Where did all those Eagle County Primary Votes – Come from?

by   Clayton Moore and Eagle County’s Clerk and Recorders office

It’s time to recap – the June 24th 2014 – Primary Election results for Eagle County, Colorado.

The slow release of these (now legally certified) Primary Election results – was due to the State of Colorado’s delay in legally “certifying these results”.

OK – What has the ECT got?

Eagle County election results (by Precinct) for the Republican and Democrat voters.  Total Vote Counts ONLY.  The EC Clerk’s office didn’t tabulate theharvie-wtih-teak individual “candidate” results by Eagle County Precinct.  ECT just has voter totals to share – by political party.

Caution:  These Eagle County by “Precinct” vote totals can be very confusing.

Example:  An Eagle County “Precinct” named “Beaver Creek” includes in their Precinct voters who live in “west” Eagle Vail – hence the Vote totals for the “Beaver Creek” Precinct greatly exceed the number of permanent Registered voters living in Beaver Creek (proper).  Got it?  This (geographical confusion/boundary) issue applies to other Eagle County Precincts as well.  Interested parties can contact the EC Clerk’s Office (W  970.328.8600) – although after speaking to the Clerk’s office…(you may leave) more confused than when your started asking about “precinct geographical boundaries”.

Just (Click On) the Graphic below to download a more “readable” PDF copy of the information below.


FACT:  The largest “block” of voters in Eagle County today are the “unaffiliated” voters not currently Registered to either R nor D political party…

FACT:  The Primary Ballot that individual (R and D) voters voted on – looked different.  The R ballot had the Republican Sheriff candidates and the D Ballot the Democrat County Commissioner candidates.

Don’t worry.  This November 2014 – General Election Ballot will have all the candidates names on it – for you to choose.

From the Street

They’re not telling you.

However, the ECT will.

While the Fishwrap folks are doing their best to sell you over priced paid print advertising rates for local Real Estate…

The Fishwrap has zero interest in informing you that (some) of Eagle County’s property owners – are still being Foreclosed on…and yes…some of them are well known local Real Estate professionals (look 4 from the top of below).

Edwards – zip code (81632) is still showing multi-million dollar Foreclosures to date – July 2014.  Just (Click On) the Graphic below to enlarge it.


ECT agrees that overall Eagle County home Foreclosures are well below their historical highs…and that our local Economy is improving (slightly).

Vail – 4th of July 2014

by  Clayton Moore and Jimmy Olsen photography

Vail’s own Packy Walker – explains..

From his vantage point at the Lifthouse Condominiums in Lionshead – Packy gave the folks along Vail’s 4th of July Parade route – his own explanation of the Skull unearthed during a recent excavation/re-development in Lionshead.


ECT believes Mr. Walker now has a lock on the Teamsters lodging business for the 2015 World Alpine Ski races in Vail.

There was certainly no shortage of attractive Blondes along the parade route last Friday!


She has NEVER been Missing in Action – Local VFW ‘Service Officer‘ – Pat Hammon leads her team of WWII, Korean and Vietnam Vet in Vail’s Parade!


Here are a few more of our Favorite Photo’s from the 2014 Vail – 4th of July Parade.  How many folks can you ID?

SCOTUS – What you need to know

by  Clayton Moore

The U.S. Supreme Court handed down several of their decisions at the end of last month – June 2014.  (Click Here)

There is one decision handed down – the (Hobby Lobby) case that caught the ECT’s attention because of how it was reported by the media.

The Case in short – 1st Amendment (Religious Freedom) vs. the legal requirements of Obamacare.

Obama Judges

This Case and the Decision was so poorly reported in the media – it needs to be covered in this weeks ECT so you can factually understand what the Supremes (5-4) ruled.

The Constitutional question:  Can a privately held company (Hobby Lobby) be compelled by the Government to (pay for) Contraceptives that are in conflict with their Religious beliefs?

The Supreme’s Answer:  No.  (5-4)

Now for the Interesting Part – the left-leaning media – completely and deliberately misinformed Americans!

What you need to know.  The Facts of their Ruling.

FACT:  There are a class of “contraceptives” (~4 different pills/choices) that are specifically designed to terminate a pregnancy immediately AFTER fertilization of any egg by a sperm.  The so called “day after” pill, among others.

FACT:  The Religious belief (protected by our 1st Amendment) held by the Plaintiff’s (Hobby Lobby) is that – “life begins at Fertilization/Conception” – and that any Contraceptive specifically designed to terminate that pregnancy/fertilization – amounts to (in their Religious Belief) an Abortion.

FACT:  The Court ruled (5-4) that Hobby Lobby (as an employer) cannot be compelled to pay for (under Obamacare) those specific (post-fertilization) contraceptives for their employees.

Got it?

FACT:  Pre-fertilization contraceptives are still paid for by Hobby Lobby (and the rest of employers) under Obamacare.  Other employers can now choose to pay for (or not) the Post-Fertilization contraceptives objected to by the Plaintiff (Hobby Lobby).

FACT:  There has been zero change in the access and commercial availability of all Contraceptives to women and men under this very limited ruling.  Fact is, Women desiring a Post-Fertilization contraceptive can still easily get them – they just have to pay for them, themselves…or (example) visit Planned Parenthood.

FACT:  The (5-4) Ruling was limited to “who can be compelled to pay for what” under Obamacare.

Now for how the left leaning Media (led by public statements from Hillary Clinton) reported this Supreme Court Ruling…

1 – As some sort of continuing “war on women”!

2 -  That women would no longer have access to contraceptives they could easily buy the week before!  Or under Obamacare – could possibly have someone else pay for.

The lying and disingenuous nature of the liberal media in the Country is alarming.  They simply have an agenda to promote – and lying publically and repeatedly to promote that liberal agenda is completely unacceptable – and the ECT will add – insulting to reasonable and intelligent women everywhere.

The ECT has our own agenda.  It’s called “telling the truth”.  And we do.

You can leave an (anonymous or otherwise) Comment in the left margin of this ECT report.

From the Street – Humor

Humor – how the ECT see things differently from the Fishwrap folks!

Case in Point…take for example Mr. Anthony Thornton photographer and employee of the Fishwrap…below is the description of this young fellow discovered in a recent issue of the Fishwrap.


ECT folks found Mr. Thornton out on assignment in Eagle, Colorado one evening in the not too distant past.

If you ask the ECT folks Anthony looks to us like the long lost brother of Willie (Duck Dynasty) Robertson.  When asked what he thought of the Fishwrap’s “pro-Pot” position on Cannabis retailers in our County – Anthony was rumored to have responded “…well – perhaps I should consider introducing my Fishwrap News Room peers to my friend Bruce Carey sitting just two chairs to my left.  Bruce you know is one of the top Criminal Defense lawyers in Eagle County today!

Anthony it seems – is not the type to blow a lot of smoke on the issue of Public Safety!


Here’s Looking at you, Kid!

by   the fans of Casablanca and VVF’s Hot Summer Nites!

Where you need to be?

Well… last Tuesday, June 17th – it was in Vail, Colorado at this season’s first – Hot Summer Nites!

Did you know that a Vice President that works for the Vail Valley Foundation – is an accomplished Nikon (preferred) photographer?  Indeed, a Vice President photographing an event at a newly remodeled Presidential Pavilion!  Drop the ECT a line if you think you can ID this – in focus Vice President!



A Bizarre Political Endorsement?

  by   Clayton Moore

ECT folks had to think about this Political Endorsement for a while before exposing the facts in this June 24th 2014 Eagle County Primary Election.  Therefore in the context of supporting and defending our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights in our U.S Constitution – the ECT has chosen to report and document this.

FACT and Background:  The ECT has reported that our current (incumbent) Sheriff Joe Hoy (R) – parted company with 84% of Colorado’s elected Sheriff’s and DID NOT support the Lawsuit these Colorado Sheriff’s supported – in defense of your 2nd Amendment Rights (Click Here).

Neither did the current (elected) Adams County Sheriff – Douglas N. Darr (D)   You can find Adams County Sheriff – Douglas Darr’s MISSING SIGNATURE and Sheriff Hoy’s MISSING SIGNATURE by (Clicking Here)

Letter below printed in last weeks (16-20Jun2014) Fishwrap


Now for the Bizarre facts about Douglas Darr’s conduct in a Federal District Court (Civil) Lawsuit filed against Darr (Circa 2011).  Darr was found Guilty by that Federal District Jury of violating a Political Rival’s 1st Amendment Rights…(Click Here)  When his Constitutional Rights were found violated (by Sheriff Darr) the Plaintiff in this case was running for Adams County Sheriff – against incumbent Sheriff Darr.

(Click Here) to read the Federal District Court verdict.

(Click Here) to read the original Federal Lawsuit (complaint) by Adam’s County Deputy Sheriff Mark Nicastle (R) – the Plaintiff in this lawsuit against Sheriff Darr (D).

As a result of this Jury Verdict – Colorado’s Ethics Watch – called for the immediate resignation of Adams County Sheriff Darr.

To Date:  The ECT folks don’t know why our Sheriff Joe Hoy would (seek out?) the Political Endorsement of another Sheriff found guilty of violating another individuals Constitutional Rights.  Fact is, when a Sheriff is sworn into office – he/she swears to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution. 

More Bizarre:  Today (June 2014)  Douglas Darr still serves as the Adams County Sheriff.  In spite of Darr’s sworn oath of office to defend and support our U.S. Constitution – Darr continues to serve after being found Guilty of violating the 1st and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution – notwithstanding his refusal to support the (May 2013) Colorado Lawsuit – defending your 2nd Amendment rights.

Q.)  Is the Denver Post reporting any of these documented facts – to inform the voters of Adam’s County?  Yes, this is rather Bizarre, Sheriff Hoy.



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