Deceptive Letters to the Daily Fishwrap’s Editor? You decide!

Our research continued this week, looking into a letter to the VD Editor allegedly written by a ‘Candis Wilhoit’  The letter alleges that Candis is a ‘mainstream Republican’ yet (she?) goes on to refer to other local Republican’s as right-wing misfits, and extremist party leaders.  Really?  The ECT checked with some of the local GOP officials this week and nobody seems to know who a ‘Candis Wilhoit’ is, where (she?) lives nor what her involvement with the local GOP has been…  Candis who?…was the local GOP response.  No one seems to know the last time a Candis Wilhoit attended one of the monthly, public GOP meetings.  Two Saturday’s ago the local GOP held their County Assembly where the democratic process of voting for a GOP Sheriff was held, and it was determined at this public meeting (by a vote) that there shall be a Republican GOP primary for Sheriff this August.  Candis Wilhoit’s letter printed in the Vail Daily refers to this process as some sort of ‘coup’.  Huh?  For the record the Vail Daily reporter Laura Glendenning was also at that same GOP Assembly and witnessed that democratic process.  The ECT has been given a copy of a video from that meeting, proving our story.  The ECT’s point here – is to simply show that our valley’s daily fishwap’s credibility and so-called ‘journalistic integrity’ – belongs at the bottom of a birdcage.  For those interested in seeing what a room full of alleged ‘right-wing misfits’ and party leader extremists’ actually look like, you can view our short video.  Vail Daily reporter Laura Glendenning is the last person to introduce herself.

PS –  Vail Daily reporter Laura Glendenning’s article on that same GOP meeting referred to current County Commissioner – Sara Fisher as ‘a Republican’.  Ms. Fisher is a registered democrat, and has been for quite sometime…no correction was printed (far as the ECT can tell) from the Editor of the Vail Daily fishwrap last week.

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