Biker Safety in Avon? – NOT!

by  Clayton Moore

The Town of Avon – has done it again!

In their stated effort to make Avon a “bike friendly” area “downtown” – this is what they claim improves Biker Safety.  The Public Works department at the Town of Avon “restriped” the streets of downtown Avon this past week (20JUL2016).  Is this some sort of bad Joke?  (Photo – looking West in front of Avon’s Christy Lodge – headed into the main Avon Round-a-bout)


Just exactly what is a Biker (a family biking through Avon?) supposed to do to navigate the main Round-a-bout, safely?  Just exactly “WHO” at the Town of Avon – thinks this improves Biker Safety?  Avon Town Manager – Virginia Egger?  (W 748.4000)  Avon Public Works Director – Gary Padilla? (W 748.4000)  Avon’s Acting Police Chief – Greg Daly?  (W 748.4040) (Avon’s Town Council? (  Avon’s Planning and Zoning Board?

The good news?  There are (3) Avon Town Council seats up for election this November 2016.  Isn’t it time in Avon – for more reasonable and aware people to hold Public Office?  Contact the ECT.  Please read Avon Biker Ms. Joyce Pfaff’s letter below from this weekends Daily Fishwrap.


The redesign should also reduce confusing driving patterns and simplify roundabout passage.  Avon Council member Megan Burch stated, “Currently, the street doesn’t have enough crosswalks or clear and sufficient demarcations between the sidewalk, parking spots, bike lane and road.  For the well-being of our locals and visitors, we are making changes to ensure the road is safe and welcoming to all users.”


Photos – Inside the new Medical Office Building

by  Jimmy Olsen Photography

OK.  The ECT will show you the “inside story” of the new Medical Office Building in Avon.  Scroll down to see all the ECT photos.

Plenty of good competitive (medical services) News to share.  Centura Heath’s (Urgent Care) and (Emergency Room) opened for business this past week – July 13th 2016.  Their new Emergency Room entrance is on the right side of the Building (north side – opposite I-70).


Centura’s  new front Lobby


ER and Urgent Care Entrance – located near the East Side’s parking lot


Centura Health now offers competitive medical imaging services with their brand new CT Scanner in Avon.  ECT was given and exclusive “walk through and photo shoot” from Ms. Sara Muntz of the – handling some of the PR duties for Centura.  Kaiser Permanente did not have a CT Scanner in their new facility in Edwards – as of Spring 2016.IMG_6809

Centura also has a special “Pediatrics Exam Room” available for both Urgent and Emergency Room patients.  It’s replete with images on the wall normally found just up the road at Walking Mountains…


Today, all of Centura’s offices and Medical equipment is on the 1st Floor including traditional X-Ray imaging as well.


A brand new Medical Services Lab is also onsite for Centura Health patients.


Meanwhile…Colorado Mountain Medical has moved their entire (formerly) Edwards based office into Avon – in the same Building as Centura.  CMM is leasing their new space (exclusively on the 2nd floor) from the Nexcore Group – who built the new building.  (click on the photo below to enlarge it)


CMM new Patient Reception area – just off the buildings Elevators on the 2nd Floor


Coming Soon – will be the Kidney Center of the Rockies with full Dialysis capability – no need to drive to Denver anymore.  The 3rd floor of the new Medical Building is currently un occupied.


Eagle County’ Colorado’s – Current Payroll

by  Clayton Moore

EC-LogoEagle County’s Government Payroll was published last week – and the ECT folks – bet you didn’t even notice…Now did you?

Well the ECT certainly did.  (Click Here) to download the entire salary list by name and department.  Remember, you can ENLARGE the (print) PDF file and the ECT made sure you can “search on it too” using your Adobe PDF Reader.   No info to report on additional “County Benefits” these folks are also earning each day.


CAUTION:  You need to understand how to work with these documented numbers!

EXERCISE:  Take the Printed number (divide by 2) then (multiply by 26 weeks).

Highlights?  (well the ECT supposes) that depends on “who” you ask…

Our County Commissioners?  $72,500.00/yr – yet their office Admin (an especially nice lady) is currently making – $83,412.16/yr.  ECT regrets to report this nice lady is leaving to retire with hubby – to a nice home in Evergreen, Colorado…

Eagle County Regional Airport?  Top of the “food chain” Administrator – Greg Phillips – $158,564.64/yr.   You remember Greg (don’t you?)  Greg helped make sure we all get to pay for (close in) Parking at our (formerly free parking) Eagle County Regional Airport.

Eagle County Clerk and Recorder’s Office –  Plenty of folks in EC Clerk –  Teak Simonton’s office that make more than our Clerk, TEAK!  Teak’s salary (as well as all Colorado – County Clerks salaries) set by State Statute.

Eagle County’s own “Open Space” Director – Toby Sprunk – $112,343.66/yr – Recall his Job is to hand out (some times MILLIONS) in Taxpayer Funds – “to protect land” you and your family CAN’T FIND, CAN’T USE, and mostly CAN’T ACCESS inside Eagle County.  This guy has been the best friend Eagle County’s Ranching Community has ever had.  At the Taxpayers, expense of course.

EC’s Executive Director of Human Services (a.k.a. – Dept. of Government Give-a-ways) Ms. Jone Marie Bosworth – $128,750.18/yr.   If you are indigent, have no job, and no healthcare insurance – well it’s Ms. Bosworth’s department – that is your new “best friend”.   The folks that work in Ms. Bosworth’s department have the title “Economic Services Specialist” – AND THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM TOO!

The ECT could go on and on…and you wonder WHY your Taxes keep going up?  Affordable Housing?  For who?

Local Skiers, Property Taxes and $10.00 Parking

by   Clayton Moore and the Fans of Paul Harvey

Outrage at next Ski Seasons new $10.00 skier parking at Beaver Creek!

Here is the rest of the story, (Fishwrap letter writer – see below) – Mr. Joe Drew!

Fact:  The Goal of all Private Sector companies (including Vail Resorts) is Profitability.

Now consider Mr. Drew what “Eagle County’s – Majority Voter” has just done (May 2016) to Beaver Creek (sans: Vail Resorts) Profitability.

Fact:  The Beaver Creek Resort is located inside the Eagle County Ambulance District and Contracts with the Eagle River Fire Protection District.

Fact:  In a Special Property Tax election (May 2016) Eagle County (Majority Voters) approved a large Property Tax increase for both Taxing Districts.  Where do you live Mr. Drew?  What will your (landlord?) do to your monthly Rent – when he gets his next Property Tax bill?

Fact:  Eagle County Tax Assessor (Mark Chapin) will tell you that Commercial Properties (read: Beaver Creek) in Colorado are Property Taxed at a higher rate (29%) than Residential Properties (7.96%).

Fact:  Additionally, and in the Spring of 2014 – our Eagle River Water and Sanitationempty-wallet_thumb District – inflicted an additional $25 Million Dollars (in new Bonded Debt) on their Customers in that District.  Beaver Creek – Mr. Joe Drew is also a member of that Taxing District as well.  District Voters also approved transforming that original “Revenue Bond” (secured by monthly bills) into a new General Obligation Bond, now assessed as an additional Property Tax to District Customers.  Did we mention the (29%) Mr. Drew?

HUH?  Only $10.00 more per day for Skier Parking?

DISCLAIMER:  The ECT folks Ski Beaver Creek too, and don’t like this new Parking Fee anymore than you do.  ECT is no “special pleader” for Vail Resorts.

Now Consider this – Mr. Joe Drew!

Fact:  Our Eagle County Public School District has already threatened Eagle County Property Taxpayers with a $148 Million Dollar (total) Property Tax Ballot Question(s) this November 2016.  Beaver Creek and VAIL are both inside the Eagle County Public School District.

Now Mr. Drew – should the Eagle County Voters, vote to approve that additional $148 Million Dollars of new Property Taxes – this November 2016 – just imagine what the Cost of an EpicMix Ski Pass – might be – in addition to (even higher?) Skier Parking Charges at Beaver Creek.  And, oh yeah…you’re going to pay those new/additional Property Taxes – directly or through your Rent.


Mr. Drew, the ECT respects your command of the King James Bible (Mark:  Chapter 8, Verse 36-37) – it is your lack of knowledge about how Business and Taxation works – that really alarms the ECT.

Your personal outrage is very understandable Mr. Drew – your anger however is mis-directed – it’s not VR that is DIRECTLY responsible – it’s your Eagle County Liberal Voters – you can thank for this one…Do you believe VR will be the only Eagle County Business raising their rates, to deal with all this new confiscatory Taxation?

Welcome to Eagle County 2016 Mr. Drew – You’re just starting too “Feel the Bern”…



Centura Health – Opens in Avon Next week

by  Clayton Moore

Centura-LogoCentura Health will open their new Emergency Room and Urgent Care Center in Avon, next week.

Wednesday, July 13th is Opening Day – followed by their Ribbon Cutting the next day – Thursday.

This is the first time in (forever) that the Vail Valley Medical Center (the Vail Hospital) will have genuine Medical Service competition.  Eagle County Citizens needing Medical attention will now have a choice – where they can go.

(Click Here) to read the ECT’s earlier report to our Community about what Services will be offered in Avon at the new Medical Office Building.




4th of July – Vail, Colorado Style

The Parade Weather was Perfect.  After a few days of questionable Weather – Vail’s 4th of July Parade had Picture Perfect Weather – and the ECT (as usual) has the Photo to prove it!

One of the ECT’s Favorites – WWII – U.S. Marine Aviation!  Gallegos Corporation’s Float with the (unmistakable) Vought  F4-U.  Yeah, Gallegos Won “Best in Show” for their Parade Winner.  All the Parade Winners? Just  (Click Here)


Best in Show – Soaring about the Clouds


USN Veterans – Rabbi Newman (center) and his Admin – Jeanne Whitney


Repeat Winners 2015/2016 – Vail Hockey’s Float “Most Distinctive” –   Alan McLean – Driving – Mike Charles


Vail’s Own Packy Walker – Imagining Donald Trump with only 3 Fingers


Biker Chicks – Running for County Commissioner – Kathy Chandler-Henry


Vail America Days – Parade Grand Marshals – Vi and Byron Brown


Young Angles – Dressed up as Eagle Valley Devils!


Many More Vail Parade Photos Below!


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