Hope for Eagle Vail Property Owners? – Vote – Keith Odza

Father, husband and local business man – Eagle Vail Metro District Board candidate Keith Odza is the right man, at the right time, right now.

Today, Eagle Vail is a community in crisis.  Their local elected boards don’t represent the interests of the majority of E-V property owners.  Fees, proposed new taxes, assessments all completely out of control today, at a time when our economy is in a down turn.

It’s time for new, accountable, fiscally responsible Eagle Vail leadership.

Keith Odza is a general manager at one of the large resort properties in Vail.  Keith understands budgets are limited.  Keith is the kind of manager who looks first to get the most out of the budget he has, not first “gee..how can I raise local taxes, to pay for what “I” want?”  Keith also knows who he works for.  Count on it.  Keith doesn’t see other E-V property owners as just a funding source for things just a few people in E-V want.

It is way, way past time for new accountable, fiscally responsible leadership to be elected in Eagle Vail.

This Tuesday, May 4th, vote for Keith Odza and Jane Ross for the Eagle Vail Metro District – Board of Directors.


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