From the Street

The North Side – of the West Side of Vail – is getting their own new Coffee Shop!

Thanks to the efforts of Jim Pavelich and his incredibly successful “North Side Coffee and Kitchen” in Avon.  (Click Here)   Jim’s new location in West Vail – is just a few steps west of the 1st Bank building in West Vail. 


Jim plans to have his new Coffee Shop online and operational just before Thanksgiving 2014!


From the Eagle County – Clerk and Recorders Office

Your November 2014 Election Ballot will be in the U.S. Mail to you – starting Wednesday, October 15th 2014.

REMEMBER!  The election is a “mail in election only”.  Yes, you can drop off (or U.S. mail) your completed Ballot (don’t forget to sign it!!) at any of the Eagle County Offices (Avon, Eagle, El Jebel) on or before election day HOWEVER there will be NO traditional “polling place with election judges” on election day – Tuesday, November 4thKara-Bettis 2013.  If you haven’t received YOUR BALLOT by Monday, October 20th 2014 – you might want to contact the Eagle County Clerks office at – W  970.328.8728

Don’t forget – Sign your Ballot, drop it off at the County office on or before election day – and save yourself the Postage!

From the Street?  No “on the street” Eagle County Coroner Candidate Kara Bettis discovered campaigning up valley this past weekend.  Kara’s opponent (Sue Franciose) is the pretty ‘blue-eyed’ brunette candidate – and thanks to the ECT you all can watch (the video of) these two ladies in their recent debate.  (Click Here)

ECT’s question this week!   OK – just what does a County Coroner candidate wear – for her Halloween Costume?  Ladies, send the ECT a photo of your Halloween Costume – and the ECT will publish it!

Colorado’s Senate – Election 2014?

The Real-Story about Kerry Donovan vs. Don Suppes – is that Colorado’s Senate is within (1 or 2 votes – actually one or two election Races) from changing control from the Democrat’s  majority of today – to possibly Republican control after the November 4th 2014 election.

The Reason – this is a “big deal” is that when (1) party is in the Majority – ALL the Chairmanships, of all the Colorado Senate Committees (and sub-committees) are headed by that majority Party.  Bottom Line – that Party then “controls the legislative agenda” until the next election, when that election process begins again.

THAT’S WHY – you see all this (527  $$$) coming into our this Senate District 5 race – that Eagle County (and your vote) is a part of!


 Minturn, Colorado – In the News

Willie-PowellECT guesses he got Bored.

After Retiring as the Town of Eagle’s – Town Manager for over (2) decades – Willie Powell is “back on the Job” hired and working now as Minturn’s “interim Town Manger” since June 2014.  Willie can be reached at W 970.827.5645 or at –   manager-at—

Willie – is overseeing the Town of Minturn’s new – Minturn Fitness Center (Click Here) or call the new Fitness Center at 970.790.5090.  It’s located at the South end of Town in Maloit Park.  Plenty of Free Parking.




Where’s Ansel?

by  the fans of Ansel Adams

While it’s true that Ansel Adams may have seen our favorite photo for this week as (Click Here) – we prefer our version below.  Just CLICK ON the photo of Mt. Jackson from Thursday, October 2nd 2014 to enlarge it!


ECT would like to thank our friend and ECT reader (Marvin Franklin – recently retired) for demonstrating his Photoshop skills – with our original digital photo.  He removed our DATE (what would Ansel have to say to that?) on the original photo and provided some interesting enhancements as well.  This ECT photo was taken with the sun just about on the western horizon – and a small slit in the clouds produced this (fiery?) effect on the already wet Aspen leaves.  The top of the Arrowhead Ski area (left) was still in the cloudy shadows of that evenings sunset.  You can also see (click on it to enlarge it) snow being blown off the top of Mt. Jackson in the distance.

The lighting for this shot lasted barely 90 seconds.  You had to be there.



After All – They’re just the FISHWRAP!

by   Clayton Moore

Rogers-Really-DumbWhy not just tell the voters – the TRUTH – and let them figure it out?

Well…if you’re the Fishwrap – that’s usually out of the question.

Here at the ECT – we tell the truth every day.  Let’s begin.

Below is the Political Ad (from Wednesday last week) that the Fishwrap claims was “run by the Fishwrap – by mistake”.  (Click Here)



As of Friday, October 3rd – the YouTube web page – made by the Democrats – show only 104 web page views of the alleged controversial debate/video.  So what, Kaye Ferry and Jane Lowery?

The ECT’s take?  OK – ECT folks listened to the entire SD5 candidate debate/video held in the Eagle County building, in Eagle.

1 – As usual both debate moderators questions to the candidates – were WEAK.  Again, not one question about our (SD5) HEALTH CARE INSURANCE COSTS – which are the highest in the United States.

2 – To the ECT…the democrat candidate…seemed especially well coached and prepared (very polished) not to answer direct questions.  Deflection was used.  Example:  “I think what’s important is to have a discussion about…” – then just not answer the question.

3 –  The Republican was not quite as polished in his answers.  Not as practiced, as if this might be the first time – he’d heard the questions.

4 –  Over all their debate video was pretty bland…no real (fireworks?) displayed by either candidate.

Let the ECT know – what you think…Here at the ECT you can watch the video WITHOUT having to answer (read: click on) any STUPID questions that the Fishwrap requires you to answer – before viewing the public record video.


Hilarious! – EC Dems

by   Eagle County’s Grammar Police

Topic:  Last Friday’s letter to the Editor from EC Dem Chairwoman – Jane Lowery.

What exactly is the Chairwoman of the Eagle County Democrats – talking about?

Say What?   “…these debates is not unavailable online…”  HUH?

Good Grief.  Even the Fishwrap folks were able to produce a web page link – to the debate video in question, Ms. Lowery.  The ECT also has a direct link to that YouTube video as well.

Ms. Lowery is just -Too Funny! 


Apparently – the (copy editors?) at the Fishwrap – were (not in the mood?) to help out Ms. Lowery’s letter to their editor…

Ms. Lowery’s obvious experiment – mixing a (double entendre?) with a double negative takes local Political Speech to a whole new level.

A reasonable person – would have difficulty disagreeing with Ms. Lowery’s statement – on the grounds that no one can tell for sure…exactly what Ms. Lowery is talking about!

In any event the ECT folks look forward to Ms. Lowery’s next “letter to the editor” – after all, who knows what fascinating new political points might be made next time!

Sheesh!  Once again – Here’s the debate video Ms. Lowery is regrettably confused about.

McQueeney’s Mischief???

by  Clayton Moore

Ms. Jeanne McQueeney – is the current President (elected) of your Eagle County Public School Board.  (Click Here)  Ms. McQueeney is also running today, to be your next Eagle County Commissioner – against her opponent Dick Mayne.  The Commissioner seat they’re running for (Nov. 2014) is being vacated by (term limited) Commissioner Sara Fisher…

Mc-Queeney-GlassUnder the direct support of (McQueeny’s employee/direct report) Dr. Jason Glass, the current Eagle County Public School Superintendent…is 100% endorsing a “Commissioner Candidate Debate – on your Public School Property. (Photo – McQueeney-Glass)


More Mischief?   Anyone who has spoken to Ms. McQueeney on her campaign trail knows Jeanne is fond of telling Eagle County (voters & taxpayers) that the current EC School District Budget (she manages) is much bigger than the annual Eagle County Budget (she has to get elected, to manage).

The Political/Ethical Issue?  To date (5OCT2014) Ms. McQueeney has NOT publically announced her (plan?) to resign as your elected School Board President – should she be elected – your next County Commissioner…

Why Not, Ms. McQueeney?

Even More Mischief, Ms. McQueeney?

Ms. McQueeney’s – current company (non-profit – Early Childhood Partners) depends on funding from Eagle County.

FACT:  On November 7th, 2006 – Eagle County voters, voted “NO” to then (Arn Menconi’s) ballot question to have EC Taxpayers fund pre-school “kiddie-care” some called it taxpayer funded “day-care”.

The County Voters said “NO” that November 2006.  58% to 42%


FACT:  Today in Eagle County – the company Ms. McQueeny runs (Early Childhood Partners) receives $104,464.00 from Eagle County – for the service of providing “early childhood experiences” for pre-School children in Eagle County.  (Screen shot below from Eagle County’s “OpenBook” – online check register)


For the Record:  the ECT has “no issue” with any private sector company (fundraising money) for the purpose of providing services to pre-school children.

Early-Childhood-PartnersHOWEVER:  When public money is used (especially after the voters said “NO”) – we have a real problem with our current County Commissioners – budgeting annually to do exactly that!

What might happen to that (Early Childhood Partners) annual County Budget – should Ms. McQueeney – get elected?

Are Eagle County voters, comfortable with (any one person) controlling and managing the (2) largest Budgets in Eagle County?  Our School Board – and Eagle County’s Budget?

ECT Readers – it is important that Eagle County Taxpayers and Voters have complete and factual information – before they vote.  Please share (via email) this weeks issue of the ECT with other voters – you believe will be interested!

Avon – Town of Taxes and Turmoil

by  Clayton Moore

Avon?  Let’s examine what Avon’s (mayor pro tem) Jennie Fancher has to say about the current state of affairs in Avon.  To read Ms. Fancher’s recent and complete ‘letter to the editor’ (Click Here)

We don’t believe Ms. Fancher.  We disagree with her analysis of Avon today.

Consider these documented/photographed FACTS – Ms. Fancher failed to mention about Avon today.

FACT:  Despite the best efforts of Hoffmann Commercial Real Estate (and others) there is still an abundance of Commercial Real Estate for Sale or Lease in Avon.  (See photos)

- Avon’s Office Depot:  it’s been vacated and empty for the better part of a year.

- Avon’s Red Mountain Grill restaurant (Chapel Square) gone and vacated.  Their space is empty.

- Avon’s US Bank building (Benchmark road) mostly empty.

- Empty Commercial Space Next to Columbine Bakery/Restaurant – across the street from Avon’s City Market.

- Avon’s “Boat Building” plenty of Office Space Available.

- Traer Creek’s (Traer Creek Plaza Building) west of the Wal~Mart – plenty of ground floor Retail Space available.

- Empty: formerly known as Geno’s Sub Shop – located next to Bob’s Place in Avon – it’s been empty for months!


What does Jennie Fancher – want you to believe?  Notwithstanding the ~$2 Million dollar (Avon music pavilion) cost overrun – that has happened while Ms. Fancher is sitting on Avon’s Town Council…


FACT:  This so called Avon “skier building” has never been occupied for ~11 years!  It was built and is currently owned by a company called “Starwood

Ms. Fancher:  “…able to pay for it with current revenues.”

ECT:  This not true.  If Avon could pay for this skier building with “current revenues” – Jennie and the rest of the Avon Town Council – would not need the “Certificates of Participation” to FINANCE millions (over 2 decades) for this purchase!

Fancher…on the topic of the current Avon Town Hall/Municipal Building.


FACT:  At the last Avon Town Council (public meeting) Avon Town Manager Virginia Egger – announced publicly that the “needs analysis” for a new Avon Town Hall – was done by the Town of Avon – Staff.  The same folks who plan to occupy – that building.  Apparently, Ms. Fancher in unfamiliar with the story about “the Fox Guarding the Hen House”.  Where was/is Avon Town Staff – during the $2 Million dollar Music Pavilion cost overrun?

Fancher…on the topic of the recently ended lawsuit with Avon developer Traer Creek.


Avon-Walmart-Tax-9jul2014FACT:  Ms. Fancher fails to mention that lawyers on both sides of this (years old) litigation – agreed to RAISE the Sales Tax (they called it a “fee” in the settlement agreement – to sidestep TABOR) – so now any purchases you make at Avon’s Wal~Mart or Home Depot – you pay – 9.549% in Sales Tax!  (Click Here)  Ms. Fancher’s Council spent (over the years) ~$3Million dollars in legal fees on that litigation.  To date, Ms. Fancher and Avon’s Mayor has yet to release their report to Avon’s Taxpayers – on exactly (what benefits) Avon’s Taxpayers got from that $3 Million dollar expensive settlement agreement.  Well, Ms. Fancher?  Ms. Fancher’s letter also insists “Sales Tax Collections are up”.  Well, of course, her Town Council agreed to raise the Sales Tax Rate – at the Wal~Mart and Home Depot – that combined generate more Sales Tax in Avon – than any other retail entity!



Creating a Buzz? At the District Courthouse, Ms. Fancher?   Ms. Fancher – (somehow?) neglected to mention the current Lawsuit between Hoffmann Commercial Real Estate and (Avon Town Council candidate Thomas M. Beaver) owner of Montana’s Restaurant in Avon.  Also be sure to ask Ms. Fancher about Avon’s Planning and Zoning Commission – and the Commissions ongoing “conformance” issues with Hoffman Commercial Real Estate – and in particular the “shutters” and “cut down Aspen trees” – over at Avon’s Chapel Square.

One more thing Ms. Fancher…


At the last  public Avon Town Council meeting – every single Avon Citizen who spoke (the ECT was there) spoke out AGAINST – your plan to Finance Millions in additional Long Term debt – using the proposed “Certificates of Participation”.  After the Mayor “closed the public hearing” YOU summarily ignored what you were told by the citizens who spoke – and voted to move ahead with Millions in CoP financing!!!!

FACT:  The only person who spoke in favor of the CoP’s at that meeting – was the person who doesn’t currently own any property in Avon!

The ECT continues to insist that Avon will be best served by electing (4) new Avon Councilmembers – to form a new majority on Town Council – dedicated to listening and representing the Citizens of Avon.

Irish 4-0 So Far This Season

The Fingers tell their story

The Fighting Irish are (4-0) so far this College Football season.

You don’t have to be an alumni of the South Bend campus – to know the ECT has your BACK on all things of importance to Eagle County Taxpayers!  From their Irish campus Golden Dome in South Bend – to our Yellow-Gold Aspens in the Central Colorado Rockies – it isn’t just the Irish – that are willing to Fight – the ECT folks are fighting today – in the defense of all County Taxpayers.



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