Vail Turns 50 last week – Local Mountains turn White too

As if almost on queue just (3) days after Vail’s 50th Birthday – local Eagle County, Colorado Mountain Ranges turned White this August 2016.  Missing at last Tuesday’s 50th Birthday Party for Vail – in Vail’s Donovan Park?  Not much talk about “Global Warming nor Climate Change” at the event.


EC School Board vs. your EpicMix Ski Pass

by Clayton Moore

It’s True.

Cause and Effect is a business Reality.  No one Escapes.

ECT has been told that the proposed – November 2016 – (2) Tax Ballot Questions from our Eagle County Public School District – Totaling $152 Million Dollars in Additional Taxes (Click Here) – is the largest proposed Tax Increase in the history of Eagle County, Colorado.

Now the ECT will tell you what our School Board and Educators – are not talking about.

Cause and Effect.

Dateline:  May 2016 – Eagle County, Colorado.  May Voters, voted to approve (2) Property Tax increases – (Amby District & Eagle County Fire Protection District) totaling ~$30 Million Dollars.  Both Tax Districts serve the Interests of Vail Resorts and other Commercial/Residential property owners in their District’s.  Recall Commercial Property in Colorado is Taxed at 29% and Residential Property at 7.96%.  (Click Here)

A Timely Coincidence?  You decide.  Shortly after Voters, voted to increase the cost of doing business (ref: VR’s annual Property Tax Bill) for Vail Resorts (read:  in Beaver Creek), Beaver Creek announced that they will be charging for formerly FREE, Skier Parking this year – at $10.00/car.  Of note – no one will “experience” this May 2016 Property Tax increase – until your new Tax Bill arrives in January 2017!  Ski Season starts in late November…have your $10.00 ready!

FACT:  All of the Commercial Property that Vail Resorts owns in Eagle County – is inside our Public School District – Vail, Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch, Arrowhead…

The unanswered question:  What will likely be the future cost increase of an EagleJason-Glass-EpicMix-Final-28AUG2016 County annual “EpicMix Ski Pass” – should voters approve the $152 Million Dollars in additional Property Taxes billed to VR and everyone else who owns Property inside our School District?  Will BC’s Skier Parking – see another increase above $10.00?

More (unintended?) consequences:  Consider a local Business – say “the Bookworm” – the nice book store in Edwards…What happens to the cost of the books you might buy there – when the Bookworm’s Landlord – inevitably, increases their Rent?  Ditto for your favorite Restaurant and their prices…

Cause and Effect.

To Date our School District and Tax Supporters – are ONLY focused on the effects the Tax Increase will have on our Public Schools – NOT on the inevitable effect this $152 Million Dollar Tax increase will have on our Community’s Economy, Citizens and local Businesses.

Next time you’re speaking to a School Board member – ask them how this massive Tax Increase is enhancing the cause of – more “affordable housing” in Eagle County today.


From the Street

Literally…From the Street

The Good News is…there are (3) Town of Avon City Council seats up for grabs this November 2016.

Let’s hope the Avon Voters – make better choices than the last time Avon Voters – went to the Polls…Print

If you think traffic and PARKING in Avon is difficult now…just wait for late November 2016 when Beaver Creek – starts charging $10.00/day for Skier Parking…You can bet a Ski “boot” won’t be the only kind of “boot” seen in Avon Parking Lots this Ski Season…

Special ECT thanks to Don Sidle for his Illustration on the state of Avon’s Streets and the folks who brought you that mess…

You can see more of Don’s humor in action at Don’s Illustrator Web Site (Click Here)

Q.) – Is there “nothing” this Avon Town Council (and Town Manager) can’t touch – and MAKE WORSE?  Apparently Not.  Click on the Graphic below to read today’s (29AUG2016) Story.


EC Sheriff James van Beek – High Roller Week

by  the fans of Facebook

When he’s not busy putting the bad guys in Jail – Eagle County Sherriff James van  Beek is busy hangin’ with the High Rollers.  That’s Jame’s wife Carrie, on the right making sure the Donald behaves himself.  On the left?  James showing V.P Candidate and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence that white hair complements a Red Tie – quite nicely.  The ECT will insist that the Trump/Pence ticket has no problem in the company of Law Enforcement.  Their opponents?  Well…much more likely to be seen running away from Law Enforcement…and any new Congressional Hearings.

Other interesting News?    What you may not know is…the number of times Trump’s


Boeing 757-200    (  N757AF  )  has visited here at our Eagle County Regional Airport (KEGE) over the last couple of years.  (Click on the graphics below to enlarge them)  By the ECT’s count about (5) visits to KEGE and about (4) high altitude – flybys over Eagle County, Colorado.  Yes, the ECT has friends who have built an ADS-B Radio aircraft Tracking system (ECT calls it a digital “Trump Tracker”).



Vail’s 50th Birthday – in Photos

by  Jimmy Olsen Photography

How to Look Good – after 50 Years in Vail?

Answer:  Hang Out with Photogenic  Tricia Swenson, that’s how!

Nobody knows that better than current Vail Town Manager (Left – Stan Zemler and Right – KZYR’s Tony Mauro – MC of Vail’s Birthday Events at Donovan Park last evening!


Town of Vail’s Staff also made sure Birthday Party  attendees – could have their Cupcakes and Eat ‘em too!


Former Vail Mayor – Rod Slifer was on hand showing off his “parade wave”

No doubt about it – Rod is the original “Lifer at Slifer” 


Under the watchful eyes of Merv Lapin…Vail’s first resident Doctor – Tom Steinberg (foreground) was in attendance too.  Yes, that’s Dr. Jack Eck standing to the left of Merv Lapin, right behind Dr. Tom.


Here are a few more of the ECT’s favorite photos from Vail’s Birthday Party!


3 ‘Must See’ Photos from last week

by  Sunsets and Star Gazers

The Annual Perseid Meteor Shower culminated last week – August 11,12 and 13th where local Star Gazers were out with their Digital Camera’s ‘round midnight’ in Gypsum, Colorado.  Just (Click On) the photo below to enlarge it.  Note the Shooting Stars at the top and right above the obvious Milky Way.  Shooting Star rates can be as high as 60 or more per hour during Perseid.


Meanwhile – the Sunset on Thursday, August 11th was photographed on the RidgeLine between the Singletree and WildRidge neighborhoods.


The gentleman who took the top Meteor photo is an EXPERT with – Photoshop.  He doesn’t like “Dates” on photos nor Towers on RidgeLines.  So he did something about it and here is his result.  Click On the Photo below to enlarge it – note the Shooting Star added to the top right of our Sunset.  WOW!


Bambi and friends vs. Local Mountain Bikers

HUH?  Bambi and friends vs. Local Mountain Bikers?

It’s True.  And Colorado’s Department of Wildlife is involved as well.


(Click Here) to read the DOW report – about the plan to encroach/severely impact even more Mountain Bike Trails into the Wildlife Habitat in Avon’s (WildRidge) neighborhood.

Bottom Line:  The DOW report IS NOT in favor of all the new/additional proposed Mountain Bike Trails.

The so called “Lower WildRidge” is a favorite playground for local Mountain Bikers offering current Bike Trails from our Valley Floor to roughly “Mid-WildRidge” about 500 Feet above the Valley Floor.

The proposed plan currently under review by Avon’s (Planning and Zoning Commission) includes expanding several Mountain Bike Trails to the top of WildRidge and higher!


Wildlife has always been a part of living in and around this Avon neighborhood.  Whether it’s Mule Deer during the day or nocturnal Bobcats in your WildRidge back yard – there can be little doubt – that more Bike Trails will not improve the Habitat for these indigenous animals.  If you would like to support this Wildlife Habitat in Avon – please plan to attend Avon’s (Planning and Zoning Meeting) this Tuesday, August 16th 2016 – starting at 5PM at the Avon Municipal Building.  Public Input is first up at this meeting.  Make your voice heard and defend our Natural Wildlife Habitat in WildRidge!

Wildlife Photo Disclaimer:  All Wildlife Photos here were taken in WildRidge on both WildRidge Road (east) and Bear Trap.

(Photo Credit – Rick Spitzer – for more info (Click Here)




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