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Dateline:  AM, Friday, January 12th 2018

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Meanwhile…. back in Vail Colorado’s at the  Main Vail Round-A-Bout…

Our friendly (Dyslectic?? Australian??)  Bus Drivers have determined Vail Round—Bouts “can” work in both directions.  ECT does not recommend having YOUR vehicle in the same Round-a-Bout – when these Bus Drivers are running their “directional tests”!  HA!



And the 2017 Winner is…


Today, Thursday, December 28th 2017 – the Independence Institute proudly awards the 2017 Californian of the Year to Colorado State Senator – Jerry Sonnenberg.

Colorado character is best described as craving the freedom to make our own decisions. By contrast, Californian character, which is taking hold of our once ruggedly individualistic, freedom-loving state, is best described as making decisions for other people.

Nothing in 2017 exemplifies this Californian value of making decisions for others better than Jerry Sonnenberg’s Senate Bill 17-267 which ripped away all Coloradans’ right to vote on tax and debt increases.

Unlike California, Colorado holds a deep belief in asking voters directly BEFORE raising debt or taxes. We even enshrined it in our state constitution. By calling a massive hospital bed tax a “fee” and labeling debt as “Certificates of Participation,” Sonnenberg’s bill raised taxes by $550 million per year and put Colorado families in debt by nearly $2 billion, all while avoiding a vote of the people.

This immense Colorado tax increase takes place in the shadow of the historic tax cut from the Republican-led U.S. Congress. We find it telling, yet sad, that Republicans in Washington have more respect for Colorado taxpayers than the state Republican senate leadership who turned Sonnenberg’s Californian idea into law.

We wish to thank all five of our Californian of the Year nominees, including fan favorite Jared Polis for his “goal” of 100% renewable energy by 2040 – an idea that even California rejected.

We will present Senator Sonnenberg with the stunning Californian of the Year plaque when he returns to Denver to start the next legislative session. Please stay tuned for details of the presentation.

Please join us in congratulating Jerry Sonnenberg as the 2017 Californian of the year!

Think Freedom!


Independence Institute – Awards 2017

Tomorrow we announce which Coloradan wins our 2017 “Californian of the Year Award.”   That’s the person that best exemplifies the effort to transform our once liberty-loving state into East California.
The Colorado Character is craving the Freedom to make your own decisions. The Californian Character is making decisions for other people.  Last week we announced our five finalists:
Christine Berg, Mayor of Lafayette, for her leadership and vote to make Lafayette the first city in Colorado to bar local restaurants from advertising “sugar drinks” on kids’ menus.  (Click Here)

Jared Polis, gubernatorial hopeful, multi-millionaire, and US Congressman for his goal to out Cali Cali with his “goal” of 100% renewable energy by 2040 at a cost of only $44 billion.   (Click Here)

Brandon Rietheimer, citizen activist, Bernie-sycophant, and manager of a Red Robin restaurant, for his work in forcing Denver building owners to plant lawns on their roofs.  (Click Here)

Jerry Sonnenberg, state senator, conservative when in his rural home district and liberal when under the gold dome for destroying TABOR by raising taxes and debt to all Coloradans without asking voters first. (Click Here)

Aidan Cook, animal rights activist, and snazzy millennial-beard aficionado for his efforts to end the time-honored and children-loved activity of “mutton-busting” at the Western Stock Show.  (Click Here)
The winner will be chosen by our panel of judges, but you can spout off in our poll on

Let’s celebrate those who are turning us into East California!
Think Freedom

CMC – Colorado’s Marxist College

FACT:  Also known as Colorado Mountain College – CMC today enjoys an entitlement that is directly funded by you, your family and your business.  Taxpayers and Businesses that don’t even attend CMC – are required to pay.

Their entitlement manifests itself in the form of a Property Tax Mill Levy of – 3.997 Mills in Eagle County, Colorado today.


FACT:  Your November 2017 Eagle County Ballot – has a new Tax Question (4B) – where CMC is asking YOU for even more of your hard earned money…via their request for an even HIGHER Mill Levy – with no exact increase figure given!

FACT:  Colleges and University’s all over America face funding problems all the time.  And they deal with them by the (tried and true – American way) of raising what they charge for TUITION.

Question:  Why is CMC asking Taxpayers (who don’t even attend) CMC for more of their hard earned money?  This isn’t “Americanism” it’s “Marxism”.  Their Ballot Question is genuine “Income Redistribution” right out of their “Little Red Book” of Socialism.

Question:  What are these CMC “Educators” teaching our Kids?  Free Market based Capitalism?  Or the fundamental(s) of Socialism?  How much of this Property Tax Increase will go into the Pockets of these so called Educators – in the form of their Salary and (Medical Insurance) Benefits and Pensions?  Their Ballot Language – certainly doesn’t disclose that.  By the way…how’s your Pension looking today – Social Justice Warrior?

It’s time to put YOUR Education to work for you.  It’s time to THINK about what these CMC Marxists are REALLY asking you to vote for…





Heaven’s New Doctor – Dr. Tom Steinberg

Vail’s first Physician – Dr. Tom Steinberg past away on Monday, September 26th 2017 – 93 years young.


Dr. Tom will be remembered for many things here in Vail, Colorado – however the ECT remembers Dr. Tom was always very popular with the Ladies, regardless of his advancing years.

Doctor-Tom-in-the-house1Dr. Tom never let a thing like failing vision slow him down in his later years – locals often found Dr. Tom out for an afternoon stroll – enjoying Vail’s sunny afternoon weather.  Tom’s wife Flo past away in 2007 at the age of 83.

Why take a Knee – When you can take a Photo?

by  Clayton Moore

ECT doesn’t care for – how multi-million dollar football athletes choose to exercise their 1st Amendment Rights.  ECT deciding to having our own 1st amendment protest – promising NOT to spend any of our hard earned money – neither in Baltimore nor Jacksonville.  If we find you athletes on our HDTV – we will change the channel…and not support any paid advertisers we might glance to notice.

In the mean time ECT will stay focused on the next few days – outdoors!


Certainly – one bright spot on this RidgeLine


The Fishwrap – Won’t Print This – VVMC’s Untold Story

by  Chris Neuswanger,

Vail Health should foot bill for mental health services

August 26, 2017

Chris-Neuswanger-22OCT2016In 2016, the Vail Valley Medical Center [now called Vail Health] (Click Here) released a study outlining the health needs of our community.  Mental health services was one of the top ones, and VVMC admits it has only two social workers on staff to provide, at best, stabilization and referral to out-of-Eagle County facilities.

The VVMC report estimates that as many as 25 percent of Eagle County residents will at some point need some degree of mental-health services, a number far higher than will ever need orthopedic surgery, which is the financial cornerstone of Vail Health.

Yet with more than $366 million in cash, receivables and liquid investments (Click Here) showing in the hospital’s most recently available tax returns, and a tax-free net profit (or excess revenues) of more than $45 million (Click Here) in the first six months of this year alone, the VVMC report offered no plans to expand services to serve this glaring need in our community.  As a 501C3 “non-profit”  VVMC pays no Property Taxes on their extensive Eagle County real estate holdings.

Indeed, not one cent of the $300 million expansion of the VVMC is directed at providing mental health care. Per a conversation with Chris Lindley, who is the director of Eagle County Public Health and the VVMC’s response in the implementation plan, none of the expansion will deal with this issue.

This shameful situation seems not to bother Chairman Mike Shannon and his board or CEO Doris Kirchner, probably because mental health care is not a glamorous or profitable line of business, as is taking care of famous athletes and attracting (highly compensated) rockstar orthopedic doctors.

To address this pressing need, the county government is stepping in, and that means spending tax dollars to provide much-needed mental-health services. It also means taxes must be raised someplace, and in this case, the county has proposed a marijuana sales tax (Click Here).  The  proposed  tax  would raise $1.2 million from pot smokers for mental-health care.

That amount is equal to about five days of the net profits (aka excess revenues) for the first half of this year to the VVMC, which enjoys tax-free status because its sworn mission is to provide medical care (Click Here) for the Eagle County community.

I’m very conflicted over supporting this tax.  I fully support the concept of addressing one of our community’s most pressing social issues and applaud the commissioners for taking a stance, and for once, it’s a tax I won’t be paying. The other sad reality is VVMC is immune from public accountability for failing to address this issue and is governed by a board that appoints its own successors (Click Here) and holds closed-door meetings, insulated from public scrutiny, seeming to really not care what the public thinks of them. They have a slick public-relations department and promote themselves mercilessly wrapped in the cloak of respectability of a nonprofit hospital “here to serve the community.”

Mental health is health care, and VVMC has vast resources (including more than $12 million in accrued profits and donations invested offshore (Click Here)  in the Caribbean and Central America) to address this issue already, and those resources are the result of local residents paying far more than the costs incurred by VVMC for many years.

Since 2001, annual revenues of VVMC have increased an average of 22.8 percent (Click Here) , while net income (or excess revenue, as they call it) has increased an average of 104 percent. When earnings increase nearly five times faster than revenues, and cash piles up, it is because prices have risen faster than the cost of providing the services rendered.

But instead of helping out those in need of mental health they chose to (amongst other things) provide a $68 million clinic (Click Here)   for the Steadman Philippon orthopedic group and spend millions bringing in a stem-cell research center. It is unlikely 25 percent of residents (which is the percentage estimated to someday need mental health assistance) will ever need the services of an orthopedic surgeon or benefit from stem-cell research in their lifetimes.

I would urge the Eagle County Commissioners to actively engage in a dialogue with VVMC to see if VVMC is willing to step up to the plate here and invest five days of its profits annually in providing substantial mental-health services to the community.

This could eliminate the need for more taxes on a county that is already burdened with some of the highest health care costs in the state (Click Here) , as noted in a 2016 study (Click Heredone by the Colorado Division of Insurance. It would certainly make this tax more palatable to the voters, and frankly, spending double the amount would probably provide some excellent care for many local residents in need.

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