Doris’s Day in Avon

by    the Fans of Free (and Genuine) Market Capitalism

Yes, it was Doris’s Day in Avon last week.

Vail Valley Medical Center’s CEO Doris Kirchner – was in the Town of Avon (Christy Lodge for a public Lunch and presentation last Tuesday) – to talk about what our Vail Hospital has planned for some expansion in Eagle County.  Can you tell “who is who”, below?  Turns out the majority of indiviuals listenting to Doris’s public Lunch presentation – are on Medicare!  No doubt, that crowd would have no trouble ID-ing “who is who” in the photo below!  There was also plenty of VVMC staff members at the Lunch Presentation too.


Underrepresented?  Folks not able to attend?  Those would be – the local folks working during the week to pay for their own Health Insurance and their Businesses Health Insurance too!  Recall, we all pay the highest Health Insurance costs in the U.S. – (Click Here)

What the ECT learned last Tuesday listening to Doris…

1.)   Ms. Doris’s pitch centered on the amount and quaility of Healthcare Services that the Vail Hospital (read: Vail Valley Medical Center) provides to our Community.  ECT agrees with Ms. Doris – our local Healthcare Professionals that provide Heathcare do a very good job – every day.  Our Comminites access to excellent Medical Services – is not in question.

2.)   When Doris’s pitch changes to the topic of “cost” (Read:  the Highest Health Insurance cost in our Nation)….Doris’s Day presentation sounded more like “Marie Antoinette” expresses her concern for our Communites Medical Care costs.  (Side Note:  ECT did not notice Cake being served on the Lunch menu)

3.)  FACT:  VVMC CEO – Ms. Doris cannot take all the credit for transforming Eagle County into the Highest Health Insurace area in the U.S. – without the “full throated” support of her Vail Valley Medical Center – Board.  No question, Ms. Antoinette has plenty of friends on the VVMC Board.

4.)  Q&A time after Lunch…When Ms. Doris was shown (and everyone else at the Lunch meeting) her (VVMC) Federal 990 Tax Return – proving that the VVMC has (2012 Tax Return) $164+ Million Dollas in Cash and Equivalents – (Click Here) Doris showed no (Remorse to our Community) and no Resonable Explaintion how any (501© 3 – Non Profit) could acquire that kind of Wealth – without grossly OVER CHARGING  – the Medical Centers Patients, Family and Friends – in our Community.  Imagine that.  One wonders what our friends at the IRS might have to say about VVMC’s (continuing) “non-profit” status.  One also wonders why VVMC’s former (CFO – Chief Financial Officier – Charles Crevling) recently resigned…

The Good News looking Ahead?

The Vail Hospital is going to have more (Medical Services) competition in the months and years ahead.

Centura Health is building a new ~50,000 sq/ft Medical Office Building in Avon.  Opening scheduled for ~June 2016.  Dr. Brooks Bock and his team of Physicans from Colorado Mountain Medical – will be moving from their current Edwards office this June as well.  It also means CMM will no longer PAY RENT to VVMC – since VVMC owns the space in Edwards that CMM is currently renting.  Centura is also planning a full Emergency Room (7x24x365) in Avon starting in June.

Centura Health is a direct competitor to Kaiser Permanente on the Front Range.  CH also owns St. Anthony’s Hospital in Frisco.  KP has since opened a very small office in Edwards this January 2016 – and KP has also announced a “medical services agreement” with Valley View Hospital in Glenwood.

Interestingly Ms. Doris – admitted at Lunch last week – that the Vail Hospital “was talking to Kaiser Permanente as well”.  Ms. Doris did not elaborate any further than that.

The Hope is…

That with this additional competition is it hoped that VVMC (Hospital Monopoly) will be a “thing of the past” by this time next Year – and all of us will have more affordable Heath Insurance Rates in the years to come.  We’ll see.


Eagle – Anybody Else in?

by   the fans of People – willing to clean up “Messes”

Dateline:  Week of January 18th 2016.  Long time Eagle, Colorado Resident Donna Spinelli announced she is running (April 2016) for a seat on the Eagle Town Board.   You know the current Town Board that believes “Ethics” is some sort of silly suggestion…Donna is currently working on Eagle’s – Planning and Zoning Board.

ECT wishes Ms. Donna good luck this Spring – and others like Donna – willing to jump in and clean up some real Political Messes in her town!

From Donna’s Facebook Page….


If you know of any other Eagle Candidates that have Jumped into the Race – let the ECT know.

Profitable Powder

by    the fans of our local Powder Skiing Days

There is little doubt from some – that the High Cost of Living – Living here in Eagle County, Colorado is offset by a few good runs on an epic Powder Day on the back side of Vail.  The ECT prefers ours – on a day less crowded.  One wonders if last Monday would still be a Federal Holiday if James Earl Ray spent more time improving his Skiing and a lot less time with his Marksmanship…


Avon’s Council – Misleading Avon Taxpayers AGAIN!

by  Clayton Moore

Avon’s Town Council and Avon’s Town Staff are Misleading Avon Taxpayers again.

Avon Colorado – May 2016 (Special New Tax Election)

Avon’s Council and Town Staff want Avon Voters to Vote themselves Millions in more Long Term Avon Debt – by supporting their May 2016 Ballot Issue – that will allow Avon to issue Millions of Dollars (read: Additional Long Term Debt) to be paid for by Avon existing confiscatory (and never ending) 2% Real Estate Transfer Tax.  It’s for a new proposed Avon Police Station – see drawing below.

How their proposed Scheme works?  (Circa 1998) Avon Voters approved Millions in Long Term Debt to pay for all of Avon’s Round-a-bouts on Avon Road.  That Debt is about to be paid off (2016-2017)!  So by rights the Avon Council should be talking about REDUCING THEIR 2% Real Estate Transfer Tax – but instead are proposing millions more in New Additional Long Term Debt – to be paid for by the “never ending” 2% Real Estate Transfer Tax!!!

How is the Avon Council “selling Millions more of new, long term Debt” to Avon voters?

Avon’s Recent Press Release:  While no increase in existing taxes or new tax sources will be needed by Avon for the COPs, Council has directed the Avon Town Attorney, Eric Heil, to prepare a May 3rd ballot question seeking voter approval for the issuance of COPs.”

FACT:  There was no Expectation at the time Avon Voters voted to approve (circa 1998) the Round-a-Bouts – that this Long Term Debt would continue into perpetuity!  There was nothing in the original Ballot Language that suggested this Taxation will last forever!


By all Rights:  The Avon Town Council should be talking about reducing Avon’s (2%) Real Estate Transfer Tax – so that Avon Property Owners Property can be more competitive with Property in the surrounding neighborhoods near Avon.  No surrounding Neighborhoods have as high a RETT Tax 2% as Avon’s (except Beaver Creek).  Did any of these current Avon Council members run their election campaigns insisting” “vote for me and I promise to never lower your 2% RETT Tax”?

One more FACT Avon Taxpayers – Your Eagle River Fire Protection District (of which Avon is a member) also wants to Raise Your Taxes in their own/seperate (May 2016) Special Tax Election.  The ERFPD wants you to agree to new Taxes to pay for a new Multi-Million Dollar Fire Station in Avon – to be physically attached to the proposed new Avon Police Station.  Their proposed New Tax would also pay for a “face lift” to their existing Edwards Fire Station – they insist is in need of a remodel.

Question:  Is your personal income (or business income?) going up fast enough to support all these new Taxes?  How much did your Health Insurance costs go up this year?  An Architects design (below) for the proposed Joint Fire-Police Station in Avon…you can see Avon’s new (~50,000 sq/ft) Medical Office Building (now under construction) shown to the left of the red/blue buildings.


2016–Eagle County Tech Year Moving Forward

by  Clayton Moore

Others won’t tell you.  Mostly because they just don’t know.

So the ECT will tell you.

Eagle County Tech Year 2016 – New Happenings

Interestingly most of the Tech items worth noting arrived in the last (2) months of this Year – 2015

Location:  East end of Eagle County – where Comcast Internet Service is available.

Do you use their Internet service for your Business?  Process Credit Cards, EMail, or perhaps host your companies business web site?

Well…what is of interest is your Comcast Internet Connection now has REDUNDANCY that you did not have, earlier in 2015.  The original Fiber Optic run from Comcast’s Head-End in Avon ran down I-70 Eastbound.  It was cut several times last summer by CDOT Contractors working I-70 construction in Idaho Springs…

Now Comcast has an additional Fiber Optic run I-70 west bound (from Avon) that connects to the existing fiber along the Rail Road tracks in Dotsero.  That other Fiber Run comes from the Moffet Tunnel out of Denver and follows the Rail line into Glenwood Springs and later Aspen… (Photo – Comcast Avon & Yellow Fiber Optics)


Yes, you can expect much less Internet Connection problems if Comcast is your service provider.

New from AT&T – HD Voice

If you have an iPhone (version 6 or newer) you’re eligible to hear a greatly improved Digital Audio – when making phone calls over the AT&T telephone network.  Yes, the local AT&T Cell Tower you’re using locally (Eagle County is now supporting this) supports their new HD Voice – BUT REMEMBER – the person you’re calling must also be using an AT&T Cell Tower that supports HD Voice for his/her iPhone too.  ECT folks can confirm calls from Eagle County into Dallas, Texas support the new HD voice.  Expect (many+1) more AT&T Cell Towers to support this new feature in the months to come.


Tracking Mexican Flights over Eagle County

ECT folks can Real-Time track Flights over Eagle County today.  We can also run Flight Reports from our cumulative tracking Database.

So?  So it might interest you to know that the number of Flights from Mexico (all Private) nearly doubled from 2015 – 2016 – Time Frame:  15DEC2015 – 4JAN2016  (Click Here)

250 Flights Recorded.  Did you know that our (KEGE) Vail Valley Jet Center offers direct (inbound) flights from Mexico – Customs and Immigration services during our Tourist Winter months?  Ole!

Avon’s Wal~Mart – Not on the List

by  Clayton Moore

The Good News is…Avon’s Wal~Mart is not on the list of 154 U.S. Stores – to be closed.  (Click Here)

The Bad News is…the Sales Tax you pay the Avon Wal~Mart is still 9.549% – which (by the way) is Higher than Beaver Creek’s Sales Tax (Click Here).

The Stock Market News (Dow Jones down –390.97 points last Friday – 15JAN2016) – including earlier drops in the first (2) weeks of 2016 totaling (-1,400) has effectively KILLED our Resort Real Estate Market – for the time being…(the Fishwrap folks will never tell you that).  This is the biggest drop in Stock Market Value – for the first (2) weeks of any New Year – ever.

When a Wealthy persons Stock Portfolio drops 20-30% over the past few weeks…they’re simply in no mood to purchase Multi-Million dollar Resort Real Estate…No doubt Eagle County Working Class Housing will continue to be bought and sold (mostly down valley) in the months to come.  Crude Oil prices dropped below $30.00/barrel last week – some predicting the price could drop to $20.00/barrel (Click Here).  It was suggested to the ECT folks last week – that the Saudi’s and Iranians have to keep pumping and pushing Oil production at these price levels because their Governments have so many of their citizens on “government assistance”.  Recall what happened to Greece and their Government a few months ago – when they “ran out of money” and could no longer pay all their Benefit obligations to their citizens.

Real Estate Bargains?  We’ll if Oil prices drop anywhere near $20.00/barrel – ECT recommends you investigate the Market in Houston, Texas.  One wonders if there will be direct Flights from Houston to our KEGE airport this coming summer – as there has been in the last few years.

Eagle County’s – Political Capital 2015?

Well… you had to be able to Ski.  And Talk.  Last week’s assembled group of Vail and County Politicians gathered for a day of turning “left and right” in balanced amounts on Vail Mountain.

Mr. Trump might ask…So who got an earful of “how to make Vail and Eagle County – Great Again?                                                                L-R

Bobby Murphy (Director of the Vail Ski and Snowboard School) – You’d better show up in Shape if you intend to hang with this guy Skiing the Hill.

Newly Elected Kim Langmaid of the Vail Town Council – soon to learn more about Physics…and possibly the advantages of wearing a ski helmet.

EC Commissioner – Kathy Chandler-Henry (she has a great new idea about how to make the Vail Hospital – Great Again.  Ask her.)

Jake (who lives by the lake) Wolf – Avon Town Council –he’s faster on that snowboard than you think…and prefers to Snowboard with a Chewbacca doll under his ski jacket.

Greg (ask me about my new Titanium knee) Moffet – Vail Town Council

Jen (I have the prettiest Blue Eyes on Vail Mountain – she does, Click Here) Mason – Vail Town Council

Finally a representative from Eagle County’s overburdened Taxpayers who kept insisting these folks need to spend more time listening to somebody who is unquestionably “in their Right Mind”.


Special thanks to the Friendly Gals from EpicMix – Pics!  Who took the above photo today!  Just click on the photo below to visit photographer – Ms. Meghan on Facebook.



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