Malaysia Airlines Flight – MH370

by  Clayton Moore

Did you know that civilians here in Eagle County, Colorado today – are tracking in real-time Aircraft flying over our own airspace, here at home?

Tracking is done here using a Radio Technology called ADS-B/Mode S.


This real-time in flight technology (used in Eagle County today) can be seen on your computer by – (Clicking Here) or just click on the graphic above.

If you’re a technology interested individual and are interested in learning more about Radio Technology – you can visit the local Amateur Radio web site and leave your name and email address (Click Here).  Knowledge of this technology makes reading these reports on the missile system that shot down the Malaysia Airlines flight – much easier to understand.

It needs to be Exposed!

Question – How is it possible for any individual to “know less than nothing”?

Answer – When…what that individual knows – is simply not true.

Case in Point:  A letter printed in the Daily Fishwrap (below) – discussing the recent Supreme Court Decision – in the Hobby Lobby case.

ECT will Prove it:   Carol L. Goldstein nor Dr. Jack Van Ens simply DO NOT know what they are talking about.  The opinions they are expressing is based on FALSE and grossly inaccurate information.  There can be little doubt that neither Van Ens nor Goldstein have ever read the text of that (5-4) decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The ECT covered the FACTS and the (5-4) decision in an earlier edition of the ECT.  (Click Here)

Summary of the Case Facts:

1 –  The Case in short – 1st Amendment (Religious Freedom) vs. the legal requirements of Obamacare.

2 – The Constitutional question:  Can a privately held company (Hobby Lobby) be compelled by the Government (under Obamacare) to (pay for) Contraceptives that are in conflict with their Religious beliefs?

3 – Fact:  There are a class of human “contraceptives” (~4 different pills/choices) that are specifically designed to terminate a pregnancy immediately AFTER fertilization of any egg by a sperm.  The so called “day after” pill, among others.

4 – The Religious belief (protected by our 1st Amendment) held by the Plaintiff’s (Hobby Lobby) is that – “life begins at Fertilization/Conception” – and that any Contraceptive specifically designed to terminate that pregnancy/fertilization – amounts to (in their Religious Belief) an Abortion.

5 – The Court ruled (5-4) that Hobby Lobby (as an employer) cannot be compelled to pay for (under Obamacare) those specific (post-fertilization) contraceptives for their employees.

6 – FACT:  Pre-fertilization contraceptives are still paid for by Hobby Lobby (and the rest of employers) under Obamacare.  Other employers can now choose to pay for (or not) the Post-Fertilization contraceptives objected to by the Plaintiff (Hobby Lobby).

7 –  FACT:  There has been zero change in the access and commercial availability of all Contraceptives to women and men under this very limited ruling.  Fact is, Women desiring a Post-Fertilization contraceptive can still easily get them – they just have to pay for them, themselves…or (example) visit Planned Parenthood.

Now – (below letter) by comparison is a text book example of an individual who has no idea what they are talking and writing about.

Shame on Ms. Goldstein and Shame on the Fishwrap and its so called “Editors” for printing this false and miss-leading letter in our Community.

The “Ens” does not Justify the Means…certainly not in this case.  Dr. Ens, Thomas Jefferson would have most certainly familiarized himself with the facts of the case before – writing about it.

Stop insulting our Communities intelligent and informed women!


From the Street

by  Clayton Moore and the fans of Milton Friedman

Just When…

Just When did it become the responsibility of the Eagle County Taxpayer to GUARANTEE the profitability of a company that is owned and operated outside the United States?

air-canada-overtime-pay-lawsuitFact is – if you believe the Fishwrap (Click Here) – our Eagle County Commissioners voted recently to do – exactly that!

Make no Mistake – if a Private Sector non-profit or individual(s) want to work to provide a private sector subsidy – then the ECT folks have no problem/no issue with that plan.

It’s when the Eagle County Taxpayer is being used to pay for that Subsidy that the ECT folks “draw the line”.

Bottom Line:  If Air Canada cannot sell a (profitable) Airline Ticket from Toronto to our Eagle Airport – during the months of December and January – than the ECT suggests to Air Canada – that they STOPING DOING IT!

Fact is:  If the scheduled Air Canada Flight (it’s only once a week – by the way) doesn’t have many passengers on that Flight – that means “not many Ski Tourists” are staying in our Hotels, eating in our Restaurants nor tipping our Ground Transportation companies and Ski Instructors…now does it?

Fact is:  Guaranteeing Air Canada’s profitability (or any other airline) – creates ZERO incentive for Air Canada to (then) spend their marketing dollars – attracting Canadian Skiers to fly into our Eagle Airport!  Air Canada could simply use those (Eagle County Taxpayer dollars) marketing other Air Canada flights into sunny and warm Mexico (December – January)  the ECT folks will argue – that there are (many+1) more Canadian Tourists interested in flying to somewhere sunny & warm during the months of December and January – than there are Canadian skiers interested in flying into Colorado!

Are you paying attention, Mr. Mike Brown, Mr. Greg Phillips and Eagle County Commissioners?  You have ZERO control over exactly how Air Canada will spend that $115,000.00 Eagle County, taxpayer funded subsidy.

The Eagle County Taxpayer needs more “Budget Hawks” to run for Public Office and get Elected!

Oooops!  Art in Public Places? Avon’s Hoffman Commercial Real Estate!

There can be little question that Hoffman Commercial Real Estate – has been spending a bunch of money – giving Avon’s downtown Commercial areas – a needed “Facelift”.

Including this one…Seems…this “Pocahontas of the Parking Lot” originally got installed (backwards?) and has now been turn around 180 degrees.

…the Before…on the 4th of July


and now the After…Sunday, July 20th.  No it doesn’t swivel – it had to be remounted…


Cool Off this July Week – with the ECT!

by  Jimmy Olsen Photography

Time to Cool Off – this mid-July summer week.  The ECT folks would like to recommend you break out those Frozen Mint (Girl Scout) cookies – you been saving for our mid-July heat.  Just (click on) the photo below to enlarge it!  Can you ID this Eagle County based Chair lift?  Let the ECT know – where you think it is.100E3041

Where did all those Eagle County Primary Votes – Come from?

by   Clayton Moore and Eagle County’s Clerk and Recorders office

It’s time to recap – the June 24th 2014 – Primary Election results for Eagle County, Colorado.

The slow release of these (now legally certified) Primary Election results – was due to the State of Colorado’s delay in legally “certifying these results”.

OK – What has the ECT got?

Eagle County election results (by Precinct) for the Republican and Democrat voters.  Total Vote Counts ONLY.  The EC Clerk’s office didn’t tabulate theharvie-wtih-teak individual “candidate” results by Eagle County Precinct.  ECT just has voter totals to share – by political party.

Caution:  These Eagle County by “Precinct” vote totals can be very confusing.

Example:  An Eagle County “Precinct” named “Beaver Creek” includes in their Precinct voters who live in “west” Eagle Vail – hence the Vote totals for the “Beaver Creek” Precinct greatly exceed the number of permanent Registered voters living in Beaver Creek (proper).  Got it?  This (geographical confusion/boundary) issue applies to other Eagle County Precincts as well.  Interested parties can contact the EC Clerk’s Office (W  970.328.8600) – although after speaking to the Clerk’s office…(you may leave) more confused than when your started asking about “precinct geographical boundaries”.

Just (Click On) the Graphic below to download a more “readable” PDF copy of the information below.


FACT:  The largest “block” of voters in Eagle County today are the “unaffiliated” voters not currently Registered to either R nor D political party…

FACT:  The Primary Ballot that individual (R and D) voters voted on – looked different.  The R ballot had the Republican Sheriff candidates and the D Ballot the Democrat County Commissioner candidates.

Don’t worry.  This November 2014 – General Election Ballot will have all the candidates names on it – for you to choose.

From the Street

They’re not telling you.

However, the ECT will.

While the Fishwrap folks are doing their best to sell you over priced paid print advertising rates for local Real Estate…

The Fishwrap has zero interest in informing you that (some) of Eagle County’s property owners – are still being Foreclosed on…and yes…some of them are well known local Real Estate professionals (look 4 from the top of below).

Edwards – zip code (81632) is still showing multi-million dollar Foreclosures to date – July 2014.  Just (Click On) the Graphic below to enlarge it.


ECT agrees that overall Eagle County home Foreclosures are well below their historical highs…and that our local Economy is improving (slightly).

Vail – 4th of July 2014

by  Clayton Moore and Jimmy Olsen photography

Vail’s own Packy Walker – explains..

From his vantage point at the Lifthouse Condominiums in Lionshead – Packy gave the folks along Vail’s 4th of July Parade route – his own explanation of the Skull unearthed during a recent excavation/re-development in Lionshead.


ECT believes Mr. Walker now has a lock on the Teamsters lodging business for the 2015 World Alpine Ski races in Vail.

There was certainly no shortage of attractive Blondes along the parade route last Friday!


She has NEVER been Missing in Action – Local VFW ‘Service Officer‘ – Pat Hammon leads her team of WWII, Korean and Vietnam Vet in Vail’s Parade!


Here are a few more of our Favorite Photo’s from the 2014 Vail – 4th of July Parade.  How many folks can you ID?


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