Colorado’s "Marijuana Sales Taxes" – the Big Lie!

by   Clayton Moore

There can be little doubt that Colorado’s Marijuana proponents sold voters (circa 2012 Colorado ballot – Amendment 64) on the idea that Colorado would collect immense Sales Tax revenue (millions) on the Sale of Marijuana – if Colorado voters would just agree to “vote to make it legal…”

The fact is…the truth is… NOTHING like the magnitude Pot proponents were alleging about Sales Taxes collected – has come to pass in Colorado, nor Eagle County in particular…now (2) years later.


Keep in mind these Eagle County “Pot Shops” run as a “Cash Business” because (under current Federal Law) a FDIC insured Bank – cannot legally give/issue these Pot businesses neither a Credit Card machine nor a legitimate Bank Account – for fear of loosing their banks FDIC Insurance – under current Federal Law.

Think things can’t get any worse about “Marijuana Taxes” in Colorado?

Wrong.  “Pro-Pot” Attorney Rob Corry has filed his Lawsuit in Denver District Court to “block Marijuana Taxes in Colorado” – claiming collection of those taxes on the sale of Marijuana in Colorado – violates the U.S. Constitution.  (Click Here) for the 9News story on that Lawsuit – (Click Here) to read a copy of that 37 page Lawsuit that was filed recently in Denver District Court.


Humor – OktoberFest in Lionshead – 2014

Ever Wonder…

How Vail Police Chief Dwight Henninger…might be “incentivizing”  his Vail Police Officers to work on a Sunday afternoon Patrolling the 2014 OktoberFest in Lionshead?


Well…here is some tasty evidence…the ECT folks discovered in Lionshead…that we now present for your Review and Inspection!!!  Granted, some of this ECT discovered evidence we found in Lionshead has…“a lot of holes in it”.



Labor Day Weekend – 2014

by  Jimmy Olsen Photography


High Stepping with Beaver Creek’s own – Helmut Fricker – and his OktoberFest Friends! – You won’t catch Helmut wearing his Sunglasses!

Go Ahead!  Just click on the photo to Enlarge it and see full screen!



A few more photos from Beaver Creek’s OktoberFest on Labor Day weekend 2014.  Also of note – one of the oldest Churches in Eagle County – St. Patrick’s just completed a recent re-model.  A smiling Fr. Jim Baird of St. Patrick’s Parish in Minturn is included too!


The Trouble with – Doris

by  Clayton Moore

So what’s the problem?

President and CEO (Ms. Doris Kirchner) of the Vail Valley Medical Center (read: the Vail Hospital) does an excellent job of telling you all about our communities Medical Center in Vail, Colorado.

All about – that is, unless you want to discuss the specifics of the #1 issue that effectsdoris-kirchner every patient that pays for his/her Health Insurance.

It’s the Cost of the Health Insurance, hence the cost of local medical care…that the Hospital charges all of us.

Ms. Kirchner’s column in the Fishwrap (last week – click here) goes into some detail about the Vail Hospital and their current plans to expand in Vail.

Somehow, Ms. Kirchner (forgot?) to mention that Eagle County (along with Pitkin County) have the HIGHEST Health Insurance costs in the United States (Click Here)

This fact due to – in a large part – that our Vail Hospital has no real “local competition” so they charge what they want for a “fee for medical service”.  Too often 2-3 times what the same medical care can cost in Denver or other metro areas.  CEO Kirchner was very short on any real specifics about why the Hospital charges so much more for Health Care services provided at our Hospital.

Make No Mistake:  The ECT folks have absolutely no issue with the hard working Medical Professionals that provide our Community with top flight Medical Care 7x24x365.  You folks are great.

Kirchner-on-CostsCEO Kirchner – every reasonable person knows that living in our Resort Area will always cost more to live here – the ECT’s point is – we all are NOT paying 2-3 times as much as Denver for essentials like gasoline and groceries, now are we?

It’s the Cost of that medical service that alarms us because – that Vail Hospital cost is reflected in what we all pay for our Health Insurance in Eagle County, Colorado.

The fact that the Hospital’s CEO is unwilling (to date) to discuss that (publically) as a real Community Issue alarms us as well.  Yes, Ms. Kirchner the ECT folks have read your Hospital’s Federal 990 Tax Return – that is Public Record – since the Hospital is run as a non-profit – (Click Here).  Fact is a handful of Hospital Administrators and (top Doctors) are making a very handsome living here – we believe, too often at the expense of those of us paying for our own Health Insurance (Click Here).

Obviously, the newspaper print advertising budget from the Hospital (et al) – into the pockets of the Daily Fishwrap folks – has (to date) made our Fishwrap folks (dead silent) about bringing this Financial/Insurance Cost issue to the Voters this fall.

For their part the Fishwrap folks seem (only interested in?) telling you about our Rep. Jared Polis’s (D)  efforts to restrict your access and use of Federal Land.  Polis you’ll recall, voted for “Obamacare” the root cause of our continuously rising Health Insurance costs.  Polis is running again to keep his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives this November 2014.  The ECT folks know how we’ll be voting.

To Date (31AUG2014) Not ONE QUESTION from the Fishwrap reporters to Jared Polis – about Heath Insurance costs in Eagle County today.

So there you have it ECT readers…the CEO of our Vail Valley Medical Center, along with Rep. Jared Polis – and the Fishwrap folks – are happily and obviously running a kind of  “political cover” for them – provided (it would seem) that they buy enough paid print advertising…

The ECT folks challenge the Fishwrap folks – to prove us wrong on that point!


August 2014 – Book Review – Beaver Creek (available now!)

by   the fans of – Laura Chiappetta Thompson


From the 19th Century through to today – this new (just published) history book from Laura Chiappetta Thompson – about Beaver Creek, Colorado has the most amazing collection photos about the history of Beaver Creek – the ECT has ever seen.


In the first few pages you’ll quickly learn why some of the streets in (what became) Beaver Creek and Avon – are named the way they are – with a history of the Holden’s, Metcalf’s and Nottingham families – some of the original homesteaders that arrived just after the Homestead Act of 1862 – became law.

The book has some photos of the original homestead cabins and moves quickly on to the present (circa 1980) when the real genesis of the Beaver Creek Resort began.  The Ski Resorts development, President Gerald Ford’s part, and an army of the folks active in the Ski Resort and Ski Racing industry at the time are covered in photographic detail.

If you are a history buff or not, a Beaver Creek homeowner or not – you’ll want to have this book in your home library collection.

You can order this book online (just click on the graphic above) or contact Ms. Kayla Brown at Arcadia Publishing directly.

Kayla Brown

Marketing Assistant

Arcadia Publishing

ph: +1 843.853.2070 x127

Local Political Candidates–Tentative Debates and Dates

by  the ‘open and transparent’ folks here at the ECT

The Mid-Term elections happen this Tuesday, November 4th 2014.  Along the way you’ll have a chance to meet and hear what some of our local Eagle County and State office candidates have to say in local debates.

All Candidate Debates are TENATIVELY scheduled for 6:00pm – in the Eagle County Building (in Eagle) the same place/big room where the County Commissioners meet.

NOTE:  The ECT folks have made each Candidates (name below) CLICKABLE so that interested folks can reach the Candidates election web site – or Facebook page for more Candidate information!

Tentative Scheduled Debate – 6:00PM – Thursday, September 11th 2014

Candidates for Colorado State Senate (District 5) and Colorado State House (District 26)

Colorado State Senate –  Kerry Donovan (D) vs. Don Suppes (R)

Colorado State House  –  Chuck McConnell (R) vs. Diane Mitsch Bush (D)

Tentative Scheduled Debate 6:00PM – Tuesday, September 16th 2014

Eagle County Commissioners (District 2 & 3) seats are up in November

Jeanne McQueeney (D) vs. Dick Mayne (R)                 (District 3)

Courtney Holm (R) vs. Kathy Chandler-Henry (D)   (District 2)

Eagle County Sheriff

Daric Harvey (D) vs. James Van Beek (R)

Eagle County Coroner

Sue Franciose (R) vs. Kara Bettis (D)

From the Street

Remarkable wasn’t it?

Just moments before the current Avon Town Council was to approve their November 2014 ‘ballot language’ asking Avon voters for a $18.4 Million dollar – TAX INCREASE –they stopped!

…The current Town Council did a 180 and decided NOT to put that question to the Avon voters!  Their Ballot language was in writing – only awaiting for the Council to approve that language for the November 2014 Ballot.  They killed it.

Yes, that Tuesday decision came ~24 hours after the ECT story broke (Monday same week) about that proposed Tax Increase (Click Here)

Now for the Scary part of the Avon Town Council.

Evidence?  OK – there’s this video…from the folks at Eagle County’s – TV Channel 5 (Comcast) the independent TV channel that TV/videos most of the Town Council meetings today.

Dateline:  Tuesday, August 26th 2014 – Avon Town Council Meeting (TV/video)


Go to their “Video Library” from that web link on their home page…

Town of Avon – Videos, August 26th 2014 Meeting.


In that video at ~ 13:50 minutes in – is the discussion about the COST of the Council’s (read: your Avon Taxpayer) obligation to pay for this Council’s “Music Pavilion” and “Main Street Project!  When asked by an Avon Resident “what the term (read: cost) to the Avon Taxpayer is…for this development – No One on the Council, KNEW!!!  Nor did they seem to be concerned about the future Tax obligation to the Avon Taxpayer.

Watch this Video – if you are an Avon Taxpayer.  (10) new Avon Town Council candidates have stepped up for the (4) seats available this November 2014.


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