A Vending Machine – Designed to Reduce Public Safety

by  Clayton Moore

If you’re the sort that cares about Public Safety…you’re not going to like this new vending machine.

It’s designed…and for a price it will dispense a mind-altering drug (THC), in various “food” forms you should be aware of.  Cookies, Candies, Drinkable…what have you.  Fact is, this vending machine is currently illegal in 48 of the 50 U.S. States.  Those are the States (mind you) that still comply with existing Federal Drug Laws…

So what is the vending machine doing making its (Colorado Debut?) in Avon?  Montana’s Restaurant in Avon to be specific.  So far no word about this vending machine from Avon Police Chief – Robert Ticer – W 970.748.4040…nor your Eagle County Sheriff (Joe Hoy) who wants your vote this November 2014 to keep is job – as your #1 Eagle County Public Safety Officer… W  970.328.8500  One more point…local Skiers know as do some Vail and Beaver Creek guests this season…that Vail Resorts managing their ski mountains (read: Federal Property) did a much better job of enforcing Federal Drug law than Eagle County’s Chief Law Enforcement officer…Why?  Because Vail Resorts values Public (in this case) Skier Safety.  How do you feel about Public Safety in Eagle County?  Does a mind altering drug dispensed from a new vending machine improve Driver Safety on our Eagle County roads?


Denver – Last Week

by   Clayton Moore

Here’s some news from Denver last week – the Fishwrap folks would prefer you not know about…

Obamacare Signups in Denver?  Why pay for medical insurance – when you can always signup for the “free stuff” – Medicaid…  Just (Click on) the graphic below to read the entire Denver Post story…


Below from the Denver Post – just (Click On) the graphic to read the entire DP story.

Bottom Line?  Colorado’s new Pot Tax (54%) below what the proponents of “legal” Pot sales in Colorado…told you they would collect…


Denver Public Schools – hiring Illegals…as a Teacher for your child’s Public School education.  Click On the graphic below to read story.


Epic Fallout


Want to know what new Movie didn’t make it to the so called “Vail Film Festival”?

We’ll it came out of Park City, Utah…and it’s called “Epic Fallout”.  A movie ( a humorous parody actually) of the Ski industry and the “goings on” of one of the players in that Community – Vail Resorts.

For more information about it in Park City… (Click Here)

Park City Follies’ “Epic Follies” continues from Wednesday, April 9, through Saturday, April129. Curtain is 8 p.m. For more information, visit www.parkcityshows.com . A DVD of this year’s performance will be available for $20 after the show closes by contacting PCTV. Call 435-649-0045 to place an order.

What are they Teaching Our Kids?

by  Clayton Moore

What is the Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy – “teaching” our kids?

FACTOID:  Climate Change formerly known as Global Warming is hardly an exact Science.  The debate about “man made” Global Warming has not been settled.

So?  So then why are our kids attending the Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy being (taught?) that man made Global Warming/Climate Change is some sort of Scientific fact?

FACTOID:  the Earth’s climate has changed slowly over the eons…however the debate over the extent of (mans) involvement in that process today – is not settled science.


Recent Climate Changes?  Warming Temperatures?

Documented FACT:  Winter 2014 – North America experiences what some called the “Polar Vortex” which among other things resulted in our Great Lakes “freezing over” for the first time in decades.  Lake Superior completely froze over.  Chicago setting new record low temps during Winter 2014…  (Click Here)

Locally:  The Central Colorado Rockies received an especially good snow pack this year – that has resulted in VR announcing (last week) that Vail’s Back Bowls (Blue Sky Basin included) will remain open – till Vail closes on the 3rd Sunday in April.  Vail hasn’t had that much open terrain (at the end of Season) in years…(Click Here)  Breckenridge is also extending their Ski season (Click Here) due to their excellent snow pack.

What are our kids being taught at the Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy?  For ECT readers concerned the ECT may have taken the Students comments “out of context” (Click Here) to read their entire letter.

ECT’s Concerns:  Why not teach our kids how to debate?  Why aren’t the VS&SA teachers dividing their Class into two groups – then have them do their research then debate both sides of today’s ongoing Scientific discussion?  Hopefully then our students debate and listening skills improve and both sides of today’s ongoing Climate debate are reviewed and exposed…

More ECT Concerns:  How is our local Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy – doing when compared to other (5th – 12th grade) schools in Colorado?  Just (Click On) the Graphic below to see how the independent “ColoradoSchoolGrades.com” has ranked this School in 2013…


The ECT’s biggest concern is that (somehow?) the Science Education at the (VS&SA) has devolved into some sort of “indoctrination” based on a left-wing political agenda.

A very scary concern here at the ECT.  Our kids deserve better than a School whose overall (2013) performance is Ranked as “C-“ and 422nd out of 503 Colorado middle schools…That we can all agree…requires no scientific debate.

Food Stamps vs. Obamacare

“What do you mean…I have to pay an Obamacare Insurance Premium?  I didn’t have to pay anything…when I signed up for Obama’s Food Stamps!”


FACTOID:  Blue Cross and Blue Shield are one of the biggest Insurance players in Obamacare’s online Health Exchanges…and they claim (very recently) that “15-20% of Blue’s new customers aren’t paying their first Insurance Premium – which of course means they are NOT covered by Obamacare…(Click Here)


So while the White House is (as usual) claiming success with folks signing up for Obamacare – they have zero interest in exposing – the fact that a large percentage of these folks are NOT paying the required Obamacare Insurance Premium.



Astronomically Speaking….

by  the fans of Copernicus

Did you know that Eagle County – has an Astronomical Society?

Led by local Astronomer in residence John Briggs (Hut Observatory – Eagle, Colorado) the “Eagle Valley Astronomical Society” – has their next (all are invited) meeting set for this Thursday, April 10th 2014 – 7:30PM at the Walking Mountains Science Center in Avon.

This months topic?  Their presentation on the “Moon and Mars”.  Their meeting will be followed by a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse on the night of  Monday, April 14th.  The Eclipse starts about 11:58 PM and total lunar Eclipse begins at 1:07AM.  The ECT can 100% guarantee this lunar event will NOT be cancelled.


What happens this week on April 14th is sure to take your mind off what always happens on April 15th…

For more details about their Thursday meeting this week – (Click Here)

Three Faces of Spring – 2014

Spring 2014 in Eagle County, Colorado takes on many different faces over the course of a few days, last week…

ECT doesn’t know how many more good powder days nature has in store for us…but last Friday was a particularly good one in Vail’s – Blue Sky Basin…Just CLICK ON the photos to enlarge them!


Meanwhile – in west Vail (Lionshead) the Arrabelle’s outdoor Ice Rink is retired for this 2014 Ski Season.


Below?  Not sure what to call this one exactly…Kind of a (volcano sunset?) a couple of days after the Spring Equinox – in Eagle County, Colorado.  Interesting optical conditions in this Eagle County Sunset atmosphere…



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