Avon – When "NO" means "NO"

by Clayton Moore

History was made in Avon, Colorado last week.

Their first ever Election Referendum – where folks who voted, voted almost (2-1) that they DID NOT WANT – their Avon Property – attached to a $12.5 Million dollar, 25 year Loan – known as a (CoP’s) – Certificates of Participation…to pay for a “Skier Building – to house Town of Avon Bureaucrats (Photo).

Proponents of this fiscal insanity organized an official/legal “Political Action Committee” to promote this Avon purchase – including some stupid (and very ineffective) “Yes” campaign signs.

Curious isn’t it.  History made in Avon last week – yet not one mention of that FACT (read: election results) on Avon’s web site (Avon.org).  Now why do you suppose that is…


Meanwhile – Avon’s new ($2 Million Dollar cost overrun) Music Stage shows – just how likely it will be ready to use for (Audi) during the 2015 Ski Championships – starting exactly (1) week from today – February 2nd 2015.

Perhaps Avon Officials can claim it will be the first ever (Condom Covered Concert?) facility in Eagle County…Sheesh…can these Avon folks get anything, right?

ECT Reports – You Decide.


ECT’s – Person of the Week

When this young man –isn’t busy having Vail Parks and Pavilions named after him…

Or talking Trash with his son Matt…

Or raising daughters to become Colorado State Senators…

He’s busy (this week) teaching a Gondola car full of Australians – how to Ski Vail Mountain.

ECT is still not sure why John’s (center-right) Politics didn’t quite convince his daughter of the same outlook on life.  Probably has something to do with the Senators College education in South Bend, Indiana…or perhaps a disproportionate influence from her mother – Diana.

In any event – in the slang of your students – the ECT’s wishes John a “G’ Day Mate”

The ECT will catch you at Vendetta’s in Vail – next time!

PS – that small number on the bottom of John’s name tag – it says 1963…


Down in our Valley – January 18th 2015

by  Clayton Moore

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day – to all our friends who have the Day off on Monday.

This photo may look almost like a kind of (race track?) in the center of our photo – however what is really is – is the FUTURE of Avon.  The Large, Vacant Land between the Wal~Mart in the East and Avon’s Chapel Square at the west end of this huge tract of land.  In the next 3-5 years when Avon Developer Traer Creek – develops this land – the “center” of Avon will inevitably and unquestionably move there.  Don’t be fooled Avon Voters – by the local charlatans trying to sell you an overpriced “skier building” in a forgotten corner of Avon – if this were Brooklyn, NY no doubt these same folks would be trying to sell you Avon Taxpayers an overpriced Bridge as well…


From the Office of the Eagle County, Colorado – Assessor

by Clayton Moore

Don’t worry.  You’re getting yours via U.S. Mail during the first Week in May 2015.

Per Colorado State Statute – Our Eagle County Assessors office will be mailing your (most recent) private Property Valuation this May.  This (every two years) Valuation determines – the Value of your Property – that is used to calculate your Eagle County Property Taxes for the next (2) years…till the next Valuation.

Here is the ECT’s report from our conversation with the Office of the Assessor – last week.

1 – Look out…if you own Property or Land in Eagle/Gypsum and, or Basalt/El Jebel.

Why?  History has shown that those areas had the highest (devaluation) after the Eagle County Construction/Recession hit hard a few years ago.  Most of Eagle County’s home foreclosures where in that geography – from a few years ago.

That Real Estate market has recovered over the past couple of year – and by far the largest increase in Property Valuations – will come from this geography…

2 –  Cordillera Property Values struggle.  Overall Real Estate sales in Cordillera (both north/south sides of I-70) continues at a sluggish rate…(comparatively speaking).  This fact makes it much harder for the Assessor Office – to gage and assess Property Values (vacant Cordillera land included) because of a relatively (few) home sales over the 18-24 month period.  Bottom Line?  It’s next to impossible to sell a home in Cordillera for (top dollar) compared to the market – 7-8 years ago.  If you don’t own any property in Cordillera you’re trying to sell today – you can be glad…

3 – The Fishwrap folks and (some Realtors) continue to exaggerate the overall condition of Eagle County’s Real Estate market.  Yes, there are some “bright spots of real estate activity” however it’s not enough to draw conclusions of the condition of our (over all) Real Estate market.  Yes, the market is better today – than it was ~2 years ago…it is certainly not “zooming”.  Just ask the folks selling in Cordillera…

4 –  The one place in Eagle County you can always buy and sell is a (good condition) 2-3 bedroom Condo – in Eagle Vail.  That location between Vail and Beaver Creek is very reliable for Sales and a solid value if the Property there is well kept…

5 –  There is a reasonable amount of activity for property in Vail – on the market for just under $1 Million.  There is a lot of inventory (East and West Vail) and for home there priced under a Million – there’s activity from interested buyers.

Former Avon Mayor – Rich Carroll’s – Problem – Telling the Truth

by Clayton Moore

Avon’s former Mayor – Rich Carroll – has trouble telling the Truth – ECT will prove it. 

Bill Clinton – “I did not have sex with that woman!”

Barack Obama – “If you like your plan; you can keep your plan”.

Former Avon Mayor – Rich Carroll – “I want to thank Council for putting it on the Ballot”

FACT:  It was a small group of “grass roots” Avon Patriots who “put the question of financing the Skier Building” – on the Avon Ballot.  (Click Here)


FACT:  By organizing and conducting a legal Referendum with a Avon Petition to put this Question on the Ballot for Avon voters.  (Photo)

FACT:  When the Petition Signatures where turned into Avon Clerk – Debbie Hoppe and Ms. Hoppe determined there were enough signatures – Clerk Hoppe issued a legal document called “Certificate of Sufficiency”.  Once that document was legally issued – the question was then “put on the ballot”.  The only thing the Avon Council could do after that – was to decide “what day” the election would be held in Avon – consistent with the timing required by Colorado State Statue. (Photo – Avon Clerk Debbie Hoppe – Avon Police Chief – Robert Ticer – Avon Resident, USMC Veteran – David Stranjord – submitting Petition Signatures to Clerk Hoppe)

FACT:  It was former Mayor Rich Carroll’s Council that negotiated the sales price for the Skier Building – in secret with NO public input.  It was Rich Carroll and his Council (some members still serving today) that decided to use a legal dodge called “Certificates of Participation” that sidesteps TABOR and doesn’t allow Taxpayers to vote on the proposed multi-million dollar expenditure!

It wasn’t until the successful Avon Referendum – had their “Certificate Of Sufficiency”

- was that Tax issue – put on the Avon Ballot.

Here is former Avon Mayor – Rich Carroll making public statements on par – with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Vail Honeywagon – Follow up from last week

Last week – the ECT folks questioned the so called “Fuel Surcharge” found on all Bills sent by Vail Honeywagon to their Customers.

(Click Here) to reach last weeks story.

ECT reader/contributor “Ms. Kim” sent an email back to the ECT on what Kim learned from Vail Honeywagon…

Message: In response to your blog about Vail Honeywagon fuel surcharges.
1. $0.17 per gallon is added to the cost of our diesel over “Costco” diesel because of the winter additives for anti-gelling, and lubrication because of the low sulfur content
2. diesel fuel has not dropped as much as gas because demand has remained higher because diesel is used as Heating oil in much of the Eastern US
3. WM and Republic Waste, the 2 largest waste haulers each $13B and $8B gross revenue have fuel surcharges that are 15.11% and 14.57% respectively ours is 3.58%
4. diesel rates change in a smaller percentage to the price of oil than does gas because diesel has a higher refining cost and more distribution cost source US Energy Information Administration a government agency

Thanks Ms. Kim for reading the ECT and with your follow-up information from Vail Honeywagon…


From the Street

Eagle County Open Space proponents won a battle recently…at least for now.

Eagle’s proposed “Eagle River Station” is not going to happen – in terms of what was developer Trinity/REDs original plan for that vacant land next to I-70, east of Eagle.

Internet “e-Tailing” (read: Amazon) has forever changed how the Retail Store market works and is profitable in today’s Internet savvy world.  Most of what you can buy from Amazon – can be delivered to home or work in (2) days after you order it – if you join the Amazon Prime ($99.00/year) membership club.  Obviously depending on how much you buy from Amazon…this can be a really good deal – because all Amazon Prime purchases “ship 2 day free” – all covered by  your $99.00 per year.

What will Eagle River Station look like in the years to come?

Will Eagle River Station ever have a new I-70 exit and exchange?

Today no one knows for sure.

Rebranded by the ECT! 

Henceforth he who was once self described as “Ye Olde Publisher” shall now be permanently referred to here at the ECT as “Ye Olde Bloviator”.  Consider yourself fortunate if you did not attend the last Avon Town Council meeting (last Tuesday) as “YOB” went on a 10+ minute Rant at the Podium on subjects – no one cared about, save “YOB”.

YOB encouraged all Avon Voters to vote “yes” this Tuesday resulting in THEIR property being attached to the 25 year – $12.5 Million Dollar Debt they’re voting on in Avon –this Tuesday.

YOB – “forgot” to mention during his rant – that he doesn’t own any property in Avon – that is at Risk of this new Tax Lien on the Avon Ballot.

YOP – also “forgot” to mention that his current (newspaper?) BusinessBriefs has been busy selling “paid print advertising” – to the Town of Avon – who advertises in his paper.  (Click Here)  Are YOB’s “political agenda & endorsements” being driven by who pays him to run Ads?  You decide.  The ECT just reports, and documents the facts.


The Colorado Court of Appeals – gave Private Property owners in Vail (read: Vail Golf Course Lawsuit plaintiffs) some positive news last week.  (Click Here) to read the Appellate Courts Ruling overturning the Eagle County District Court Judge that ruled in the Town of Vail’s favor – initially.

The Vail Golf Course litigation and lawsuit continues…the latest round going to the Vail Homeowners that own property around the 18th green of the Vail Golf Course.


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