Avon $1.97 Million – for this "Main Street"?

The ECT folks thought that you should know.

This so called new “Main Street” in Avon?

Well…the ECT’s take is that this certainly seems more like a Joke.  However the $1.9 Million Dollar Tax bill to Avon Taxpayers isn’t.

Where is this so called “Main Street – in Avon”?

Answer:  On the North Side of Avon’s “Seasons Building”.  Photo below – looking East along the so called “Main Street” – that isn’t.


Just the FACT’s Ma ‘am!

OK.  What did Avon Taxpayers get for $1.9 Million dollars of their Tax money?Standjord

FACT:  Main Street isn’t.  What it is….is a black top sidewalk – with no snow melt, on the north side of the Seasons Building in a predominantly “shady north side” especially in the middle of Winter.  The black top (side walk actually) isn’t really any wider that the black top, street bike trail that connects Breckenridge with the south end of Lake Dillon.

FACT:  There wasn’t any new/additional Public Parking created when the $1.9 Million was spent.  Which means – Commercial Real Estate opportunities will be greatly hampered compared to Edwards – Riverwalk area.

The result of this FACT:    Commercial Real Estate especially hard to Rent/Sell – when compared to Edwards Riverwalk development.  Note the date on the photo below.  It is AFTER the “opening date” of this new “Main Street”.  Just “who” is going to move their Commercial Business from Edwards/Riverwalk to Avon – with a much worse customer Parking Problem – and very little foot traffic?


GRANTED:  This area of Avon is a “hot bed of economic activity” – for any business that is in the business of – selling BLINDS.

The ECT would not be forthcoming if the ECT didn’t share a photo of some of the main (architect influencers, planners and supporters) of this $1.9 Million Dollar “Main Street” expenditure.  Photo below of the new 2015 (ski mural?) located on the East end of the Seasons Building – adjacent to the new Wyndham time shares still under construction as of this writing.

L-R  (Avon Town Manager Virginia Egger, ATC member Jennie Fancher, Rhonda Niederhauser)  Ms. Rhonda and husband Daniel are the proud owners of Columbine Bakery in Avon – across from the City Market.  A favorite breakfast and lunch stop for all the ECT folks!


By the ‘Dawns Early Light’

by the fans of Francis Scott Key

November 2014 arrived in Eagle County, Colorado – quite differently than the sunny day before.  Very cool temperatures at Dawn and the following “Winter Storm Warning” for Eagle County – from the National Weather Service office(s) in Grand Junction, Colorado.



A rather (spooky?) weather forecast for that Sunday Morning – a sign of the Winter Months ahead for our Ski Country, Colorado.


Vail Opens in 18 days – Friday, November 21st 2014

Beaver Creek Opens in 23 Days – Wednesday, November 26th 2014


Requiem for an Avon Referendum – Today!

by    the Avon Patriots for REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT

Requiem?? It was “Music to the Ears” of a overwhelming majority Avon Voters and Taxpayers.

Their Petition has been legally approved/certified by Avon’s Clerk and RecorderStranjord-2NOV2014 (Debbie Hoppe) and is now ready to be signed by all current Registered Avon Voters.

The Petition “Circulators” are themselves mostly Registered Avon Voters – all now possible because the Town of Avon is a “Home Rule” Municipality in Colorado.

What “provoked” this Avon Referendum in the first place?

Answer:  A majority of current Avon Councilmembers voting to use a TABOR “tax dodge” known as “Certificates of Participation” where Avon Voters were “usurped and sidestepped” by their own Town Council!

The Goal of their Referendum?  To have a “vote of the citizens, property owners and taxpayers” (read:  all current Avon Registered Voters) to let THEM DECIDE if Millions of dollars of Long Term (2 decades actually) Debt should be approved in the Town of Avon.

How many registered Avon Voter Signatures are required to certify the Referendum?

Answer:  ~196  And the team of Petition Circulators has till Thursday, November 13th 2014 to return those Signatures to Avon’s Clerk and Recorder.

Interested in Signing?  Please email – LetAvonVote@GMail.com   and a Petition Circulator will CONTACT YOU!

So just “who pays” for Millions of new DEBT in the Town of Avon – should the Avon Voters vote to approve?

Answer:  Your Avon Real Property – that has attached to it a Town of Avon (2% Real Estate Transfer Tax) that will be dedicated to finance this millions of new debt..

No other community has a RETT as high as Avon’s 2% (except the trophy homes in Beaver Creek)  Singletree in Edwards (by comparison) is 0% – they have no Real Estate Transfer Tax in Singletree!

Many Avon Homeowners would prefer to see Avon RETT reduced to 1% – to make the homes more attractive in today’s competitive Real Estate Market!

Avon’s Patriot Candidates!

by  the fans of the Avon Candidates

Just what is an Avon Patriot Candidate?

Answer:  An Avon Town Council candidate that believes YOU the Avon Voters should have the final say on all these Millions of Dollars of proposed new DEBT in the Town of Avon.

Not the Avon Bureaucrats, not exclusively the Avon Town Council, not specific Avon special interests (based on location) – NO, the Avon Patriot candidates believe YOU the Avon Voter should decide – and are now supporting and circulating their Petition for Referendum, today – to make that happen for you!

(Click Here) to read Vail Daily Reporter – John LaConte’s story that appeared in Sunday’s paper.  It’s an excellent summary of what this is all about!

(Photo, L-R   Avon Voter Nancy Staquet, candidate Peter Buckley, U.S. Marine (Veteran) Dave Strandjord, candidate John Minervini and VD photographer Anthony Thornton)


Who are the (4) Avon candidates that spoken out Publically in support of having Avon Voters – make that decision?

Alphabetically, (Tab Bonidy, Peter Buckley, Angelo Loria and John Minervini)

If you would like to have your Voice heard and help and sign their Petition, please send an EMail to -  LetAvonVote@GMail.com  and a Petition circulator will contact you!

Voters! Please remember – you can drop off your signed Election Ballot on or before Election Day, this Tuesday, November 4th 2014 – at the County office building in Avon – (right next to Bob’s Place Restaurant)

Vail – How High for a Helipad?

by  the fans of Igor Sikorsky

Every Reasonable Person understands the value in having in our Community – a Helipad for Colorado’s Flight for Life, that saves lives for badly injured folks.

The tricky question is – where best to put it?

The ECT doesn’t know the best answer for that very tricky Public Safety question.

Today’s Eagle County “Flight for Life” Helipad is in Vail, near the Vail Hospital.  There is also an additional Helipad at the base of Beaver Creek Resort near Rte. 6.

Below from the Vail Helipad in use today.

Yes, an idling Helicopter is that NOISY!

Some folks (for the obvious reason) believe that a Hospital (roof top) may be the best choices…It might be in some cases…but not in all cases.


Because sometimes imperfect things can happen with Helicopters landing and taking off from the top of buildings.  Even in very good weather as this April 9th 2014 video shows!

Below from the University of New Mexico Hospital’s roof – April 9th 2014.

What the ECT folks have learned from studying some of these Helicopter Crash videos from YouTube….

There are many published YouTube Helicopter (crash videos) that show – neither bad weather, nor Pilot error seem to be the cause.

Rather, Helicopter mechanical problems during take off and or landing that seem to have been responsible for the crash.  Malfunctioning “tail rotors” causing the Helicopter to spin out of control before the crash seems to have happen a lot more than once…   (Click Here) and you’ll see what the ECT is talking about – and you can draw your own conclusions from the (many+1) published Helicopter crash videos.

Where best to put a new Vail Helipad?  The ECT doesn’t know.  What we do know is that careful consideration of this topic needs to take place in the interests of all our Public Safety.

To learn more about the current Vail Proposal to move the existing Vail Helipad to the top of a Hospital building (that hasn’t been built yet) – (Click Here)

The Proposed new Vail neighborhood Helicopter Flight Path – should this new Helipad be built? (Click Here)

One current Vail proposal…is east of Vail’s Evergreen Lodge and just west of the Weststar Bank building (108 South Frontage Road/West) as shown below.


Eclipse? Where the Sun wasn’t?

by the fans of folks living in Syria – (circa)   May 3rd 1375 BC

It was an especially tough week in Solar Photography last week.

Even using a special Solar/Eclipse filter on our ECT Digital Camera – the Solar Eclipse was a strange (non-event?) for local Eagle County, Colorado photographers last week.

The best photo we took is below.  ECT has no reasonable explanation for this strange photo…of last weeks Eclipse (happening somewhere other than where the Sun was?) at the time of this late after noon photo.  ECT readers encouraged to leave us a Comment on your thoughts of this strange optical effect.


Keep in Mind – that the Weather in Eagle County, Colorado – can change QUICKLY from a warm late Fall Weekend – to improving Ski Conditions on Vail Mountain this Monday Morning!


Avon’s Future! – It’s in the East!

Anyone who has shopped at Avon’s Wal~Mart and Home Depot knows – there’s hundreds of Acres of undeveloped land in East Avon.

That’s where Avon’s real future is – unquestionably going to be.

He’s what they’re not telling you -

The hundred’s of Acres of land (in East Avon) owned by Traer Creek was originally brought into the Town of Avon under a legal agreement called the “1998 Annexation Agreement” – where specific development rights (the original PUD) were granted to Avon developer – Traer Creek.  Interestingly, VD Columnist (Richard Carnes – serving on Avon Town Council at the time – voted on that 1998 – Agreement)

PUD  = Planned Unit Development

Where are we today?  Fast Forward (16) years.  Today – since the (multi-year) litigation is now settled between Avon and developer Traer Creek. – the new Settlement Agreement that is now in place is (for all intensive purposes) the new development PUD.

Q.)  Why isn’t the current Avon Town Council (that approved this settlement agreement) – even talking about it!  Hundreds of Acers of new Avon Development now underway!

(Photo – Traer Creek’s land North of I-70 at the Wal~Mart & Home Depot Exit)


To the left of the photo – is the new, BIG, UERWA “Water Tank” that will be filled with water this coming week.  UERWA = Upper Eagle River Water Authority.  Turns out that new Water Tank was required by both the Water and Fire Districts to be online and operational before any new significant Development could take place on Traer Creek’s land.

Also happening now – Commercial Real Estate offerings by Traer Creek including (most likely) a new “cement pad” that a new I-70 Gas Station could use – as a site for a new station (Photo Below).  Also possible – a commercial site for a new (north side) I-70 Hotel between Vail and Beaver Creek – Ski Resorts.


Bottom Line:  Don’t be fooled by the tiny 2015 (intended) development (distractions?) the current Avon Town Council – is promoting.  Their so called “Main Street and Town Hall plans” are incredibly insignificant – compared to what is (really happening) now in East Avon –not because of today’s Avon Council – but in spite of them.

The “real action” in Avon will be on hundreds of acres of land owned by developer Traer Creek – now and into the next several years in Eagle County.  You can Bank on it.


East Avon Development vs. WHAT?

Avon’s Current Town Council – (Reviews/Prefers?) their Big Development Plans for Bathrooms on Main Street!


(Click on above Graphic for John Leconte’s complete report)

To find out what is really happening in Avon – send an email to LetAvonVote@GMail.com


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