Eagle County – Property Values (and Taxes?) SKYROCKET

DATELINE:   May 1st 2015 Eagle County, Colorado

Sticker Shock or “Shock and Awe” if you prefer – however the first Shockwaves in Eagle County, Colorado arrived “online” from the Eagle County Assessors Office on Friday May 1st 2015.  Don’t worry – your new/2015 Eagle County Property Tax Valuation is in the U.S. Mail to you this coming week.

Since last Friday, May 1st – Everyone the ECT has spoken to, real Property Owners in Eagle County – have seen their Assessed Value of their Property go UP.  A lot.

Anywhere from 20% (on the low side) to 38% and even up to 50% increases (Gypsum) have been seen (online) at the Eagle County Assessor’s office.  The ECT’s informal (Property Valuation increase) survey taken from folks in the mid-valley areas.

(Click Here)  to search your Eagle County Properties Records.  You’ll need your Street Address or your “R” account number – printed on your Property Tax bill.


What you need to know:  According to a long time Eagle County Mortgage provider…most folks who have a Mortgage (with an Escrow Account) will see an increase in their Monthly Mortgage Payment starting (most likely) February 1st 2016.

Why so long from now?  Because until the Taxing District’s (i.e. School District, Fire District) set their official Mill Levy (~December 2015)…your Mortgage lender wont be able to accurately calculate your Property Tax increase – and hence your increased Monthly Mortgage payment.

Of Course – not everyone in Eagle County – has seen a big increase in their Properties Assessed Value.  Here is the Public Record of a local well-heeled Developer whose wife – owns a Residence on Beaver Dam Road in Vail.  His neighbor on Beaver Dam road? A well known Billionaire from Texas.


KNOW THIS:   Eagle County Taxpayer!  There are some folks in Eagle County, Colorado that believe you are NOT paying enough in new, Higher Property Taxes.  Keep in mind that increases of 30-40% sometimes EVEN 50% (Eagle and Gypsum) properties are not unusual this 2015 Assessed Valuation.


Why Airlines – Need not be Subsided by Taxpayers

by   the fans of CNN Money

This story from CNN Money from last week – April 20th 2015.

Just (Click On) the graphic below to watch the CNN video on this story.

Less Competition:  In 2005 there were 9 major U.S. Airlines…10 years later there are only 5…due to Airline mergers and acquisitions.

From last week’s ECT – just because an Airlines agrees to accept a Taxpayer Subsidy…it does not mean it will translate into more a affordable ticket prices for flying into our Eagle County Regional Airport.  Here is your proof.


Bottom Line:  When the Airlines (recently ) saved ~$3.4 Billion due to a (33% drop in the price they paid for Fuel)…your average Airline ticket price saved $0.66 cents per ticket.  (Click On) the graphic below…to watch the CNN video on this topic.


Hare Today – More Snow Tomorrow?

by   the fans of  Mel Blanc

Hide nor Hare?  Showing up in Eagle County, Colorado this past week – and a bit late for Easter 2015…this fellow has (to date) not been formally introduced to the ECT’s Golden Eagle from last week…(Click Here)  Sporting Natures own “Ear Cammo” this guy is probably still (out smarting?) our feathered friends – who’d like to invite him to their dinner.


On the fearless side of things this fellow hung around for a few more ECT photos.  Our favorites shared here this week at the ECT.  Just click on the Photos to Enlarge Them!


Flying with the Fishwrap – They don’t tell the Truth!

by  KEGE’s Reality Check

Why is it so difficult for folks at the Fishwrap – to tell you the TRUTH?

Last Friday’s Fishwrap…right on their front page…proves the Fishwrap doesn’t know the difference between a “Jet” and a “Plane”.  Insisting their front page photo (Click Here) is a Jet – when in reality it’s a Propeller driven “Turbo Prop” – a de Havilland Canadian Dash 8, Q-Series (Click Here).  Their photo (actually is was a nice photo) shows (United/Continental’s) Flight 4928 landing at Eagle County Regional at ~7:39PM on it’s inbound (49 minute) Flight from Denver.

While the Fishwrap’s Friday story was “heaping all sorts of Marketing and PR praise” on our Eagle County Regional Airport…here is what the Fishwrap – doesn’t want you to know!

How much does a Round Trip flight from Denver into KEGE cost – even after our Ski Season ends…


ECT’s Question:  Why should Eagle County taxpayers be asked to pay a permanent (Sales Tax?) increase to subsidize flights into KEGE…when (at least some) of those flights ARE NOT affordable for the average Taxpayer – living here in Eagle County?  Don’t forget your (elected) Eagle County Commissioners have recently voted to charge (you and your family) to Park at our Airport – starting June 1st this year.

FACT:  There are people living in Eagle County today – that believe you and your family are NOT paying enough Taxes.  They have an Agenda.

FACT:  These same local Business people (would be Tax Raisers) are currently serving on the Vail Valley Partnership board.  (Click Here)  They have also directed Chris Romer of the Vail Valley Partnership – to support a local Marketing Campaign to support subsidizing flights into our Eagle County Regional Airport.

FACT:  Local Radio Ads have been running recently on the Eagle County “airwaves” promoting the Eagle County Regional Airport – some of those Radio Ads are read on the air by current members of the Board of Directors of the Vail Valley Partnership.  John Shipp (Dusty Boot Saloon) and Marisa Selvy (Crazy Mountain Brewing Company) just to name two.

FACT:   Some Eagle County Buses are Sporting new full cover Airport Marketing graphics…now that the 2015 Ski Event Marketing logos are being removed from County Buses.

The ECT believes Eagle County Taxpayers are being “set up” (coerced, conjoined in an attempt to be convinced) to support a Eagle County Tax increase Ballot question – this November 2015.  We’ll see.  Fact is…our Eagle County Commissioners – have to agree to put that Tax Increase question on your November 2015 Ballot.  (2) out of our 3 County Commissioners are up for election this November 2016.  You can bet they wont agree to put any new Eagle County Tax Question on your 2016 Ballot – when their busy trying to get re-elected.  Right, Ladies?

Enter – Vail Resorts.  Fact is…VR has historically helped Finance – annual/subsidized Flights into our Airport, during Ski Season.

Question for VR.  If VR thought they had a reasonable chance to permanently “cost shift” the cost of these subsidized Flights – to the Eagle County Taxpayer – do you believe VR would hesitate to $upport a big local Marketing/PR campaign, aimed at doing just that?

Now Enters the Fishwrap…and their endless fiscal addiction to Harlot Journalism.  Obviously, the leadership at the Fishwrap sees a big opportunity to sell more Paid Print Advertising – to support the campaign and financial interests of one of the Fishwrap’s biggest Paid Print Advertisers – Vail Resorts.

What to expect from the Fishwrap going forward this Spring 2015?  Simple.  More and More stories and reports “about how wonderful” our local Airport is…and just how “vital” our Airport is – to our local economy.  You’re being “set up” Eagle County Taxpayer!  Pay Attention!

Bottom Line:  The Fishwrap leadership is more concerned with the financial interests of their biggest Paid Print Advertisers (and themselves) – than they are with our Community at large.  That’s why ECT readers…the Fishwrap has NEVER reported that Eagle County Families pay the Highest Health Insurance Costs – in our Nation.  (Click Here)  Our Vail Valley Medical Center (read: the Vail Hospital) pays for far, far to much Paid Print Advertising in the Fishwrap – for the Fishwrap to ever mention this FACT.

Right, Don?

California vs. Colorado 2014-15 Ski Conditions

by     Jimmy Olsen Photography and Vail Resorts Webcams

ECT thought you might want to see…

Colorado Snow and Ski Conditions from the 2014-15 Ski Season vs. California’s Lake Tahoe Resorts…

ECT’s Comment:  Be thankful for this past Ski Seasons Snow conditions.  Rest assured California will be looking for more water from the Colorado River, during our Spring 2015 run off.

All PHOTOS from – Friday, April 17th 2015

Vail, Colorado – Friday, April 17th 2015


Breckenridge, Colorado  – Friday, April 17th 2015


Heavenly –Friday, April 17th 20-15 – South Lake Tahoe, California


Northstar – Friday, April 17th 20-15 – Lake Tahoe, California


Kirkwood – Friday, April 17th 20-15 – Lake Tahoe, California


Fortunately for Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts –they  have California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) looking out for them!


Hilarious – Hillary Clinton – SNL Style

by   the ECT’s 2016 Campaign for Humor!

This recent SNL (Saturday Nite Live) skit on Hillary’s just announced 2016 Presidential run – is Hilarious.  SNL opened their TV show with this skit…

Really captures the day to day demeanor of our former Secretary of State.  Just sit back and enjoy this latest SNL skit!  Including a cameo appearance by BJ Clinton himself.

From the Street

The Comcast Foundation recently announced their 57 Colorado Academic Scholarship Winners for 2015.  The ECT is proud to recognize our (2) Eagle County Winners!


Smart and Very Pretty!  Just what the ECT folks like to see with the young ladies in our Community.  For a complete list of Comcast’s 57 Colorado Academic Winners – (Click Here).

To Comcast:  It did not escape the notice of the ECT –your recent Rate Increase targeted at Comcast Business Class – Internet Subscribers…ECT also pleased to see some of that $$$ coming back into our Community – to help our local Students.

WOW!  These young ladies in our Community – are really amazing!  Academically, Ms. Gruber, Ms. Whitney, the winners on the Vail Christian High School Academic team (Click Here)  And Athletically too! Lady World Cup Champs – Ms. Shiffrin and Ms. Vonn.

Come on local guys!! Competitively speaking…we need more of you local guys to “kick it up a notch”.

The ECT folks think we need more young guys in Eagle County like Michael and brother Greg El-Bitar both recognized by the ECT as our recent and local Eagle Scouts!  (Click Here)

Let’s Go Local Guys!  These ladies are Zooming by you on the Ski Slopes, and in the Classroom Too!


Meanwhile…our Academic Achievers vs. Say What?

Now this is Scary…unless your IQ is in the low double digits.

Consider:  Apple’s iPad product became a remarkable WORLD WIDE success due in a large part to it’s practical and EASY – USER INTERFACE.  Most folks can just pick it up and figure out how to do the simple and basic things on their own.  That’s why Apple was able to sell Millions of these iPad things!!

Now CMC offers an (Intermediate Course?) in how to use it?  HUH?  Will this course be populated with Students who prefer Velcro based sneakers because they never figured out – how to tie their own shoes!  YIKES!  Seems (per the course description below) seems the “Intermediate Velcro Students” – need to be reminded to bring their iPad to Class too….Sheesh!


Make No Mistake:  The ECT folks love our Colorado Mountain College Campuses here in Eagle County, Colorado!

CMC offers (many+1) Courses – that develop skill sets important to our local Economy.  Examples Abound:  Culinary Courses for future Executive Chef’s, Fire Fighting Courses, Paramedic Courses, Accounting, Medical Office – Insurance, Billing and Coding…just to name a few.

CMC just released their Summer 2015 Class Schedule loaded with Interesting new and continuing Courses.  (Click Here) to download your PDF copy of the new Summer 2015 Course Guide.  Academic Caution suggested – if you’re meeting the folks on Campus that prefer Velcro to Laces – on their sneakers!  Yikes!


Meanwhile a fair question for Avon….Just what constitutes an “Emergency” in Avon these days…

Perhaps a $2 Million Dollar Cost Overrun on a new Avon Music Stage that was “only” supposed to cost ~$1.5 Million to begin with?


Here is what the current leadership at the Town of Avon – considers their current “Emergency”.


ECT folks delighted to read that the Town of Avon is maintaining their Towns Infrastructure.  ECT just wishes the Town would choose their Adjectives a bit more carefully in the future.



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