Menconi back in the News? Where did all that money go, Arn?

By Eric Holder and Douglas Shulman

It seemed strange to the ECT gang – so we’ll report it in hopes of clearing up a few questions…

During 2008 a local non-profit 501(c) known as Meet the Wilderness, Inc was merged with another non-profit, Menconi’s (SOS) Snowboard Outreach Society – to become the “new” now bigger non-profit known as SOS Outreach.

So?  So, any non-profit listed as a 501(c) has federal tax returns that are – public record.

So naturally, the ECT gang took a look…

Meet The Wilderness – 2008 Federal Tax return (Click Here) was signed by then (former Eagle County Commissioner) Arn Menconi (D) in his capacity as their Executive Director.  Page 10 of that return lists “Salaries and Wages” $145,244.00 – Program Service Expenses $105,618.00 – Management and General Expenses $9,947.00 and Fundraising Expenses of $29,679.00

What seemed strange to the ECT gang was that no names, nor company names were listed as the people and business – who got paid by this group.  No record (that the ECT could find) of any 1099’s being issued, on that public record tax return.  Where did all that money go, Arn?  Who got it?  What businesses were paid?  Owned by who?

Meanwhile…SOS’s 2008 Federal Tax Return (Click Here) page 10 of that tax return claims ‘Salaries and Expenses’ of $250,724.00, – Program Service Expenses of $175,520.00 – Management and General Expenses $97,781.00 and Fund Raising Expenses $75,204.00

The same issue above repeated itself on this tax return as well…no record that the ECT gang could find of exactly “who” was paid for what and what companies and individuals were compensated as well.  This tax return was prepared by Elbert Bivins IV of Denver, Colorado.

For the record the ECT isn’t accusing anyone of anything – except perhaps (under-reporting on their tax return?) where all that money went…

If any ECT readers are Tax accountants or Tax attorneys and can clear this up, please leave an online comment at the end of this report.  How is it (correct?) that a Federal Tax return can list Salary and Expenses, without stating where all that significant money went?  If an individual receives thousands of dollars in compensation, doesn’t a 1099 need to be generated and reported?  Where is Arn’s Schedule A – form 990 or 990-EZ?

For the record…the ECT gang has no issues with folks who want to contribute and support local non-profits…Our point here today – simply that the money you contribute, “may not all” be going to the cause you intended to support…and when that specific information isn’t publically disclosed…it makes the ECT folks…suspicious.

Meanwhile at the Vail Valley Foundation…

The VVF is also a non-profit, so their 2008 tax return is public record. (Click Here)  Seems the VVF tax preparer – Eide Bailly, LLP – Greenwood Village, CO (unlike Menconi) does disclose – who gets paid what (page 7 of 45) with VVF president Ceil Folz receiving a paltry $269,720.00 in reported 2008 annual compensation and Michael Imhof and John Dakin coming in at $163,365.00 and $115,540.00 respectively. Also of note (page 25 of 45) is the VVF’s 2008 contribution to Menconi’s SOS in the sum of $75,000.00 cash.  One can only imagine the smile on president Obama’s face – when he sees how our local community “spreads the wealth around”.

One response

  1. Well–you know, Arn gave himself a big fat raise courtesy of SOS the first year he left office (ahhh, the joys of being a non-profit) — so maybe that was Bad Karma for a Give Back kinda guy so maybe today he is just donating all his pay for the Greater Good of the Whole–ya think maybe? (methinks….not….)

    And Arn…really now–Bennet? Of all people—Bennet of the “Passing health care reform worth losing my seat” Claim to Fame and then he voted “yea” on Obama/Pelosi/Reid health care despite American loud objections? That Bennet? The same Bennet that Ritter appointed?

    Well as it is said: “Birds of a Feather Flock Together…”

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