Sunday’s Epic Hiking on Vail Mountain

Dateline:  Sunday, September 25th 2016 – Vail Mountain, Colorado – Saturday’s rain on the valley floor – left a dusting of snow on our Gore Range.  Remember next Sunday, October 2nd is the last day you can hike Vail Mountain – and still ride down on the Lionshead Gondola!  After next Sunday – you’ll have to wait for the snow to fly to get back on Vail’s Gondola’s.


VVMC – No longer Redacted

by  long time Eagle County local – Chris Neuswanger

Chris Neuswanger’s excellent report to our Community about the (decades long) business practices of the Vail Valley Medical Center (read: Vail Hospital) appeared in the Vail Daily this past Saturday, September 24 2016  (Click Here).

Chris (and the ECT) wanted our Community to have access to his original UNREDACTED report – before the edit team at the Daily – had their way with it.  Recall that VVMC is one of the largest paid print advertisers at the Daily…

Chris-Neuswanger-15MAY2016Chris’s Background:  Chris is a local Mortgage Banker and is use to reading Tax Returns and Financial Statements every day of the week.  He’s very skilled with Accounting.  Chris spent several weeks working on his report and met with the principals (Board Members) at VVMC more than once – to ask direct questions about their Accounting/Reporting and Business Practices – that have resulted in making Eagle County, Colorado the highest cost Health Insurance area in the United States.

To read Chris’s UNREDACTED report to our Community (Click Here) and share with your friends you feel might also be interested.

Chris also has a web site devoted to this topic (read: continuing discussion) of the Vail Valley Medical Center – and their business practices.  Chris has an online Petition you can sign there if you choose.   You can visit Chris’s web site –  here – or just (Click Here)

-Clayton Moore

ECT Supports our Public School District – Do YOU?

by  Clayton Moore

For as long as the ECT folks have lived here (20+ years) we have been (and continue to be) strong supporters of our Eagle County Public School District.

In fact – the ECT has put together a small survey of questions – to determine if (you too) are a strong supporter!

Let’s Begin…

Fact:  The Majority of the Property Taxes we all pay in Eagle County today – goes to Funding Public School Education.

1 –  Have you paid your Property Taxes (on time and in full) for each year you’ve owned your Eagle County Property?

2 –  Give yourself Extra Credit if you also own Commercial Property – because Commercial Property is Taxed at a 29% Rate vs. Residential at 7.96%

3 – If you are a RENTER – have you always paid your Rent – on time and in full?  Because your Landlord is responsible to pay the Property Taxes on the property that you Rent!

4 –  Has the Property you own (Commercial or Residential) seen an INCREASE in your Properties “assessed value” over the last several years?  Simply put a “higher assessed value” on your Property – results in Higher Property Taxes you pay – Guaranteed!  Have you paid your Increased Property Taxes on time and in full?

Well – if you, your Family and your Eagle County Business has answered YES to these questions – then the FACT IS – you too are a strong and consistent supporter of our Public School System!

Don’t let anyone in support of $152 Million Dollars of New/Additional Property Taxes in Eagle County (Ballot Questions 3A & 3B) – TELL YOU ANY DIFFERENT!!!



Shocking! School District Ballot Language!

by  Clayton Moore

Dateline:  Monday, September 19th 2016 – Eagle County, Colorado

Eagle County’s Official November 8th 2016 BALLOT LANGUAGE was emailed to the this morning – by Eagle County Clerk and Recorder – Teak Simonton.

The entire Eagle County, Colorado Ballot is (5) pages long.  (Click Here)

ECT was shocked at the Official Ballot Language from our Eagle County School District!

There IS NOT one word in any of their Ballot Language that guarantees our local Public School Teachers will be getting any pay raise at all!

FACT:  There are (2) Ballot Questions from the School District (totaling $152 Million Dollars) in additional Property Taxes.

Question 3A – (Click Here) Requesting $8 Million Dollars of additional/annual Property Taxes (each successive year) forever .

Question 3B – (Click Here) Requesting an additional $144 Million Dollars in new Property Taxes (actual repayment cost of $233 Million)

Indeed, if the intent of our elected School Board – was to make sure our local Teachers were to receive a pay raise – why didn’t our Board (who voted to approve this Ballot Language) – SPECIFCALLY DEFINE THAT IN THEIR LANGUAGE?

Keep in mind Eagle County Voter – you are voting on the BALLOT LANGUAGE – not some person, nor groups “intentions”.

Please leave the a comment about this issue – just click the “comment” word to the left of this story.  You can (Click On) the graphic below.













Perfect Fall Weather

Sunday, September 19th 2016

The Colorado weather was perfect.  Not a cloud in our Blue Sky – 75F, low humidity and a light breeze.  Our Aspens well on their way to Peak Colors.

This week the ECT folks expect to share with you our FIRST LOOK at our official Eagle County Ballot for our Election on Tuesday, November 8th 2016.  Stand by.  As always just CLICK ON our photo below to enlarge it.


Is "Sun and Ski" coming to Avon?

by Clayton Moore

Some are suggesting, “YES” – Sun and Ski is coming to Avon – and are planning to occupy the old Sports Authority building (now empty) in Avon (Click Here).  Avon insiders now concerned that Avon’s current Town Manger SHOULD NOT be involved in any of the final negotiations (read: Parking)…between landlord Traer Creek and prospective tenant – Sun and Ski.

Sun-and-Ski is a National Sports Retailer known mostly in the Eastern Half of the United States.  Avon, Colorado will be their first store west of the Continental Divide – if they move in.


Interestingly Sun and Ski (on their homepage) has a large online Ad for “the Epic Ski Pass” from Vail Resorts…It also turns out that Sun and Ski (already) has a Retail Store in Avon – Avon, Connecticut that is.

Time will Tell – however a National Sports Retailer is good news for every Sports Enthusiast in Eagle County today, particularly when it comes to buying clothing – when compared to buying online.

ECT’s Comment:  Welcome to Eagle County, Colorado – Sun and Ski!

OktoberFest – Kickoff

by  Jimmy Olsen Photography

Pretzel Logic?

You don’t have to be Walter Becker nor Donald Fagan to make sense of a good, BIG Pretzel at Beaver Creek’s OktoberFest on Sunday, September 4th 2016.



Sunday’s Clouds parted and the crowds descended on Beaver Creek’s OktoberFest Promenade…IMG_1865

Also discovered?  OktoberFest had an icy “Moat” along the perimeter of the Music Stage.


A Pot of Paella also found on the grounds as well.  What would OktoberFest be – without a little Paella?


Maintain OktoberFest traditions – Fricker caught Frolicking with the Frauleins backstage at Beaver Creek.


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