Eagle County’s Public School Year – About to change?

Reported to the ECT this past week….

Allegations that – our Eagle County Public School District is considering (a future change?) in our Public School Year – Calendar.

Allegations that…a new/very recent Public School District “survey” has been undertaken surveying School District employees…about “extending” the School District year….from August to June.  For a closer look at the proposed 2015-16 Calendar just (Click Here) to see a PDF copy of below – that you can “zoom in” on.

ECT found this Shocking:  ECT counted no less that “9 weeks off/holiday time for the proposed new Public School year!!!

A reasonable question to Eagle County Property Taxpayers – who work in our Private Sector:  Do YOU get 9 weeks paid “off time” during  your (12 month) Work year?

The ECT folks – would like to encourage Eagle County Property Taxpayers to think about that question – the next time our Public School District – proposes you need to pay even MORE Property Taxes on a future proposed Tax Increase for our Eagle County School District.

PS  – Merry Christmas to all our friends at our Eagle County Public School District.


BoCC Awarded ‘Accused Felon’ Brenda Wright

by  Clayton Moore

Some how – they forgot to mention this…

Former Eagle County Government employee worked in the (Clerk and Recorder’s office Eagle, Colorado).  After 10 years of Service – Eagle County Commissioner – Sara Fisher presented a 10 year award to Ms. Brenda Wright on March 13 2012.  (Click Here – Page 9 of 10)


Today…this former 10 year Eagle County employees – faces life as an accused Felon – now awaiting trial on those charges. 

The ECT would like to remind our readership – that in our Justice system – there is a “presumption of innocence” until proven guilty.  To read more on this story just (Click On) the News7 graphic below – or just (Click Here) to read their story.



How did the rest of the Country – "See Us"?

by  Jimmy Olsen (photography)

OK…Eagle County, Colorado – How did the rest of our great Nation “see us” – Eagle County, Colorado this past weekend?  (December 6-7th 2014)

Well…the ECT photographer Jimmy Olsen…photographed the HDTV coverage that NBC provided their TV audience across the Nation.  Photos below from their TV coverage of the Sunday, December 7th 2014 Giant Slalom races at Beaver Creek, Colorado.

NBC’s Televised Backdrop?  Grouse Mountain (center-background)

Avon’s Town Center “WhatChaMaCallit” (foreground)


ECT doesn’t know what to call this televised “WhatChaMaCallit” in Avon.  Some Avon folks continue to refer to it as “the Avon Gallows”…If you look closely you can see the vertical print “Town Center”…so the ECT guesses that’s just where the Town Gallows were…in the old West…in Avon, Colorado.  Others might describe as “something found on the floor” in Lilliput – during Gulliver’s Travels stumbling across their Watchmakers Floor….The best bet might be to turn this photo over to Alex Trebeck and his Jeopardy contestants to see if they can identify it for the rest of us…Double Jeopardy indeed…

Meanwhile – Beaver Creek’s televised TV Image was much less confusing

Unmistakable image of the Raptors from their “Birds of Prey” downhill course…


How was the overall attendance at the Race Course in Beaver Creek – this past Sunday, December 7th 2014?  (PS – ECT recognizes Pearl Harbor Day 2015 – local Vets!)   Well…less than impressive from the Ski Racers…stands….To be fair though…once the over subscribed VVF/VIP lunch area finished serving…and the sunny weather returned…the stands became mostly FULL – especially when (congrats) Ted Ligety made his 2nd Giant Slalom Run – and finished first in that event!

Go Ted!


Picture Perfect – Vail’s EpicMix Photo Team

by  Jimmy Olsen photography

ECT doesn’t know how you warm up for your work day – however ECT photographer Jimmy Olsen caught Vail’s EpicMix Photography team – warming up for a days work last Saturday morning, November 29th 2014 – just before Vail’s lifts opened for the day.


The ECT’s Jimmy Olsen has long been a fan of the EpicMix Photography team – happy to take THEIR photograph while EpicMix tries to catch Jimmy!  A pretty photographer, a beautiful smile and two thumbs up goes to Sarah Lane who hails from Michigan.  Sarah – the ECT folks know how to make it snow here – even on a Sunny Day!  Can your camera do that?



Giving Thanks from a Vail – Six Pak

by  Clayton Moore

There is one thing that the Vail Lodging community is in 100% agreement with – the FACT that ….”WHITE BRINGS GREEN”!  Vail Skiers will immediately recognize this Snowy Sunday photo from Chair 4 – Vail’s newest lift and a “six-pak” to boot!


Nothing and the ECT means NOTHING is better for the start of Ski Season than BIG EARLY! – And Mother Nature is cooperating this year!  There is no real change in today’s snowy weather predicted by the NWS till Wednesday (26NOV2014).  To listen to the Real-Time NOAA/NWS weather Report – streaming their Radio Audio from Castle Peak in Eagle, Colorado (Click Here) – and don’t forget to thank the nice folks at InternetVail.Com that make that Radio/Audio Stream possible for Eagle County, Colorado.

Vail Ski Instructor Salaries vs. Vail CEO “Kid Katz”

by  Fairwages

You’ll never read nor see this in the Daily Fishwrap.  Vail’s CEO buys way too much Paid Print Advertising there…to ever have those folks show you, nor tell you,  nor make an issue out of it.

Yes…it’s a bit political.


Topic?  Vail Ski Instructor Salaries vs. Rob Katz ($4.3 -million dollar) annual Salary (before benefits and stock options).

It’s rated “G” for General Audiences…their message is (CLICK HERE)

The Vail Ski Instructions little animated Video didn’t mention that Vail Resorts also recently dropped Health Care coverage for their Part Time employees.  The ECT documented/reported that (Click Here) – the Fishwrap, of course…didn’t.  Shocking isn’t it.

One more thing…for our left-wing (minimum wage) supporting ECT readers…  CEO Rob Katz…is a registered, Democrat.

Jus’ Sayin…

Citizens Referendum – Stops Avon! (for now)

by   Clayton Moore

Dateline:  Tuesday, November 18th 2013 –  Avon’s Grass Roots Citizens ‘Petition for Referendum’ has (for now) stopped the out going Avon Council from taking on millions more in long term DEBT!

Their plan was to pay for this Millions in proposed/new DEBT by using the 2% (RETT – Real Estate Transfer Tax) that is attached to all REAL PROPERTY  in the Town of Avon.

What next?

Answer:  Avon’s new Council (to be sworn in tonite) – has only (2) legal options they can exercise – now that Avon’s Clerk and Record (Debbie Hoffe) has issued her legal “Certificate of Sufficiency” (based on the Citizens signature Petition) stopping the Avon Council’s plan.

Option 1:  Repeal (read kill) the Avon Ordinance that was used to authorized the new DEBT.

Option 2:  Hold a “special election” and let registered Avon voters make the final decision.

The Nuclear Option?  Yes, there is one other legal possibility that (Avon Finance Manger – Scott Wright – does not support)…the “possibility” that Avon Council could vote to take $3.5 Million (out of Avon’s General Fund) and buy the “Building for Avon Bureaucrats” (also known as the Skier Building) for cash.   The ECT folks agree with Mr. Wright that would be a very bad decision.

How Avon’s Patriot Citizens – did it!

The effort was 100% Grass Roots.

Where Eagle Citizens effort failed with their (months earlier) Referendum…Avon’s Citizens effort – paid off.

The Players in the Referendum effort?  (alphabetical)

Tab Bonidy – Avon Resident/local Architect

Peter Buckley – Avon Resident/Electrical Engineer

Angelo Loria – Avon Resident/Real Estate Appraiser

John Minervini – Avon Resident/Retired, former CFO

Rohn Robbins – Esq. – completed the legal work for the Petition for Referendum

David Scherpf – Avon Resident/Consultant

David Strandjord – Avon Resident/Retired former CEO

233 – Avon Registered Voter – Signatures were acquired by the Petition’s “Circulators”


The legal process:  The original Avon Petition had to contain several pieces of legal information and be “certified for circulation” by Avon Town Clerk – BEFORE it could be legally circulated for Signatures from Registered Avon Voters ONLY.

The minimum number of Signatures required to move the Referendum process forward – was 10% of the number of Avon Voters from the most recent General Election.  The November 4th 2014 General Election had 1,505 Avon Ballots returned to the Eagle County’s – Clerk and Recorders office by Avon Voters.

Petition Circulators turned in 233 Signatures when only 151 Signatures were legally Required – PROVING the more an Avon Voter understood about HOW the Council was going to ATTACH their Real Property to (2) decades of long term DEBT – the more angry Avon Voters became!  And the happier these Avon Property Owners were, to sign that Petition.



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