Sheriff Hoy Busted – His Budget that is…

By Capt. Bill Gannon & Sgt. Joe Friday

Just the facts, Ma’am.

With barely over a month to go before the Sheriff’s primary election this August – the ECT and contributors went to work this past week – to explore incumbent Sheriff Joe Hoy’s re-election claim – that he is a ‘fiscal conservative’ (Click Here)

 Below is our report.  Keep in mind that while the Sheriff is elected – his Sheriff Office budget is 100% under the control of the County Commissioners.  Simply put, the Sheriff’s Budget is part of the overall County Budget.

Reported May 2008, Eagle County Commissioners questioned Sheriff Hoy’s request for an ‘additional’ $82,000.00 in overtime pay for his Sheriff’s department. (Click Here) Also in that story County Finance Director John Lewis was reported as saying – “the Sheriff’s Office is already 154% over their overtime budget for the year and $160,000.00 over the salary budget.”

Apparently in response to some of these staffing/budget concerns the County Commissioners went on to hire outside public safety experts for an inspection of the Sheriff’s Office.  Sheriff Hoy’s comments (September 2008) about the consultants report on his department – were ‘less than complementary’ to say the least.  (Click Here)

Enter the new $24 Million dollar ‘Taxpayer’s Injustice Center’ remodel

This remodel of the existing EC Justice Center on Chambers Avenue in Eagle is still being worked.  ECT contributors asked for public record information from County Finance Director – John Lewis, and a timely documented answer was returned including information from Rick Ullom – Construction Manager – EC Facilities Management Department.

Please review this 22 second video. Sheriff Joe Hoy ‘explains’ where the $24 Million of your tax money was spent. Video from the GOP County Assembly – April 10, 2010.

The issue of course is that the public record information provided by the County’s Finance Director and Construction Manager – is in no way – completely consistent with the embattled Sheriff’s public statements about where millions of dollars of your tax money was spent.  (Click Here)  Do you believe our incumbant Sheriff running for re-election can claim he’s an experienced fiscal conservative – that knows how to budget?  You decide.

In a future edition of the ECT readers can look forward to a continuing review of the Sheriff’s department Salaries, Benefits and a surprising look at the ‘Administrative’ use/mileage of County unmarked Sheriff Office vehicles used by the Sheriff’s top staff.

The ECT would like to remind our readers that this August’s Sheriff’s GOP Primary Election is by US Mail.  Only active and registered County GOP voters will receive their Ballots in the US Mail (after July 20th) to be returned by US Mail or dropped off at any Eagle County Office.

3 responses

  1. I have a question–perhaps somebody has the answer.

    Remember the sex offender on the jail Work Program, who shot himself with a gun while on said work release?

    Aren’t guns a no-no for Work Release prisoners to possess?

    And why was a sex offender turned loose for 12 hours or more a day????

  2. When did it become “fiscally responsible” to have jail cooks make homemade baked goods on a daily basis for inmates? And of course you can’t forget the prime rib dinners on Christmas day for the last several years.

  3. I’ve unfortunately lived in the area long enough to have opportunity to need help from Joe’s deputies on a few occasions and can attest to their professionalism and courtesy while doing work which exposes them to humanities worst sides, day and night after day.

    Joe’s a realistic sheriff, caught within a county administration clique that never believed the good times could end. A county clique that sold bonds to suckers and built a gilded solar powered palace for tin-horn rube judges – while Joe managed to fit a badly needed, larger and progressive jail into the new Chambers Road Judicial EgoPlex.

    His team gets their job done and neither Hoy or the sherriff’s staff be painted with the broad brush used, rightfully, to describe the greenwashed, gold plated “Yassah, Yo Honor0tarium ” palace he’s got to work within.

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