NOAA calls it a – Sun Dog over Eagle County – Last Week!

by   the fans of  Mark Trail

NOAA-NWS-logoIt’s known as a “Sun Dog” by the National Weather Service.

Last Tuesday, October 7th 2014 at about 5PM – Eagle County, Colorado was treated to a highly unusual Natural phenomenon in our western sky.

ECT photographer – Jimmy Olsen – didn’t know (at the time) just what it was in the Sky – only that “to see 2 suns” at the same time is very unusual.  There is ZERO photoshop work in this photo – and the only glass involved was the lens of last Tuesday’s digital camera.  Jimmy did know – where to go to find out.  A quick email to Jim Pringle’s team at NOAA/NWS in Grand Junction, Colorado – solved the weather (2 suns in the sky) mystery.  Jim’s NOAA/NWS motto at work is “Building a Weather-Ready Nation” as Jim is NOAA’s – Warning Coordination Meteorologist in Grand Junction.  For more information about NWS in Grand Junction – (Click Here)


Avon’s Top 10

by    Clayton Moore

Did you know that Avon – has a Top 10 list?

Turns out the Top Ten Council candidates debated Avon’s current Political Issues last Wednesday, October 8th 2014 – at the fully functional and still perfectly operational (and completely paid for) – Avon Town Hall.  Scroll down to learn more.


The perceptive ECT readers will notice (1) less candidate in the photo – than the (10) noted above…Turns out Avon Town Council candidate Tab Bonidy’s travel schedule had Tab out of Town – However Tab’s comments were also read at the Debate.  Special thanks to Avon resident Dave Strandjord – for passing on his photo from that evenings debate.

Avon voters might have missed their Debate?  NO PROBLEM!  Thanks to the Video Technology Wizard of TV Channel 5 (J.K. Perry) – you can watch that Debate online – anytime!

Just (Click  anywhere On) the image below – to go to Channel 5’s web page and their streaming video!  The FireFox web browser seems to work best for us – when streaming video, and FireFox lets you “fast forward” too!

Thanks to former Avon Council member Amy Phillips and debate moderator – Rohn Robbins for putting this televised debate together.


Also in attendance that evening was local Radio Personality – Tony Mauro 0f true local radio – KZYR 97.7 “the Vail Zephyr”.  Tony’s team also did a Radio “simulcast” of their debate – and their Radio Audio of that debate is also available online!

Just (Click On) the Graphic Below to Listen!



If you still don’t believe that Avon needs (4) NEW Avon Town Council members elected this November – perhaps this might finally convince you.

On September 22nd, 2014 – the Town of Avon (and current Town Council members) were SUED by Hoffmann Commercial Real Estate in Avon.  (Click Here) for a copy of that (public record) lawsuit – or just Click On the graphic below.


ECT FACTOID:  Notice the above list of Defendants – named individually.

NOTE that:   NOT ALL of the current Avon Town Council – were specifically named.


Why NOT?  Answer:  Because the Mayor – Rich Carroll and Vice Mayor (Mayor Pro Tem – Jennie Fancher) didn’t “show up for work” (read: didn’t vote) at that August 26th Town Council meeting – when the vote that provoked this new Lawsuit – took place!!!

([above graphic – taken from page 6 of 59] of the new Lawsuit filed in Eagle County – District Court against the Town of Avon.

Jeanne McQueeney – Prepared to Resign

by  Clayton Moore

Mc-Queeney-ECT-PhotoJeanne McQueeney – is running to be elected (Nov. 2014) as your next Eagle County Commissioner.

Ms. McQueeney – is also (currently) serving as your elected Public School Board President.

Last week Ms. McQueeney – answered the question – put to her, by the -

Q.)  Should you be elected as the next Eagle County Commissioner – will you RESIGN your current elected position on the Public School Board?

Please (Click On) the graphic below to enlarge it.


To Be FAIR to Ms. McQueeney – she also address concerns put to her Commissioner Campaign about (monies) her Non-Profit currently receives in the form of Grants from Eagle County today.

ECT’s Background Report on that subject is (Click Here)

ECT readers interested in Ms. McQueeney’s (verbatim) answers to the questions about Eagle County Grant Monies – received by Ms. McQueeney’s (non-profit) – and our School Board, can be read below.

Ms. McQueeney’s verbatim answers submitted to the ECT last week – can be read by (Clicking Here).

How it Works!

by   the Fans of Light Speed

Ever wonder what all that Eagle County trenching and digging along I-70 Westbound is all about?

The Short Answer:  Technology, as in Fiber Optics.

CDOT has gotten much smarter about the value of their I-70 “right-a-way” and is trenching in Fiber Optic “conduit” and Optic cable strands that will allow for their currently “dark fiber” to be leased to big Telecommunications companies needing a West Bound (usually redundant) Fiber Optic cable run.


Locally in Eagle County, Colorado  – Comcast is a major subscriber to leased Fiber Optic Cable.  All the technology services offered by Comcast – come into Eagle County via Fiber.  HDTV, Streaming on demand Movies, Voice over IP phones, Internet, Streaming Audio, and in some cases – Optic Fiber to some Cell Towers is all working in Eagle County today (from Comcast) because of the Optic Fiber underground in Eagle County today.


Comcast’s biggest Node in Eagle County is known as a “head-end” in their business and is located in Avon on Metcalf Road.  Fiber in and Fiber out of that head-end (photo –right) is what feeds your particular (local) Cable TV node in your neighborhood.  It is hoped that some day soon Comcast will lease additional “dark fiber” from CDOT and have an additional/redundant Fiber Optic cable run “west” along I-70 in addition to their current Fiber that runs to Denver and (splits at Dowd Junction) to Colorado Springs as well.

With so much of what Eagle County consumers and businesses do on the Internet today – it’s easy to imagine why some Fiber Optic redundancy westbound is a very good idea.


From the ECT’s top photo – it’s a kind of an underground Fiber utility box that has an additional length of Optic Fiber cable “coiled up”.  These boxes are located about 300-400 feet apart along I-70 – so that (should there ever be a Fiber Cut) the maintenance team has the additional Fiber Optic (cable slack) to pull additional fiber out of that spare coil and complete the repair of the cut cable.

More and More these days – Fiber Optics is being used to feed Cell Phone towers (like below) to reduce the number of old fashion copper cables that old Cell Phone sites use to use.  With one Cell Tower servicing multiple companies (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint. et al) along with all their high speed data into today’s SmartPhones – it’s easy to see why Fiber Optics is the preferred choice for their infrastructure in the years to come.

Anybody want to guess the Eagle County – location of this Cell Tower below?


From the Street

The North Side – of the West Side of Vail – is getting their own new Coffee Shop!

Thanks to the efforts of Jim Pavelich and his incredibly successful “North Side Coffee and Kitchen” in Avon.  (Click Here)   Jim’s new location in West Vail – is just a few steps west of the 1st Bank building in West Vail. 


Jim plans to have his new Coffee Shop online and operational just before Thanksgiving 2014!


From the Eagle County – Clerk and Recorders Office

Your November 2014 Election Ballot will be in the U.S. Mail to you – starting Wednesday, October 15th 2014.

REMEMBER!  The election is a “mail in election only”.  Yes, you can drop off (or U.S. mail) your completed Ballot (don’t forget to sign it!!) at any of the Eagle County Offices (Avon, Eagle, El Jebel) on or before election day HOWEVER there will be NO traditional “polling place with election judges” on election day – Tuesday, November 4thKara-Bettis 2013.  If you haven’t received YOUR BALLOT by Monday, October 20th 2014 – you might want to contact the Eagle County Clerks office at – W  970.328.8728

Don’t forget – Sign your Ballot, drop it off at the County office on or before election day – and save yourself the Postage!

From the Street?  No “on the street” Eagle County Coroner Candidate Kara Bettis discovered campaigning up valley this past weekend.  Kara’s opponent (Sue Franciose) is the pretty ‘blue-eyed’ brunette candidate – and thanks to the ECT you all can watch (the video of) these two ladies in their recent debate.  (Click Here)

ECT’s question this week!   OK – just what does a County Coroner candidate wear – for her Halloween Costume?  Ladies, send the ECT a photo of your Halloween Costume – and the ECT will publish it!

Colorado’s Senate – Election 2014?

The Real-Story about Kerry Donovan vs. Don Suppes – is that Colorado’s Senate is within (1 or 2 votes – actually one or two election Races) from changing control from the Democrat’s  majority of today – to possibly Republican control after the November 4th 2014 election.

The Reason – this is a “big deal” is that when (1) party is in the Majority – ALL the Chairmanships, of all the Colorado Senate Committees (and sub-committees) are headed by that majority Party.  Bottom Line – that Party then “controls the legislative agenda” until the next election, when that election process begins again.

THAT’S WHY – you see all this (527  $$$) coming into our this Senate District 5 race – that Eagle County (and your vote) is a part of!


 Minturn, Colorado – In the News

Willie-PowellECT guesses he got Bored.

After Retiring as the Town of Eagle’s – Town Manager for over (2) decades – Willie Powell is “back on the Job” hired and working now as Minturn’s “interim Town Manger” since June 2014.  Willie can be reached at W 970.827.5645 or at –   manager-at—

Willie – is overseeing the Town of Minturn’s new – Minturn Fitness Center (Click Here) or call the new Fitness Center at 970.790.5090.  It’s located at the South end of Town in Maloit Park.  Plenty of Free Parking.




Where’s Ansel?

by  the fans of Ansel Adams

While it’s true that Ansel Adams may have seen our favorite photo for this week as (Click Here) – we prefer our version below.  Just CLICK ON the photo of Mt. Jackson from Thursday, October 2nd 2014 to enlarge it!


ECT would like to thank our friend and ECT reader (Marvin Franklin – recently retired) for demonstrating his Photoshop skills – with our original digital photo.  He removed our DATE (what would Ansel have to say to that?) on the original photo and provided some interesting enhancements as well.  This ECT photo was taken with the sun just about on the western horizon – and a small slit in the clouds produced this (fiery?) effect on the already wet Aspen leaves.  The top of the Arrowhead Ski area (left) was still in the cloudy shadows of that evenings sunset.  You can also see (click on it to enlarge it) snow being blown off the top of Mt. Jackson in the distance.

The lighting for this shot lasted barely 90 seconds.  You had to be there.



After All – They’re just the FISHWRAP!

by   Clayton Moore

Rogers-Really-DumbWhy not just tell the voters – the TRUTH – and let them figure it out?

Well…if you’re the Fishwrap – that’s usually out of the question.

Here at the ECT – we tell the truth every day.  Let’s begin.

Below is the Political Ad (from Wednesday last week) that the Fishwrap claims was “run by the Fishwrap – by mistake”.  (Click Here)



As of Friday, October 3rd – the YouTube web page – made by the Democrats – show only 104 web page views of the alleged controversial debate/video.  So what, Kaye Ferry and Jane Lowery?

The ECT’s take?  OK – ECT folks listened to the entire SD5 candidate debate/video held in the Eagle County building, in Eagle.

1 – As usual both debate moderators questions to the candidates – were WEAK.  Again, not one question about our (SD5) HEALTH CARE INSURANCE COSTS – which are the highest in the United States.

2 – To the ECT…the democrat candidate…seemed especially well coached and prepared (very polished) not to answer direct questions.  Deflection was used.  Example:  “I think what’s important is to have a discussion about…” – then just not answer the question.

3 –  The Republican was not quite as polished in his answers.  Not as practiced, as if this might be the first time – he’d heard the questions.

4 –  Over all their debate video was pretty bland…no real (fireworks?) displayed by either candidate.

Let the ECT know – what you think…Here at the ECT you can watch the video WITHOUT having to answer (read: click on) any STUPID questions that the Fishwrap requires you to answer – before viewing the public record video.



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