Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

by Blake Edwards

From last Sunday morning.  It was like photographing Audrey Hepburn & George Peppard – said the ECT contributor.  Can you name their movie?  (Click Here) for their photographic hint.  The young lady pictured here certainly has the shapely legs of a movie star and former ballerina (guys – just click on the photo to enlarge it)  but we can’t recall a scene from the movie where George was caught with his shirt off!  No shirt?  No shoes?  Apparently no problem at this recently discovered west Gore Creek – brook based Bistro.

The ECT has long been a big fan of Peter Stadler’s – Vail Restaurant – Up the Creek.  However this new west Vail establishment seems to be taking Peter’s dining idea to a whole new level.  One thing the ECT did notice about both establishments – no paddles could be found anywhere near these local diners.

This ECT ‘photo of the week’ was submitted – taken from the west end of Gore Creek along the bike path just above Dowd Junction.

Who says the ECT knows nothing of romance?


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  1. Blake,
    Thanks for sending me the link. To funny to see you on the bike path….I like your methodology for getting a story. Call me up and we can convert it into a 4 top.

  2. I would like see you post the wages of all eagle county employees, any groverment related job in our valley, school teachers and school administrators. You could do a weekly posting by departments. Label it where our money goes.

  3. Here is some spending/tax increases Vino-

    School, County & state, all taken from the media back in 2008-09

    Eagle County School District spending 2008-09

    Eagle school district contributes $100,000 to daycare in Gypsum
    Eagle school district purchases building in Eagle- $2.3 million.
    School board approves spending priorities of more than $6 million of unused bond funds (for items not approved for bond money spending.)
    The new Red Canyon school wasn’t on the bond, but the school board decided to build the school anyway out of school bond- (voters had said no to this.)
    Schools buy into Edwards affordable housing – $500,000 investment
    Schools hire in school social worker to help students- $80,000 salary per year
    Eagle County school district plans on spending half a million to a million dollars in 2009 for:

    – A new coordinator for the gifted and talented education program,
    – New positions in the technology
    – New positions in maintenance departments,
    – Two paid parent liaisons to help schools communicate with Spanish-speaking parents,
    – The district will also hire a grant writer, which by bringing in more money to the school district could end up paying for itself.
    Eagle County school district guarantees their bus drivers eight hours of work a day, all year around-
    2nd teacher raise ( 3 months after 1st teacher raise)
    Eagle County teachers get $300K in bonuses
    Third pay raise for teachers:
    Eagle County school district is boosting it’s starting pay for teachers by more than $2,700 for the 2008/2009 school year, * making ECSD the second highest paying school district in the state now.
    Teachers who sign up for teaching English as a second language will receive an extra $1,000 signing bonus.
    Eagle County school district added a few schools to its high poverty school list, which will earn teachers another $2,500 signing bonus.

    School’s principal confident the charter school will remain open

    EAGLE, Colorado – When Brenda Jimenez got pregnant at the age of 13…she had another baby when she was 15, and because of the New America School in Gypsum, she didn’t have to drop out of school and give up on her education.

    Costs Eagle schools $9000 per year to educate each student at NAS-
    When state revenues are down, Eagle County schools still get paid.
    “We’re better protected than any other government,” said Phil Onofrio, the Eagle County School District’s chief financial officer.


    Eagle County Commissioners spending/tax increases -2008 through 2009

    Eagle County contributes $371,000 to daycare in Gypsum
    Eagle county has paid nearly $40,000 for a new logo
    Eagle county officials chose to spend trying to rename the Eagle County Regional Airport, for $100,000 per word
    The county invested $4.5 million for Stratton Flats, the county’s newest workforce housing project.
    Eagle County spends $5.8 million on Recycling facility
    County spends $ 240,000 for Eagle County’s new landscape project at the county administration building in Eagle.
    How much does parking cost at Eagle airport- officials are considering charging Eagle County passengers …
    Last year, the county did a survey of residents, asking whether they would support a tax to fund the justice center. The survey indicated they would not, so commissioners decided to fund the project from existing county funds…

    Expanding the Eagle County courthouse, jail and Sheriffs Office for $24 million, despite all the controversy about government spending, was approved this week.
    Plans for improvements and expansion to the Eagle County Justice Center are still about $2 million over budget. Eagle County defends $24 million price tag, saying jails are more complex than other buildings.
    Legal bill cheaper than lawsuit, Eagle County says $57,000 spent by Eagle County to fight… district judge’s ruling that, in part, invalidated virtually every election held since 1992 relieve local governments of some of the restrictions imposed by a state constitutional amendment called the Taxpayers Bill of Rights, or TABOR.

    “Compared to the cost of defending that, this bill is a bargain,” Eagle County Attorney Bryan Treu said.
    Vail Valley: Obama money to build Edwards roundabouts

    The Edwards interchange project is one of the “shovel-ready” projects Obama said he wanted to get stimulus money.” They had a resurfacing plan for $10 million on the list originally,” Eagle County Commissioner Peter Runyon

    “We told them that the resurfacing work was going to be done anyway…”
    Eagle County chipped in $250,000 for this Edwards roundabout design

    State of Colorado:
    February 2009

    Colorado stimulus spending
    A group set up by Gov. Bill Ritter to oversee how state agencies spend stimulus money met for the first time Thursday-

    “Making sure the money is spent as soon as possible -” (Ritter)
    Colorado stimulus oversight begins

    Colorado will hand out $2 billion on everything from road repairs to food stamps
    Colorado governor backs health-care expansion plan Gov. Bill Ritter says

    legislation will provide coverage to more than 100,000 uninsured citizens –
    Colorado lawmakers have introduced a plan to eliminate a cap on spending
    Colorado car fee increase bill will be signed Monday
    Increases will be phases in over three years, ultimately costing Colorado drivers an extra $41

    -Gov. Bill Ritter says he’ll sign a bill to raise Colorado vehicle
    registration fee on Monday. The increases will be used to pay for bridge and road repairs. -Gov. Bill Ritter, who has been pushing for passage of the bill…
    Colorado Senate backs raising tire fee to help businesses

    People would have to pay more than double to get rid of old tires
    Democrats rushing to raise fees in effort to create thousands of Colorado jobs
    Colorado Senate panel backs easing spending limits Proposal to eliminate spending limits on Colorado state budget
    The Colorado Legislature – provides approximately $500 million for CO school projects ranging from renovations to building additions and new schools.


    Maybe ECT can update this for calender year 2009-10?!!!!

    • As we are aware, Eagle County is in the process of laying off employees and most recently; offered an early retirement package to its employees. While Eagle Coounty reduces its payroll, how is it that the director of human resources was able to create a position at the airport and hire her husband to fill that job? The starting salary for that position was just over $100k. I know of at least 2 people that were laid off from the airport before this job was created and filled. Employees of the airport went to VD in hopes of getting somebody to investigate this hiring that was approved by the county commissioners. Can’t wait to hear what type of explanation is given by the county if this is even looked in to by the VD.

      • Thanks for the feedback. The EagleCountyTimes.Com – will look into it. The thing you should know about the VD & VM print newspapers is that they are addicted to the print advertising money that sometimes comes from Eagle County – into their print newspapers. There is very little chance you’ll see anything printed (negative) about Eagle County there…even if it’s the truth.

        You migh as well ask Beelzebub to investigate this allegation – before these print newspapers do!

  4. Hi Vino- Eagle County has posted employee salaries in years past in the VD. I don’t remember what month the salaries of Eagle County employees is published, but take notice of how many layers of management there are. Next time EC salaries are published, look at the high double digit and 6 digit salaries in Eagle County. Up until last year, the County would furnish the employees name, job title, salary, by department. Last year, names were withdrawn but job titles were posted with the salaries for those positions. Next time Eagle County goes through lay offs and pushes early retirement on its’ employees, the commissioners should do what’s right(haha) and start trimming the fat at the top instead of starving the grunts who make the county run. Reduction in department supervisors who make $80k +, Assistant Directors are paid $90k +, and deparment directors are paid $110k +! Open your eyes Sarah, Peter and John!!

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