County Sheriff Hoy’s – Hallowbaloo

By  the fans of Joe Arpaio – Maricopa County

Insiders are certainly aware that current Eagle County’s elected Sheriff Joe Hoy (R) – would like you to vote for him this coming November for four more years of a steady County paycheck and generous benefits package.

There are concerns with Sheriff Hoy and they were voiced this past week at a meeting with Sheriff Hoy and some local Conservatives….The concerns raised in the County’s Conservative community include….

– Joy Hoy’s unbridled public support for the County’s new $24Mill remodel of the ‘taxpayer’s injustice center’. ECT readers know this was the successful effort by our County Commissioners (all democrats) to side-step (they did) our Colorado Constitution (read: TABOR) and hand the EC taxpayer an additional $24Mill in long term debt WITHOUT a vote of the taxpayer – for the expanded Jail, Sheriff’s offices, and Taj Mahal stylized Court rooms for District Court Judges…TABOR demands that a taxpayer vote should have taken place. It didn’t.  (Photo – Eagle County Jail inmates enjoy HD TV)


– Illegal Immigration? ECT can’t remember any significant arrests nor round up of Illegals during Joe’s first term. Can you? Please contact the ECT if you have documentation. Outside of ICE’s annual (it always happens in April – after the resort closes) illegal immigrant round up…the ECT doesn’t know..what Sheriff Hoy can reasonably claim as a four year success deterring Illegal Immigration in Eagle County.

– Sheriff’s Hoy’s position (we don’t know, do you?) with this mess the Colorado State Legislature (controlled by democrats) and Colorado voters have caused. What mess? Colorado State Law now at odds with Federal Drug laws as it pertains to Eagle County Marijuana dispensaries. What to do? ECT doesn’t claim to know. What is Sheriff Hoy’s position? Anybody know? Heard of any arrests? Please contact the ECT if you have any information.

– Concealed Carry County Firearms Permits. Local Conservatives and the County’s Attorney Bryan Treu agree. The way that Sheriff Joe Hoy was enforcing Colorado’s Concealed Carry permit process law – was not consistent with that law…to say the least. Fact is, Colorado State Law requires the County’s Sheriff’s office to handle CC permits with this defined legal process.

– Verify that Said CC permit applicant shall have passed a State approved firearms safety course.

– Verify that Said CC permit applicant has a ‘clean’ CBI background check and CBI has no record of ‘why a person with this permit’ would be a risk to his community or himself.

– Verify that Said CC permit applicant has paid the Sheriff’s office for above, per the State law.

So what’s the issue with Hoy? Hoy (based on his own judgment) would (read: did) proactively have his County deputies notify and speak to your neighbors about the fact you have applied for a CC permit. This is NOT consistent with Colorado law, and besides Conservatives, the County Attorney advised Sheriff Hoy – to stop this practice. The Sheriff has since stopped. Time was…even when you have a 100% clean/safe/no issues CBI background check – Hoy’s deputies would contact your neighbors…

The ECT believes real issue with Sheriff Hoy – is his apparent attitude that some how ‘he’ knows what’s best for everyone. That ‘he’ the Sheriff looks at the law (TABOR & CC permit process – examples) as some sort of suggestion that he, the Sheriff should interpret – then act on what he feels is best for everyone.

Is the job of our Sheriff to enforce the law, or interpret it?

For the record – Colorado’s current CC Permit process law was written by Eagle County’s current State Senator (Al White) and former State Legislator Ken Chlouber. The ECT has learned that Sheriff Hoy recently asked Senator White for his re-election endorsement (Senator White – after learning what Hoy has been doing) refused to endorse Hoy’s re-election campaign.

If you know of any genuine Conservative candidates interested in running for County Sheriff please contact the ECT. Email is at Staff-at-EagleCountyTimes.Com

(EC Jail – Photo Credit EV Enterprise)


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