Tech Talk Time -iPhone 4

by Steve Jobs

It’s free.  That is if you have an iPhone.  Of course your iPhone needs to be a 3G or 3GS, these are the second and third generation iPhones.  The original iPhone won’t run the latest free Operating System (iOS4) from Apple.

Make sure you do a ‘sync’ first when your iPhone is connected to Apple’s iTunes software – then apply the free software upgrade to iOS4.  iTunes will automatically download that free upgrade from Apple.

Yes, Apples iOS4 is the new operating system that was released last week with Apples 4th generation iPhone.

The new free software is pretty cool and should keep you happy ’till your new iPhone arrives – next month – if you ordered yours online too.  The Kemosabi too busy to stand in line at an Apple store.

Missing though, was any good documentation on the new features of iOS4, so the ECT offers this 4:11 CNet video – as a demo of some of the new features.  It’s the best video guide the ECT has found so far!

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