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ECT Reader Questions – Edwards Round-A-Bouts

Name:  Ms. Tina  (Eagle County Resident)

Question for the ECT.  I have asked our County Commissioners to see when the Edwards round a bouts (Edwards Access Road) will be painted?  They said they would look into it.  That was a few months ago.  At this time, they have not received a new coat of paint for over two years.  Just last week, the lines were repainted on the Beard Creek road in lower Cordillera, as well as, Singletree.   Still… no paint for any the Edwards round a bouts.  This is becoming very dangerous since many people do not realize they are two lane round a bouts and swerve between the lanes. I often almost get hit going to work each day.
I thought maybe the ECT could bring additional light to this issue and maybe see if something can get done.

Answer from:   Andi Staley, Professional Engineer  CDOT/Region 3 – Traffic Operations

Sorry for the delayed response.  I wanted to have a better understanding of our CDOT plan for re-striping the roundabouts in Edwards before I responded.

Due to the length of our (CDOT) paint truck, we are unable to stripe the lines within the roundabout with our equipment and forces at the time that we stripe the adjacent sections of highway.  Since this is the case, we contract out each year for re-striping within the roundabouts.  We currently have a roundabout re-striping project underway but it unfortunately does not include the Edwards roundabouts.   The project had to prioritize areas due to limited funding and available construction days and some of the roundabouts included have not been re-striped for the past 6 years.  We will continue to contract for roundabout re-striping each year and the Edwards roundabouts should be included be on next year’s project.  We may not get to a point where we are able to re-stripe them each year, but hope to get them (and all of the other roundabouts) on a more regular re-striping schedule.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns or if I’ve misunderstood Ms. Tina’s concern.

Thank you

ECT Comment:  Thank you Ms. Sharee Wettstein (Administrative Manager – Board of County Commissioners) for your help in getting this answer from CDOT.

Lest you Think…

by  fans of a full moon!

Lest you think… the ECT folks are only active with their cameras during the day…

Here is a shot of last weeks Moon Rise in the Eastern sky.  If you look closely you can see the Clouds have seemingly distorted the circumference of our Moon’s disk.  A very strange effect as the Clouds moved slowly past the Moon last Thursday evening.


Attractive Nuisance – The next Lawsuit against the Town of Avon?

by  Clayton Moore and Bass Reeves

Town of Avon – Gets Sued Again?  Is it inevitable that a small child will have to be hurt, first?  Due to the Town of Avon’s months long (Negligence?) – ignoring the Safety of Small Children?  See photos below.

The Legal Term is called “Attractive Nuisance Doctrine”


Enter – the Town of Avon’s new Music Stage by the lake in Avon.  (Click Here)  You’ll recall – that’s the Stage in the Town of Avon that was built with the $2+ Million Dollar Cost overrun…It’s located right in the middle of Avon, right next to the big Soccer Field that Small Children constantly play in during the summer months.

Everyone knows…small children will “climb over any/everything they can find” – AND CAN EASILY ACCESS!

Could a small child be hurt falling ~5 Feet on to a stone walk way, from the Center Stage of Avon’s outdoor Music Stage?  Yes.  There are no guard rails anywhere on the Stage today (2AUG2015)

Just how difficult has the Town of Avon – made accessing this Stage – for small children playing in Avon’s Nottingham Park?  (see photos below)


Well…Avon has installed a “special ramp” – WITH NO ACCESS GATE.  So small children (even riding their bicycles) could quickly and easily access the Main Music Stage – shown in the top Photo.


The back of the Avon Stage…(on the lake side of the stage – below) Access is again very easy for a small child running up a few stairs to the top of the Stage.  Then what?

Does the current Avon Town Council or their Town Manager – reasonably believe that their English sign above – is an effective (safety deterrent?) for any 3 year old – running up their Stage Ramp – that has no Safety Gate?  What happens if several small children decide it’s lots of fun to run and ride their Bikes on that Stage – with incredibly easy access?  Some kind of new (Class-Action??) Lawsuit then filed against the Town of Avon?

The Avon Town Council insisted the “stage was completed in time for the 2015 Ski races in February 2015.  It’s now 6 months later..and nothing has been done to improve Public Safety.  Particularly in the context of small Children.  WHY NOT?


Public Safety – The ECT folks don’t want to see any small child hurt.  The ECT does not want to see (another) lawsuit against the Town.  Hence our story here.

The ECT folks have made sure that Avon’s Insurance Carrier in aware of this report on Public Safety in Avon.  Don’t get the ECT started on the July 4th Fireworks in Avon…

Windows 10? Yawn…

by  fans of the GUI

The Microsoft Corporation released their latest desktop operating system (Windows 10) last week.

The ECT’s reaction after using it for some time?  Yawn…

The Good News – It’s a lot better than the Windows 8 Desktop disaster Microsoft tried (unsuccessfully) to force users to adopt…

Windows 10 new graphical interface is most like Window v8.1 – so if you’re using Windows v8.1 today, it’s a (FREE) easy upgrade to download from the Internet.  Not much time needed to get use to the newer interface.

If you’re an experienced Windows 7 User…you can get a (FREE) upgrade too, however expect a steeper learning curve than your friends already using Windows v8.1   Just (Click-On) the graphic below.


Windows 7 Users….(what they wont tell you) is that Windows 10 brings back the Windows “start button” HOWEVER…it’s “backwards”.  This will drive Windows 7 Users crazy till you get use to it….Left Click, Right Click – Your Start Button?  They’re reversed in Windows 10…You can still claim your good old desktop back, with the icons you’re familiar with..but watch out for that new (blocky interface) – pressing your keyboards ESC key will usually bring you safely back to your desktop.

Students headed to College…ECT recommends you send them off with Windows 10.  Teenage students should not have any trouble adapting to the new User Interface.

Something Cool and New for Windows 10?  It’s called “Satechi Bluetooth Cortana Button.  $23.00…but it’s not quite shipping yet.

This Bluetooth connected “button” can stick to your Monitor and it allows you to TALK/Issue Voice Commands to your Windows 10 computer.  (Click On) graphic to learn more.


Folks using iPhones have used Apple’s Siri (voice command) for some time.  This similar Bluetooth voice technology will be available soon for Windows 10 – at a very affordable price.

Bottom Line on Windows 10:  If you’re a user that likes using the “latest and greatest” then upgrade.  If you’re a comfortable (happy?) Windows 7 user…the ECT does not believe there is an overwhelming/compelling reason to upgrade – from the User Interface perspective.  If you’re sending students off to college…it’s probably best to send them there with a Windows 10 laptop.

Holy Cross Electric – Meter Readers – An Endangered Profession

by  the fans of full Employment

Holy Cross Electric’s new technology they’re deploying in Eagle County (and else where) is eliminating some jobs….

The new Electric Meters they’re deploying now have two-way Radios in them that transmits (Usage data) back to a central collection point at Holy Cross.  Holy Cross can also use this new technology to “turn off” your homes electricity…as HCE sees fit…


Holy Cross’s product information claims that ~55,000 new Electric Meters are targeted to be installed.  The new meters “stick out further” than your original electric meter – so you may have to “enlarge your meters hole” if your current meter is inside an esthetic (wood?) enclosure at your home…

What the ECT doesn’t know…what is Holy Cross going to do with ~55,000 old electric meters?  -and-  How many Meter Reader Jobs are being eliminated?  Can/will these folks find other jobs at Holy Cross?  Doubtful their skill set includes the ability to trouble-shoot a 902-928Mhz fully Meshed Radio system – that utilizes a complete Peer to Peer architecture…

As you can see from the telephone pole photo (below) taken in West Vail this past weekend – the deployment of the associated Gridstream RF (neighborhood) Routers (that your new electric meter – reports your usage data to) has already started.


Your Electric Usage data your new Meter transmits – is digital data and is sent as very short “bursts of digital data” each hour.  Your meter doesn’t transmit continuously.

ECHO – (Eagle County Ham Operators) will notice that Holy Cross is Transmitting in the same Frequency Band (33 cm) – that has already been assigned to FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operators.  Yeah, the same band – 902 to 928Mhz.

The ECT can envision some interesting neighborhood Amateur Radio projects in the months ahead.  At 902Mhz the antennas needed are just not very big.  A 33cm Antenna length – should work quite nicely.

Healthcare? Cost Cutting – Eagle County Commissioners

by  Clayton Moore and Bass Reeves

Who is moving into Avon/Eagle County, Colorado to help lower the costs of Medical Services, Medical Imaging Costs and (ultimately) the cost of all our Health Insurance?

Enter…CENTURA HEALTH…as Eagle County’s newest Healthcare provider!

Your (3) Eagle County Commissioners (L-R Commissioner Jill Ryan BoCC Chairman Kathy Chandler-Henry, Commissioner Jeanne McQueeney) know – because they recently met (22JUL2015) with Mark Hallman – (Director of Centura Health Employer Solutions) to discuss the new 48,000 sq/ft Medical Office Building currently being built by the Nexcore Group for their Avon – anchor tenant – Centura Health.


That Commissioners meeting last week was organized and set up by the grassroots/citizens of Avon’s “Team Referendum”.  Also in attendance was Mr. Joe Justice, Eagle County 2nd home owner and Dallas (Medical) businessman.  That’s Mark Hallman on the left, Mr. Justice in the back.

Points Covered at the meeting:  Centura Health gave our Commissioners new, proposal/documented Healthcare Services fees (read: prices) that are much closer to what the Front Range businesses and citizens pay in Denver.  Including Medical Imaging.

Financial Discussions have started between Eagle County and Centura Health.  Centura Health – also met with the Town of Vail – Government (Vail’s HR Director – Ms. Krista Miller) that same morning.  The Town of Vail – also interested in lowering their Health Insurance costs too.

How did this Meeting with our Commissioners – effect “ME”?

Our County Commissioners – completely understand:  That while Eagle County families and businesses, have to pay for their individual Health Insurance – the Taxes paid by these same folks – to the County Government – is what pays for the County’s Health Insurance for County Employees.  In a real-sense – County Taxpayers “pay twice” for Health Insurance costs…which is why this meeting is so important and needed.

The Commissioners also acknowledged the desperate need for more Medical Services competition here in Eagle County.  Amen.

In the weeks and months ahead – Centura Health will be signing up more individuals and business to their Healthcare Services Plan – and their new Avon facility will be 100% online and available next (June 2016) – it’s currently under construction.

Check out this “Flyover Video” of the new ~50,000 sq/ft Medical Office Facility in Avon, Colorado

Construction Underway – Centura Health’s new Medical Office Building – July 26th 2015



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