Art in Public Places?

by     Jimmy Olsen Photography and the Fans of Mason Torrey

At Last!  Finally something new in Avon – that doesn’t have a Brass plaque on it – that says “Hoffmann Commercial Real Estate”!

Super Artist Mason Torry – (click on his name) has completed his Artwork in the middle of Avon.  Mason’s Murals can be seen on the front of the Sports Authority building next to the spot where Office Depot use to be – just west of the Avon City Market.  For some fun when you stop by the Murals in person and challenge your young ones – see if they can find the FISH in the Stream that Mason painted below.  ECT found ‘em and it took a bit of looking!


Meanwhile – Back in Vail – OktoberFest in the Vail Village had a nice Sunny and Warm late Summer afternoon to enjoy the Festivities!

A Fresh Idea – For Eagle County

by    Clayton Moore

Here’s ECT big new IDEA!

Goal:  Reduce the Cost of Eagle County’s Health Insurance from HIGHEST Heath Insurance Costs in the Nation!

How?  Increase competition for the Vail Hospital and the Vail Valley Medical Center – at large.  This will unquestionably lower what we all pay for our Health Insurance.

The Plan.  Take some of Eagle County’s existing and overabundant Taxpayer (paid for) “open space” land and make that County Property available as a ($1.00/yr.) Lease (25-50 years?) – to attract any (outside Eagle County) Medical entity willing to build (read: pay for) a new Medical Facility (example: ASC Ambulatory Surgery Center) –  in Eagle County, Colorado. 


The Deal?  Said new Medical entity leasing the County land would also have to agree to an annual Medical Cost (County) Audit where their “fee for medical service” could be no more (on average) than say…30-35% more than what Metro Denver Medical Facilities charge.  Eagle County does not control what they can charge – only the price “range” they operate in.  This (somewhat) like how Medicare (pays) today…The new operator will be encouraged to “make a profit” – however discouraged/prevented from charging 3-5 times as much as Denver Medical Rates – which is exactly what the Vail Hospital/VVMC is doing (in too many Medical cases) today.  The annual (audit) would be no more invasive than what a normal hospital endures – from Government Medicare audits today.  Got it?

Said Operator still makes a reasonable profit – and the cost of new Eagle County Medical Facilities (Utilities – electric, water…etc.) could be negotiated in as part of the deal as well.

Go Ahead.  Tweak our Numbers, adjust the deal/offer – however – remember the GOAL is to introduce Medical Competition into what every Taxpayer in Eagle County – pays for his/her Health Insurance.  Remember, County Open Space Land is paid for by us Taxpayers today.  Let’s put some of that land to good use – to the benefit of all!

If a suitable County Open Space land parcel is not available today – then the next “open space purchase” should be targeted…at say….mid-valley at Avon/Traer Creek’s land – near the Wal~Mart’s I-70 exit.

Don’t tell the ECT – it can’t be done.  With effective elected leadership – it can be done and perhaps become a medical model for other Communities trying to lower their Health Insurance Costs as well!

Tab’s Town–Avon prepares for Election 2014

by the Fans of Good Governance

He’s Big, He’s Bold and drives his Harley around Town!

Avon Town Council Candidate – Tab Bonidy got his campaign off to big public start this past week in Avon!  Tab’s campaign sign can been seen from the North most Round-A-Bout in Avon – it’s BIG!

ECT likes candidates that are “quick out of the starting blocks” and wastes no time announcing his campaign publically.  With (10) Avon candidate names on the November 2014 Ballot (Click Here) – the ECT believes it’s important to campaign early.


This week the ECT also spoke to Avon candidate(s) Angelo Loria (Avon’s A-Team) is Angelo’s campaign Moniker and Peter “Budget Hawk” Buckley.  Buckley said “every elected Board needs at least one “budget hawk”.

More soon as Avon’s election race between (10) candidates gets started.

Faces in the Crowd?

The Fishwrap’s Favorite – Tuesday, Columnist – Richard Carnes – found at the OktoberFest in Vail Village this past weekend!  Richard is rumored to have said….now that Ray Rice has a little time on his hands…with his indefinite suspension…Ray should visit Vail and spend some time in our “Charm School”.  Richard thought this a good idea and location – since Vail really doesn’t have that many elevators!!!



November 2014 – Eagle County Election News

by   Eagle County Clerk and Recorder – Teak Simonton

teak-simonton-13jun2013-1The Nov. 4 General Election is less than two months from now, and the Clerk’s Office I run, is busy preparing the ballot and testing the voting equipment.  This year’s ballot will ask voters to choose between candidates in federal races for the U.S. House and U.S. Senate.  Colorado Statewide races include Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer and Colorado House and Senate.  County offices up for election are Commissioner District 2, Commissioner District 3, Sheriff, Clerk & Recorder, Treasurer, Assessor, Surveyor and Coroner.  Town of Avon voters will choose four members to serve on their town council. The towns of Red Cliff and Basalt both have several questions. There will also be several statewide amendments and propositions.

To see what this November 2014 “composite” (all candidates & issues) Ballot reads like (Click Here)

This election will be a mail ballot election, and ballots will be mailed automatically to all registered active voters at their mailing address our office has on record.  If an alternate address should be used, please contact the Clerk & Recorder election department as soon as possible because by law, ballots cannot be forwarded. Ballots will be U.S. mailed starting on Wed. Oct. 15th 2014.

Before returning your ballot, don’t forget to sign the affidavit on the back of your ballot envelope.  If you don’t sign your Ballot it will NOT be counted!  Do not sign for anyone else under penalty of perjury. We compare every signature to our voter registration scanned images, and if our signature verifying judges decide that they do not match, a letter will be sent to you for further verification. We are compelled to report unresolved signature discrepancies to the District Attorney after the election, so if you get one of these letter be sure to respond according to the directions.

Voter Service and Polling Centers will be available starting on Oct. 16 in our three Eagle County Office locations: Eagle, El Jebel and Avon. These centers will offer disabled access electronic voting, voter registration services, replacement ballots and ballot drop off boxes through Election Day.  This year we will also offer a ballot drop box in Vail (Municipal Office Building) on Saturday, Nov. 1 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., on Monday, Nov. 3 during business hours and on Tuesday, Nov. 4, Election Day, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The official composite ballot, which includes all ballot races and issues, will be posted on our website by Sept. 17 and will be published in local papers in mid-October. Please be aware that although all races and issues will be published, your eligibility to vote on a candidate or issue depends on where you reside.  Please Click On the web page link above to see what the “composite ballot” reads like.

Every year we get questions about residency and voter registration. You must be 18 years old by election day Nov. 4th 2014 and a U.S. citizen to register to vote.  Colorado State law requires that you register to vote at your primary place of residence, or in other words, where you live the majority of the time.  It is unlawful to register in a County or precinct in which you no longer reside unless you are intending to return after a temporary absence.

The deadline to register to vote or change your address to receive a ballot by mail is Tuesday, Oct. 28. After that point, voters can register or make changes to existing registration in our offices to receive a ballot in person. Voter registration application forms are available online at under Voting and Elections, Voter Registration on the left hand side, at Clerk & Recorder offices located in Avon, El Jebel and Eagle, and at all town clerk offices throughout Eagle County.  Or you can just (Click Here) and go straight to the online Registration Forms.  Voters also have the option of registering or updating their information at

If you are anxious to know how Eagle County voted and plan to stay up late on election night, preliminary results will be posted to as soon as they are ready and we will be tweeting updates on many races throughout the night after 7 p.m. Follow us on Twitter at #ecclerk.  Typically we have a substantial Election Result report published by 10 p.m. and will update these early return reports as additional results are tallied.

Ski Utah!–Well…Vail Resorts wants you to Consider it!

Ski Utah?

Epic-Ski-Pass-Cummings-Utah-PCMR-12SEPT2014Well why not?  Somebody else thought it was a good idea…as Vail Resorts stock (MTN) shot up to close at $87.53/share last week.

Some of the Ski industry News was….

Vail Resorts plans to joint together existing Utah Ski Resorts to a combined ~7,000 acres – which would (then) make it the biggest (combined/lift served) Ski Resort area in North America.

And that’s just the Ski Mountain(s).  The Ski Resort Real Estate development potential?  Huge.  No doubt VR’s (real estate/advance team?)  has been quietly working in Utah – in anticipation of their big Lawsuit (Click Here) being settled.  The announcement that it was settled came last week.

Your Epic Mix Ski Pass now works in Utah too.  Another reason to visit this year – and if you don’t like big local crowds – visit Utah during the first (2) weeks of February – during the World Ski Championships in Vail and Beaver Creek.

You also can worry (a bit less) about the Pot Smokers on the slopes.  Arguably, less of them there in Utah, where folks still respect and enforce – Federal Drug Law.  It’s also a lot easier to drive from the Salt Lake Airport – to Skiing, than it is from DIA (via I-70) into Vail and Beaver Creek.

Did the ECT mention that Utah already has Hosted the Winter Olympics?  There is talk that Salt Lake City would like to do that again (Click Here)  In the ECT’s view – now that VR is in Utah in a BIG way…the chances of ever seeing the Winter Olympics in Colorado are about zero.  At least in our lifetime.

Anybody wanna’ guess just whose photo that is on the above Epic Mix Ski Pass?  Let us know.

Sky Acrobats – take flight over KEGE–Gypsum, Colorado

by  Jimmy Olsen photography


Yep, that’s our Eagle County Regional Airport/FAA designation (KEGE) that was “closed” for a brief period of time this past weekend.


Because of the amazing Flight Acrobatics performed by (2) incredibly capable pilots!  Gary Rower of Rower Aviation flying his Boeing Stearman and Buck Roetman of Wild Horse Aviation flying his smaller and more maneuverable Pitts S2S biplane.


The ECT folks  were left “awestruck” wondering just what these (2) Pilots ate for their breakfast that Saturday morning….

Here is a good photo of both Aircraft on the tarmac at KEGE readying for their Saturday afternoon 3:00PM performance after their 11:00AM performance that morning.  Photo – Pitts Special (left) Boeing Stearman (right) 


Here are a few more favorite photos from that 2014 Wheels and Wings Airshow at KEGE, the Red Jet below is a British Jet Trainer – Provost T-Mk5

You don’t see this – Everyday!

by   the fans of Jeopardy

Jeopardy is the TV game show where the correct “answer” must always be spoken by the contestant as a “question”.

So here is our question – How is it possible for a person to know “less than nothing”?

Answer:  Well…when, what that person knows is, wrong!

The amusing part?  Well that contestant below on the right is none other than the famous Ken Jennings – who holds the record for the longest winning streak (74) in the history of Jeopardy.  Photo below taken this past week (4SEPT2014) on Jeopardy’s “Battle of the Decades” – where former champions were asked to compete again.  Yes, it was early in the first round.


So what was the Jeopardy “category” that had Ken and Tom off to a “slow start”?  Too Funny – ECT guesses the ladies (Rachael) know when to keep quite – if your knowledge of Vatican City history – is a bit weak.


So where did Ken Jennings – end up at the end of the Show?  Answer:  In his usual place…winning again…by a margin of over 2-1.



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