County’s Voter Registration – The untold story…

By Bertha Lewis

The State of Colorado’s ‘voter registration’ process is controlled by Colorado state statue…and it’s not a pretty picture.  The good news is – it’s a simple process – however the process is rife with opportunities for voter fraud and abuse.

How so?  All that’s required is that a one page “Colorado Voter Registration Form” be completed (Click Here) and then U.S. Mailed back to your local County Clerk.

All the County Clerk’s office does (the ECT confirmed this) – is to check and see if the voter registration form is “filled out correctly” and if the voter requests it – on that same form, a Colorado Ballot will be sent via US Mail to the address that ‘now registered voter’, put on his/her form.  The (abuser?) can now simply ‘vote by U.S. Mail’.  No need here to show up at a physical polling place and be required to show a photo ID, and possibly answer any questions about the location of your primary residence – or Country of Birth. 

Stunning.  Even worse is the single line on that one page ‘Colorado Voter Registration Form’ is the line that says “check here” – “I do not have a Colorado’s Drivers License, ID card, or a Social Security Number”.  Yes, that’s what it asks.  No problem here in Colorado – that type of register by U.S. Mail ‘voter registration’ will result in that person getting a legitimate ‘vote by U.S. Mail ballot’ from your friendly local County Clerk’s office.

The ECT’s point:  Under Colorado’s current voter registration process – there is simply (no easy way – no requirement) to ‘validate’ any voters registration form.  This legal process of course had to have the approval of the current Colorado State legislature (controlled by democrats today) and a compliant Colorado Governor’s Office (he’s a democrat too) to sign and approve that legislation.

ECT’s question:  From a historical perspective – is a Conservative candidate or a Liberal candidate more likely to benefit from this type of Voter Registration process?  Ever heard of a (Conservative?) ACORN group?  You can sleep soundly tonight knowing that your current Colorado State House legislature – understands the answer to that question – completely…and that as ‘Bill O’ would say….and that’s a memo…

Medical Marijuana and local – Dr. Joseph Ferrara, M.D.
By Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong

Up in Smoke? Today the VD’s web site now lists Ed Stoner as that papers Managing Editor – with no sign of former Managing Editor – Matt Zalaznick…Matt a known – how should the ECT say – a known Medical Marijuana (sympathizer?) has now seemingly (departed the VD?) – gone up in smoke… No doubt Matt would be delighted to learn that the web site – ( has an online form with Dr. Joseph Ferrara’s name on it. All a prospective new (client? customer? patient?) need do is click on that web link on that home page – and it takes you to that PDF form. (Click Here) The purpose of that form of course is to start the process of you applying for your now legal Medical Marijuana “prescription card”. The form with Dr. Ferrara’s name on it (bottom of page one) also allows the new patient to request Dr. Ferrara, “see me as a patient” using Video Conferencing. How convenient. The bottom of the 5 page form that has Dr. Ferrara’s name on it shows “*Professional Medical Services/Patient Examination fee” of $60.00. Perhaps Minturn’s Chili Willy’s can offer some new office space.  OBTW- MZ’s Facebook page seems to confirm his recent and quite departure from the VD…


5 responses

  1. Wow–Matt Z really IS gone! Holy cow!

    Maybe it was this one : “Matt Zalaznick: Vail smokes voters with pot ban”

    But then again, maybe it was this one :

    Zalaznick: Blame all the Vail Valleys on Google.
    To sum up, all I have to say is: Vail Vail Vail Vail Vail Vail Vail Vail Vail Vail.

    We have received some flak for all the “ Vail Valleys” all over our website.

    Well, these readers who’ve com­plained are right, and we’re sorry, and we’re not going to change a thing.

    “OK, maybe we’ll change one or two things.”

    (Maybe the “one or two changes” Swift News did involved a new VD Managing Editor?)
    OLD ONE.

    Matt Zalaznick
    – Managing Editor. Matt has been a reporter and editor…

    NEW ONE!!!

    Managing Editor
    Edward Stoner

    Managing Editor
    Phone Number: (970) 748-2929


  2. I think that it’s superb that Dr. Ferrara has the compassion and security to be a physician in Eagle County that is willing to work with Medical Marijuana patients, as Dr. Bock, CEO of Colorado Mountain Medical has barred his physicians from writing any recommendations for their patients.

    Given the virtual lock on primary care that CMM has on patients in Eagle County, this seems discriminatory to me, but IANAL…

    Thank you Dr. Ferrara. I’m not a patient of yours yet, but I will be when it’s time for my next (5th, BTW) renewal.

    You see, back when there were less than 20 registered patients in the county, I was one of them.

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