The Sûreté Nationale investigates the Leadville 100

by Inspector Clouseau

Sources close to the investigation of the Leadville 100 bike race told the ECT’s Chief Inspector last week – that the charge of Identity Theft has always and only been a Felony charge.  It’s simply not a misdemeanor offence.  So when last year’s Leadville 100 officially registered biker Katie Brazelton allowed her friend, Wendy Lyall, to use her registration – that’s when the whole thing started to roll down hill.  Reportedly Ms. Brazelton had an injury just before that (hard to get into bike race – they use a lottery) so Katie (inadvertently?) aided and abetted her friend Wendy Lyall – by Katie allegedly picking up her own and official race bib and bright green wrist band using her own required photo ID.  So far so good.  Problem came when Ms. Wendy Lyall reportedly – then took and used her friends ID (race bib and green band) in the race – and finished high enough in the race – for someone to notice it.  Oooops.  Sources close to the investigation told ECT’s Chief Inspector this week – that some Leadville 100 registered racers and race officials went ‘ballistic’ when they discovered the ID and credentials switch.  The cops were called, an investigation done and charges of Identity Theft then filed by Colorado’s 5th Judicial District Attorney – Mark Hurlbert.  There simply was no other charge to file after that investigation completed – sources revealed.

Sources also now report that a plea-bargain with the DA’s office, now in the works between prosecutors and Ms. Brazelton and Lyall’s attorney – to exchange via plea a misdemeanor offence for the original Identity Theft charge.

Conclusion – Inspector Clouseau now realizes that when singer Sammy Davis, Jr. first sang (1968) – Walter Marks song “I gotta be me” Sammy wasn’t just crooning – he was issuing a stern warning to the future generations of bike racers of Leadville’s 100 mile bike race.  Most of which like the persistently confused Managing Editor at the VD – were not even born yet.


6 responses

  1. Cheating is cheating is cheating–these fine (?) ladies got caught-cheating.

    Turns out it is also a crime when you are a Big Kid too.

    The legitimate racers are rightfully irate-as they should be.

  2. Who cares if the racers are angry? What possible difference does that make regarding this case?
    The problem is that it has gotten so far out of hand, and is such an incredible waste of taxpayer dollars.
    The race particulars have been taken care of; the rightful winner has been awarded their gold pin and belt buckle, and has been singled out and applauded.
    Please don’t talk to me about cheating on the rules. You cheat and lie every day. Do you drive 47 in a 45? I could go on and on.
    We all lie, and we all cheat. That case regarding these women should have been closed the day after the race, but no, the political animal Mark Hurlbert decides that it’s entirely possible to ruin their lives, and as a side bonus, get some notoriety for himself.
    Hurlbert’s an ass, and anyone who supports him is an even bigger ass. He cares nothing about compassion, or anything other than furthering his agenda. (as is the case with all DAs.) He’s way, way out of line on this one, and hopefully, someone will take him to task.

  3. I did two extensive blog posts on this case at my Colorado political-legal blog, Ex-Pat Ex-Lawyer.

    As MoreBS points out, the issue is not to look at an incident and scour the legal code to see what can be charged. The predicate question should be do we want to the criminal justice system to start regulating amateur sports, which traditionally have self regulated.

    I say no. Most commenters throughout Colorado and the country have said no. My blog post was even picked up by the foremost journalist covering prosecutorial abuse and excess-Reason Magazine Editor Radley Balko. Here’s the link from his great blog, The Agitator. We picked up over 5,000 reads, and 80-90 percent of comments on my blog and outlets such as 9News, etc., were negative towards Hurlbert’s novel use of the law.

    Also, the girls were not charged with identity theft, they were charged with felony criminal impersonation and conspiracy to commit criminal impersonation. Obviously, I don’t think any charges appropriate, but misdemeanor theft by deception certainly seems to “fit.”

    Because the VD and Summit Daily do such a poor job of covering Mark Hurlbert, I’ve taken it upon myself to do so. I’ve become his personal media watchdog. So lots of stories there about him and his bumbling ways, interspersed with Colorado political news and commentary from a fiscal conservative/civil libertarian slant.

  4. Reminds me of the little old lady they hauled into court for putting nickels in other peoples parking meters to help save them from getting a parking ticket. They actually had a law against kindness with punishment for helping fellow citizens. The more laws we make the more criminals we create. Ken Chlouber is a jerk for letting this go this far. There is also the recent article about the cycling seminar that the organizer charges $2000.00 for and which allegedly gets you a better shot in the lottery for race slots. More bad press for Leadville 100-1.

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