Fishwrap Misleads their Readers – AGAIN!

  by    the Inventors of “Click Here” Journalism – that’s the ECT

The Fishwrap was “at it again” last week.

It is very annoying to the ECT folks – when Fishwrap “reporters” don’t show up for Public Meetings – then report on them anyway.

It’s no surprise to the ECT folks that their information is WRONG and MISLEADING.

Fishwrap Headline from last week (24-29AUG2015):  Avon Council says ‘no’ to GoPro Games event.”

The FACT IS:    It was the organized efforts of the Property Owners of Avon’s – WildRidge Neighborhood – that provoked that “no” vote by the Avon Town Council.  The ATC meeting was packed on Tuesday, August 25th 2015.  With (Many+1) WildRidge Homeowners who SPOKE OUT AGAINST having this (mega-mountain biking event) in their neighborhood.  That FACT was the reason Avon’s Council – voted – no thank you – to the Vail Valley Foundation’s event proposal.

The Interesting Part that wasn’t reported:  The Citizens of Avon “weren’t notified” by their Town Government and Staff until 5 days before the scheduled approval (by Town Council) of this proposed (65,000+ Audience) 4-day, Mountain Biking event!


ONLY FIVE DAYS NOTICE!!!  For a proposed June 2016 Avon Event – targeting 65,000+ visitors and competitors over 4 days!!!!

Where was this “notice” discovered by Avon Citizens?

Answer:  Buried on page 21 of the 485 page Avon Town Council “packet”!

(Click Here) to download the entire 485 page – ATC packet.

Obviously, Avon Citizens and WildRidge Homeowners called/emailed each other to notify themselves on what their current Town Council and Town Staff – would prefer to bury in the Council Packet – rather than formally notify citizens of this HUGE proposed – Vail Valley Foundation event – targeting the new Mountain Bike Trails in their WildRidge neighborhood!


Reasonable Question:  Can Avon’s Government and Town Staff, be trusted?

Consider:  Avon’s single biggest annual Event (by far) is their 4th of July Fireworks Show.  That’s essentially one evening of guest/visitor impact out of 365 days.  Recently Proposed by the Vail Valley Foundation – to the Town of Avon – a new 4-day guest/visitor impact hoping to attract 65,000+ visitors – AND NO FORMAL NOTICE was given to the Avon neighborhoods impacted by this 4-day event?

Does that seem fair and reasonable to you?

Recall:  It is the Town of Avon’s Government and ultimately their Town Council that was RESPONSIBLE for the $2+ Million dollar cost overrun for Avon’s new Music Stage.

One more thing:    The ECT folks were curious about this “Mike Imhof” who works for the Vail Valley Foundation.  So the ECT looked him up on the Vail Valley Foundations (Federal 990) Tax Return – being a 501 c (3)  – their Federal Tax Return is Public Record.  Mr. Imhof is paid $182,00.00/yr with a reported bonus of $23,827.00  (Click Here)  This according to the Foundations Reported 2012 Tax Return – the most recent Tax Return we could find.

For that kind of money the ECT believes Mr. Imhof could do a much better job of notifying affected Citizens of his (next big –4 day event?) for 2016…

The real question here is…why DIDN’T Mr. Imhof notify the affected members of our Community.


Spot This – from the National Weather Service

by  the fans of Mark Trail

NOAA / the National Weather Service is offering FREE – Storm Spotter Training – Wednesday, September 2nd 6-8PM in the Auditorium at the Eagle County Building – 500 Broadway, Eagle Colorado.  It’s the building our County Commissioners work in.


Time to get “off the sidelines” and into a contributing role for your Community.  NOAA/NWS Storm Spotter “activation” happens…however not too frequently in our Eagle County, Colorado.  For us in Eagle County, Colorado Activation mostly/usually means reporting unusually large snow levels during our winter storm months.  Exceptions can of course, happen.

You can get a bit more up to speed on this Storm Spotter program by (Clicking Here).   Did you know that the nice folks over at  provide a FREE (real-time) Internet Audio Stream of the National Weather Service Radio Forecast for our Eagle County?  (Click Here) to listen to our WZ2518 Radio Station broadcasting on (162.450Mhz) from Eagle, Colorado.  You can also stream that Weather Radio Audio to your SmartPhone.    Use the free “NOAA Radio” app…and listen to the “Eagle Weather Radio – Eagle, Colorado” audio stream chosen inside that App.


From the Street

The Town of Eagle – got it right last week (26AUG2015) – but just barely.

Eagle-OutsideTheir Town’s Board to Trustees – voted to hold their proposed Sales Tax Increase vote in April 2016, not in November 2015.

Here is why – that decision is the CORRECT ONE.

FACT:  Virtually Everyone’s Taxes are already going up in Eagle County – due to the work of the office of Eagle County’s Property Tax Assessor – Mark Chapin.

That Property Tax increase “will affect” Families and Businesses in the February to April 2016 time frame!

Here’s how it’s going to affect YOU!

FACT:  Per Colorado State Statute – our Property Tax Mill Levy’s are voted on and set in December.  Those new Mill Levy numbers are then provided to the Eagle County Treasure’s Office (Karen Sheaffer – elected Eagle County Treasurer).  Per Colorado State Statute – it’s the Treasurer’s office that U.S. Mails out your new Property Tax bill in January 2016.  Your Mortgage Company also gets a copy of your new (INCREASED) Property Tax Bill in January 2016 as well.

Now your Mortgage Company knows (by how much) to increase your Monthly Mortgage ESCROW ACCOUNT that is used to pay your Annual Property Taxes!

Expect to see your Monthly Home Mortgage GO UP in the first few months of 2016.

We won’t know (how much) till after the Mill Levy’s are set this December 2015.

THE BOTTOM LINE IN EAGLE:   If Eagle voters want to vote themselves a Sales Tax Increase (April 2016) – right after their families and businesses absorb a Property Tax Increase – than the ECT folks say…”that’s up to them”.

FLASH NEWS:   This just in to the ECT (PM, Sunday, 30AUG2015)  New Taxes?  Yup.  The Town of Breckenridge and Vail Resorts (agree?) on a new Breckenridge Tax Proposal??   (Click Here)


Vail, Colorado on a perfect Sunday in August 2015

by    the fans of a Perfect Sunday afternoon in our Central Colorado Rockies

It’s hard to imagine better weather for a Sunday afternoon stroll though the Farmers Market in Vail, Colorado.   Sunny, warm and with a little breeze.  Streets busy yet not too crowded.  Fresh food and Artists everywhere.


Tony Gulizia also added to the free event playing with his Jazz Trio for his audience and passersby enjoying the Sunny afternoon.

Vail’s Toxic? – New Grocery Bags

by   no fan of Robert Castellino

Say What?  Vail’s new Toxic Grocery Bags?  Being handed out to Vail Tourists, for FREE?  How is this even possible?

Recall:  Town of Vail (most Council members) voting to come between their Grocery Stores (Safeway & City Market) and their Grocery Stores – CUSTOMERS – that’s you and us!   Government knows best?

Their collective conclusion, for improving our Environment? – WELL THEN, Plastic Grocery Store Bags must be banned (via Municipal legislation) in the Town of Vail!

To be replaced by what, you ask?  The ECT will show you what the Town of Vail – “ECOAware-Taxpayers” are now FUNDING!

In addition to (now) banning plastic bags at the Vail Grocery Stores…the Town of Vail thought it would be a good idea to pay for brand new BAGS, to be distributed to the entire Vail Lodging Community – to assist Vail Tourists to bring their vacation groceries back to there vacation residence.  And so, Here it is.


Of Course Vail choose new Bags made in China..  Keep scrolling down…


And they also chose a new Grocery Bag…with the following WARNING…


No Doubt Vail Tourists arriving from their home state of California will be thrilled to put their Fruits, Vegetables and Produce into one of Vail’s new (genuine, imitation plastic?) “ECO-Bags”.  To learn more about California’s Environmental “Proposition 65” (enacted in 1986) (Click Here)

A Grocery Bag made in China?  Yes!  Q.)  For local Environmentalist – Mr. Robert Castellino – If the Bag was “responsibly made in China” – then why the (above) Cancer/Birth Defects Warning and about Proposition 65?


The ECT folks have no issue with folks who want behave responsibly and make intelligent decisions about enhancing or improving our Environment.  This does not include having local Government deciding (for us) where/when we can use plastic bags – at our Grocery Stores check out.

ECT takes issue when folks (Governments) start behaving, stupidly….particularly at the Taxpayers expense.  Another triumph of liberalism’s “group-think” over reason, clear thinking and awareness.  Just who chose these new Grocery Bags in Vail? 

Anybody know what kind of Grocery Bags are used in Aspen?   How about Vail’s “sister city” San Miguel del Allende, Mx. ??



Just (CLICK ON) image below to ENLARGE it.


Avon’s – Cart before their Horse

by  the fans of Limited Government

What does the Town of Avon and our Eagle River Fire Protection District have in Common?

Answer:  They want to raise your Property Taxes, even higher.  They want you to agree to an additional Property Tax Lien (levied) against your Property – to finance new long term debt (read: new Bonds) to pay for…


What the ECT has been told…A new (~$10 Million dollar) building is being proposed in Avon – just east of the new Medical Office Building under construction in Avon today.

ECT’s understanding…is that this proposed new Building will house both Avon Police Department –AND- a new ERFPD (Fire Station) big enough to house their big “hook and ladder truck” that is currently stored inside their facility in Cordillera.

Their plan to Finance it?   Ask Avon & ERFPD property owners in a special May 2016 election to agree to a new Tax Increase.

Q.)  What are the chances the Avon Taxpayer will agree to this New Tax Increase given this same Town Council has already saddled Avon Taxpayers with a $2+Million Dollar COST OVERUN on Avon’s new Music Stage?

Q.)  What are the chances the Avon Taxpayers will agree to this New Tax Increase given the Avon Voters – voted (January 2015) by an almost 2-1 margin to REJECT the ~3$Million Dollar purchase for a new Town Hall?

Q.)  What are the chances that Taxpayers in the rest of the Fire District (Cordillera, Edwards, Singletree, Bachelor Gulch, Arrowhead, Eagle Vail, Minturn, Red Cliff – will agree to pay for a new Fire Station in Avon?  Avon already has a Fire Station today – located downtown near Avon’s Westin and Wyndham Hotels.

Q.)  Does the figure “$10 Million Dollar facility” cost, include the Multi-Million dollar construction cost overruns – Avon’s Town Council is now FAMOUS FOR?

Time will tell.

From the Street

ECT Reader Questions – Edwards Round-A-Bouts

Name:  Ms. Tina  (Eagle County Resident)

Question for the ECT.  I have asked our County Commissioners to see when the Edwards round a bouts (Edwards Access Road) will be painted?  They said they would look into it.  That was a few months ago.  At this time, they have not received a new coat of paint for over two years.  Just last week, the lines were repainted on the Beard Creek road in lower Cordillera, as well as, Singletree.   Still… no paint for any the Edwards round a bouts.  This is becoming very dangerous since many people do not realize they are two lane round a bouts and swerve between the lanes. I often almost get hit going to work each day.
I thought maybe the ECT could bring additional light to this issue and maybe see if something can get done.

Answer from:   Andi Staley, Professional Engineer  CDOT/Region 3 – Traffic Operations

Sorry for the delayed response.  I wanted to have a better understanding of our CDOT plan for re-striping the roundabouts in Edwards before I responded.

Due to the length of our (CDOT) paint truck, we are unable to stripe the lines within the roundabout with our equipment and forces at the time that we stripe the adjacent sections of highway.  Since this is the case, we contract out each year for re-striping within the roundabouts.  We currently have a roundabout re-striping project underway but it unfortunately does not include the Edwards roundabouts.   The project had to prioritize areas due to limited funding and available construction days and some of the roundabouts included have not been re-striped for the past 6 years.  We will continue to contract for roundabout re-striping each year and the Edwards roundabouts should be included be on next year’s project.  We may not get to a point where we are able to re-stripe them each year, but hope to get them (and all of the other roundabouts) on a more regular re-striping schedule.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns or if I’ve misunderstood Ms. Tina’s concern.

Thank you

ECT Comment:  Thank you Ms. Sharee Wettstein (Administrative Manager – Board of County Commissioners) for your help in getting this answer from CDOT.


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