – just outside Belles Camp enjoyed the same Sunrise as well.


Meanwhile the Guns of November – were blasting away at the Ritz Carleton, Bachelor Gulch!IMG_6369

Tomorrows News – Today

by   ECT can’t tell you how “we know”

Lowering Healthcare Costs – Eagle County, Colorado

EXPECT TO READ – this Tuesday, November 10th 2015 – A new Press Release from Centura Health.   Centura will announce that their big new Medical Office Building (~50,000 sq/ft.) (currently under construction in Avon) will have BOTH an Emergency Room and an “Urgent Care” facility.

The (will be announced) new Urgent Care facility can function as a type of “Primary Care” office for routine type Doctor Visits – for non Emergency Medical Service.  Colds, Flu, Sore Throat, Stomach issues…more day to day, routine aliments will be handled by their new Urgent Care office.  The much more serious, immediate need for Healthcare will be handled by their new ER facility – that will bring the much need COMPETITION to our monopolistic Vail Valley Medical Center and their ER at the Vail Hospital.

Comcast Service gets Redundant – Westbound

This week…Comcast Internet Service operating in the Eastern Half of Eagle County (east of Bellyache and Wolcott areas) will begin the TESTING of a new Fiber Optic (westbound) run along I-70 from the Comcast “Head-end” in Avon west to Dotsero.  Turns out Comcast’s original Fiber Optic Run I-70 East into Golden has been CUT several times over the past few months – always CUT at the same I-70 Idaho Springs (CDOT construction site).  This new I-70 westbound (soon) redundant Optic Fiber should greatly improve the reliability of your Comcast Internet (HDTV and Telephone) service.

Why Dotsero?  Because Comcast has an existing Fiber Optic run from Denver that follows the Union Pacific right of way, along the Colorado River from UP’s Moffet Tunnel at the Continental Divide.  It is this exiting Comcast Fiber Optic run (Dotsero) that will be used to tie in their Avon Head-End to the Fiber Optic run that currently services Glenwood Springs and Aspen/Snowmass.

ECT comment:  Good for Comcast.  Good for us in Eagle County.

Avon Taxpayers – Continue to be “under threat”

If you are an Avon Property Owner and a Registered Voter – plan to attend this Tuesday, November 10th – Avon Town Council meeting.  5PM Avon Town Hall.  TO DATE – the Avon Town Council HAS NOT ruled out the use of the so calledNo-taxation-without-representation “Certificates of Participation” – where Avon Voters are “at risk” of having Millions and Millions of long Term Debt – placed on your Avon Property – WITHOUT A VOTE OF THE TAXPAYERS!  Let YOUR voice be heard.  Tell your elected representatives that you want the chance to VOTE on these long Term Avon Debt issues.


Avon’s Council – Ignoring Avon Voters and Property Owners

by Clayton Moore

Led by Avon Town Manager (Virginia Egger) and Avon Mayor (Jennie Fancher) the Avon Town Council is threatening Avon Voters and Property Owners.


The Council is Threatening Avon Voters with a $1.5 Million Dollar (2016 Budget) Line Item Purchase of their infamous “Skier Building” – even after Avon Voters said “NO!” last January 2015 – in a Special Election Vote!

The Plan being pushed by the Town Manager (and some Council members) – is to simply have their Avon Budget “approved” by voting on the entire Budget that includes this specific – Line Item Purchase.  (see below) CIP = Capital Improvement Project


Last January 2015 – Special Election – Avon Voters REJECTED the purchase of the “Skier Building” by a voter margin of almost 2-1.  (Click Here)

FACT:  Avon’s Skier Building is a “shell”.  It has remained empty and unoccupied for 10+ years (photo below).  Nothing is inside, which means (in addition to the purchase price) a $2+Million dollar remodel is needed before the building can be used to house Town of Avon Bureaucrats!  Make no mistake the Avon Taxpayer and Property Owners will foot the bill for the Purchase and Remodel!  (photo below of the inside of the “Skier Building”).


FACT:  The current Avon Town Manger does not live in Avon.  She lives in Singletree/Edwards, so HER property IS NOT being attached to all this additional long term Avon debt…including (the ECT will point out) the still being proposed Multi-Million Dollar new Avon Police Station.

FACT:  The Avon Town Council has been told in writing that ANY MEMBER of Avon’s Council who “votes to approve” their 2016 Avon Budget (that includes) money to purchase the Skier Building – will be included in an Avon Recall Election!

To stay up to speed on this developing Avon Election Issue – send an EMail to


They will be maintaining a list of Registered Avon Voters – so you can be contacted – and help sign the Petition.

Avon Town Council – Recall Election 2016

Question.  How will a Recall Election in the Town of Avon – actually work?


Per Section 1 of Article 21 of the Colorado Constitution – the Citizens of Colorado (Avon in this case) are granted the legal authority to perform a RECALL ELECTION.

This is exactly how it will work according to Section 1-12-102 of the Colorado Revised Statues.



There are more than 750 Registered Voters in Avon – so the number of Avon Registered Voter Signatures to force a Recall Election is 300 – signed on that Recall Petition.

Avon’s Town Council Doesn’t Listen:  In November 2015 the Avon Town Council passed an Ordinance – that UPSET many Avon Voters and Property Owners – because the Ordinance approved several years of (Multi-Million Dollar) DEBT that was NOT APPROVED by Avon Voters.

The Result of this Council’s action: – was the first ever Town of Avon Referendum Election – that overturned Council’s action – last January 2015.  The purchase (and remodel) of their infamous ”Skier Building” was reject by Avon voters by almost a 2-1 margin.

Today (November 2015) this same Avon Council – has devised a new way – TO TRY AND CHEAT the Avon Voters and Property Owners – again.

Their plan hatched by the Town Manager (Virginia Egger) and Mayor Jennie Fancher – is to just (include as a “line item”) for the purchase of the infamous “Skier Building” – to be approved (and voted on) as part of the Town of Avon 2016 budget – Avon Annual Budgets are typically voted on in December – at the same time the Avon Mill Levy is set.

Should the Avon Town Council vote to approve a Budget that includes the Purchase of the (voter rejected) “Skier Building” – that event will provoke at Recall Election.

(Photo below – from Avon’s successful Referendum and Election – overturning the Avon Council’s Nov.2014 Vote to purchase the infamous Skier Building.

(L-R  Avon Clerk Debbie Hoppe, Avon Police Chief Robert Ticer, Dave Strandjord – USMC Veteran –  Dave handing in Petition Signatures from his teams successful Referendum)


Avon’s Recall Election:

ECT has read that:  A Recall Election Petition (after approved by the Avon Clerk) shall have up to 60 days to acquire the minimum 300 Signatures of Registered Avon Voters.

Once the Avon Clerk has issued the “Certificate of Sufficiency” – validating the required number of Signatures….A Recall Election will be held soon after.

Avon’s Recall Ballot:  The Avon Ballot shall have two boxes, marked “Yes” approving the Recall and “No” disapproving the Recall.  There will also be a list of candidates on that Ballot (new Council members you can vote for) to replace the current Avon Council member.  In this sense, the Avon Recall Election is held simultaneously with the election of the new Avon Council member.

There can be little doubt that the first official action of the new majority of Avon Council members will be – to put current Avon Town Manager (Virginia Egger) on “Administrative Leave” pending a legal review of her personal involvement in putting the purchase of the Ski Building as a line item in Avon’s 2016 Budget.

Vail Daily Their – "Skin in the Game"

by  Eagle County’s Independent Media

What do you mean – the Vail Daily employees have “Skin in the Game”?

FACT is:  Eagle Vail’s 5A (Property Tax) Ballot Issue – affects them too.

Turns out…the Fishwrap’s main building is inside Eagle Vail’s Property Tax District that is voting on the 5A Ballot Issue this Tuesday, November 3rd.


Now Consider:  Our Eagle County Assessor (Mark Chapin) – has seen to it that most folks (and Businesses) are already being handed a big Property Tax increase starting – January 2016.

Now Add to that cost increase – their newspaper Headline from last week…


Now…Here comes Eagle Vail’s (proposed) Property Tax Increase – Ballot Issue 5A on top of those cost increases to their Employer – the Vail Daily.

Pay Attention – Vail Daily Employees!  This is about your Pay and Benefits!

A Reasonable Question, VD Employees:  Can you really expect a Pay Raise and improved (Medical?) Benefits Package – Next Year – when your Employer will have to pay those (already) increased annual Property Taxes and (possibly) additional 5A Taxes?  Don’t forget – even if you Rent – your Landlord will be more than happy to pass his increased Property Taxes – tacked on to your already too high, Rent. 

Seriously, is the Advertising Revenue at the Fishwrap – growing anywhere near 20% a year – just to keep up with the Daily’s increased Property Taxes and increased Medical Insurance Costs?

ECT Suggestion – to the Fishwrap Folks:  Report more on the Increase Cost of Living here in Eagle County – and less on the “Affordable Housing” topic.

FACT is:  No Eagle County Housing is going to be “Affordable” for any of our working families if our Cost of Living here continues to increase much faster – than our collective pay and benefits!



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