Vail Daily’s – Liberal Bias – Made fresh Daily

By the Fox News ‘editorial board’

VD Editor Don Rogers recently called out – for misleading his newspapers dwindling readership.

Issue – the VD’s Liberal Media Bias? You make the call…

What caused all the ruckus?
Remember our community’s recent meeting at the Edwards high school about “Hidden Gems”? Below read Vail Daily’s Editor Don Rogers published comment….

VD Editor’s note: Nancy was kind enough to send a picture of people mostly in white T-shirts showing their loyalties with the Hidden Gems wilderness proposal. Only problem was both sides wore white T-shirts, and supporters have called insisting that they far outnumbered opponents at the meeting. We reported that the two sides showed up in roughly equal numbers.

Now for the TRUTH of the Matter…from an online VD comment….

…Since I (John Hembel) was personally responsible for the printing of, and the distribution of the white t-shirts in question, I can attest that 386 t-shirts were distributed at the Edwards (high school) meeting, not including the 35 distributed at the Boulder meeting, of which, 10-15 showed up in Edwards. That’s 400 in attendance in Edwards wearing a “No Hidden Gems” t-shirt. The shirts were very easily recognizable, with a large ” Public Land, Public Use” in red on the front, and a clear “No Hidden Gems” logo on the back. These can in no way be confused with ANY other white t-shirt (which I didn’t see anyway).

Add at least 40-50 “No ‘Gems” attendees who did not wear one off these shirts, and the number is pushing 450!

How many in attendance total? 550-600? Pretty clear winner in this debate!

Vail Daily is welcome to speak w/me personally – John Hembel 927-0274

So now you have it – all things ‘left’ at home in the Vail Daily pages each day…whether it’s Matt Zalaznick whining about the fact he can’t buy dope in Vail – or the collective efforts of their self-described ‘editorial board’ the bias and slant is always left.

Hence the ECT readership knows that’s why the ECT is so desperately needed today – to bring our community back into balance!


One response

  1. The Vail Daily publisher/editor (Don Rogers?) mistake here was not running the Hidden Gems story under the Opinion section.

    Under “Opinion” the opinion of how many were on whose side would be just fine.

    Under “News” reporting, however, a guesstiment is not only not fine, it can effectively undo any credibility the News section had had.

    (Rather hilarious though on the T-Shirt Maker post–for I do imagine they knew exactly how many NO Hidden Gems shirts they silkscreened–and how many they took back home unworn.)

    Ouch —

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