By the Dawn’s Early Light

by the fans of  Francis Scott Key

Saturday, October 3rd brought the first white dusting to New York Mountain…the Chairlift below is the lift connecting Bachelor Gulch to Strawberry Park in Beaver Creek.

The Sun coming up at a steep angle in the East highlighted the Aspen’s too!


It wont be much longer till the entire Range turns White for the majority of the year.


Avon – Imagine if you will

by the Fans of Rod Serling….

Imagine if you will….living in Avon, Colorado – a Town where “Imaginary Tax Laws” are routinely enforced – against Avon builders.

What Tax Laws?  The ECT will show you.

Avon – Like many Municipalities has a Sales Tax in their Town – Avon’s is 4% .

But what Avon doesn’t have is a so called “Use Tax”.  (Vail, Colorado by comparison does)


Everyone understands, when you buy an item in the Town of Avon (say your favorite 6-pak), you pay 4% tax at the time of the sale at the Avon liquor store.

A so called “Use Tax” is a Tax Paid to any Municipality – on items purchased OUTSIDE the Municipality, however delivered and used INSIDE the Municipality.

In Colorado, a Municipality (like Avon) can’t legally declare they have a “Use Tax” – Colorado Voters (thanks to TABOR) have to vote and give their permission to a Municipality to legally have and enforce a Use Tax.  Avon by their own admission – doesn’t have a legal “Use Tax”.


So that legal Fact – has NOT STOPPED the Town of Avon – from trying to Collect a Use Tax – they don’t have!  Claiming instead…well it’s the “same as a Sales Tax!”

No, it’s not.  (see above insert)

Avon has targeted (mostly) local Avon Builders…in their attempt to enforce a Use Tax they don’t have.  Here is a specific example happening in Avon, today.   Avon Builder (xyz) buys a bunch of Lumber for a new Home he is building in Avon.  He buys it (say…in Edwards, Colorado – from the Edwards Building supply) – then has it delivered to his Avon job site.

Avon’s Claim?  Legally, that Avon Builder has to collect 4% of that purchase price and deliver it to the Town of Avon’s Finance department.  (Click Here)

Legal Fact:  A Use Tax is not a Sales Tax.   Vail, Colorado has both a legal Use Tax and a Sales Tax.

Q.)  The last time you took your Avon family shopping in Denver, Colorado – did you remember to “stop by” Avon’s Finance office on your way back to your Avon residence, and pay Avon’s 4% Tax on everything your family bought in Denver?

How can this be happening in Avon, today?

1 – by having a Weak and remarkably Ineffective Town Council – combined with an extremely liberal and (completely out of control) Town Manager/Town Attorney – add in a dominant print newspaper media – much more concerned with Paid Print Advertising from local Municipalities…than reporting to their readership – what these Municipalities are actually doing…

…and that ECT readers is how this happens in Avon today (5OCT2015)…








First Frost? It’s still Summer

First Frost?  Saturday, September 19th 2015 –  Technically it’s still Summer.

The First Frost is good news for folks who deal with allergies in the late summer and early fall.  A few hard frosts usually does the trick to alleviate having to take allergy medicine as of late.  One more point of Astronomical interest.  Fall officially starts this week on Wednesday, September 23rd 2015.  Which proves (at least in this part of Colorado) that we have FROSTS in all (4) seasons of the year.  The last recorded Frost (in this neighborhood) was during May 2015.  No doubt…a fact that believers in “man made global warming” would prefer you not acknowledge.

Kaiser Permanente answers the ECT’s questions

by     Amy L. Whited – Manager of Public Relations and Digital Media
Kaiser Permanente, Colorado

The ECT would like to thank Ms. Whited for answering the ECT’s questions from last week.  Here are Ms. Whited’s answers – Verbatim.

Re:  Kaiser Permanente’s new ~6,000 sq/ft office in Edwards, Colorado – opening January 2016.

ECT:   EXACTLY, what Medical Imaging will KP be offering in Edwards starting Jan. 2016?

KP:  Kaiser Permanente members who visit our Edwards location will experience convenient care with most services all under one roof.  This includes routine medical imaging such as X-rays.

ECT:  Since KP will be on (2) floors at their new Edwards location… Will there be an elevator?  ADA compliant?  Stairs only?

KP:  We share the building with several other tenants.  The new facility will be ADA compliant complete with an elevator in the building for our members to use in addition to an elevator in the actual medical office.

ECT:  WHO?  Should a (small/large) Eagle County business contact at KP – to learn more about (signing up?) to join the KP medical program for themselves and their businesses?  Phone and EMails, please.

KP:  For anyone interested in signing up for coverage with Kaiser Permanente, they can visit     for more information – or just  (Click Here).

ECT:  Are you all currently (at liberty?) to discuss KP’s future building plans in Eagle County? If yes, what can you share on the record?

KP:  Right now we are focused on our expansion into Summit and Eagle counties, with new medical office buildings in Edwards and Frisco.

ECT:  Will KP’s (big medical office building?) be in Summit County…as opposed to a new (Centura Heath) like MOB (~50,000sq/ft) currently under construction in Avon?

KP:  Our medical offices offer many services patients might seek in a visit including medical imaging, primary car and lab all under one roof.

Avon’s Continuing – Financial Mismanagement

by     Be Glad you’re not an Avon Property Owner

Considering the Town of Avon’s – admission that their new music stage was $2 Million Dollars OVER BUDGET…that debt now attached to Avon Property Owners…(Click Here)

You might think Avon’s Town Council would be much more Fiscally Conservative for some time.

You would be wrong if you thought that.

This coming Tuesday (22SEPT2015) at their Town Council’s scheduled meeting…the Town of Avon has “blocked out” no less than 3 HOURS of their time to listen to Financial Appeals (for free grant money) from no less than (27) local/Eagle County “non-profits”.  This seemingly “conga line” of “give me free money” types has been allotted (5) minutes each in front of Avon’s Council to make their pitch.  5:20PM to 8:20PM  (Click Here)

Here is an abbreviated list of the “give me free Avon money” non-profits.  To see the complete list – just click on the graphic below…


HUH?  Recommended Grant 2016?   That number is a combination of what the non-profit has asked the Avon Taxpayer for, and also includes the efforts of Avon Town Manager Virginia Egger and her staff – that begins the “review process” of these submitted non-profit “give me free money” applications.

Mind you – this is the same Avon Town Staff that was (somehow?) M.I.A. during the construction of their new Music Stage – the one with the $2Million dollar cost overrun.

A reasonable question:  Just “who” is looking out for the Interests of the Avon Taxpayer and Property Owner?

Answer:  Certainly not the elected Avon Town Council – nor the Town Manager, nor her staff.

Another reasonable question:  Just “when” did it become (the obligation?) of the Avon Taxpayer to hand over $179,650.00 (read: One Hundred and Seventy Nine Thousand, Six hundred and Fifty dollars) of their hard earned Avon Tax Money to these local non-profits?  What about the $2 Million Dollar cost overrun?  Well Avon Mayor Fancher? 

One more important point:  For their part the Fishwrap folks (will never) report to our Community (to the effected Taxpayers) these documented Fiscal Facts.

Why Not?

Answer:  Because many of these organizations buy “paid print advertising” at the Fishwrap.  The Fishwrap has ZERO interest in exposing where (some) of this free/grant money ends up.  To the ECT folks this fact is just another example of the Fishwrap’s addiction to “harlot journalism” – where the Fishwrap chooses what to (and not to) report to effected local Taxpayers.

Yes, something to keep in mind…when the Fishwrap folks start endorsing the new Vail Town Council candidates this Fall 2015…




Hangin’ Red Iron – Centura Health style

by  the fans of genuine Market Based Competition for Eagle County’s Medical Insurance costs

If you’re in the construction business it’s called – “Hangin’ Red Iron”.

This is the mid-valley construction site for Centura Health’s new ~50,000 sq/ft Medical Office building.  This and the $11 Million Dollars Centura Health is investing in Eagle County, (Click Here) means the Vail Hospital is going  to have to compete for Medical Services in the months and year(s) to come.


The ECT folks are 100% supporting the efforts of both Centura Health and (now) Kaiser Permanente (new Edwards office) in bringing Market Based Competition to Eagle County’s Healthcare Insurance market.  Centura’s new Medical Office building is scheduled to to be online and operational in the June/July time frame, 2016.

Stay tuned.


This Colorado Mule Deer found a shady, yet Patriotic place to rest and enjoy Sunday’s beautiful Fall like weather.  Sunny, Blue Sky, light breezes and our Aspen’s well underway to their peak colors at the end of this month.  Semper Fi!


Duck Dame – McQueeney

by  Clayton Moore

Local Rotarians know that next Sunday – September 6th 2015 is Duck Race Day on Gore Creek in Vail, Colorado.

You don’t have much time left to buy your Race Day Duck from the folks at the Vail Rotary.  Thanks to the efforts of the ECT and Vail Rotary – there is still time to buy your Duck online (Click Here) and tell Vail Rotarian [Larry Agneberg] that the ECT sent you!  Larry is this year’s Duck Race Chairperson.

The Vail Duck Race supports our local Rotarian’s Scholarship Fund for our students here at home.  Who better to buy your Race Duck from – than the former President of our Public School District Board – than Jeanne “Duck Dame” McQueeney.  You may know her today as current Eagle County Commissioner – Jeanne McQueeney.  The ECT folks know her as the lady that sold us 5 Race Ducks because she wouldn’t sell us 4!

Ownership and Race Day credit for the 5th our of 4 Ducks is still under discussion between the Duck Dame and the ECT.  Stay Tuned…



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