On any given Monday…

By  John D. Rockefeller – President Standard Oil New Jersey & Eagle County’s Gasoline Cartel

County’s gasoline prices?  It’s been said – ‘there are none so blind as those that will not see…’ and so it is with the VD’s recent efforts to focus on the strength of our (resort based?) local economy.  Is it resort lodging?  Pay attention VD ‘editorial board’.  Yes, both photos in this story were taken on the same day last week.

While the majority of our local newspapers prefer their catatonic state of awareness…the ECT prefers instead to expose the healthiest (read: greediest) part of our local economy…the County’s up valley – gasoline cartel.

How else to explain the radical difference in Gasoline prices between the east end and west end of Eagle County?

Who sets the price of a gallon of gasoline down valley?  Turns out (it really is) Corky’s Gas Station on Grand Avenue in Eagle.  How so?  Costco Gasoline (the valley’s lowest price) sets their price at 6 cents below the lowest price they can find in their stores area.  That’s Corky’s gas station.  (Don’t ask how the ECT knows this is true – we just do).  Turns out Costco’s ‘boots on the ground folks’ survey gas prices in their area each week.  The prices you then see on Gypsum’s Costco pumps are set remotely, electronically – by the Corporate folks at Costco.

Who sets up Valley gasoline pricing?  The County’s rarely mentioned – Gasoline Cartel.  How else to explain the 36 cents (per gallon!) difference between (Vail – Avon) versus (Eagle – Gypsum)?  Yes, the ECT includes Eagle-Vail’s Rte 6 café in that cartel too.

Yes, you can drive out of the east end of Eagle County (in any direction) and gasoline gets cheaper quickly.

So who holds the key to lower gasoline prices up valley?

Answer:  Avon’s Developer – Traer Creek.  Traer Creek is now paying close attention to the 4 Council seats up for grabs this November.  Their stalled Avon development (Wal~Mart & Home Depot) will now have a chance to resume after Avon’s November election – if the right sort of individuals are elected.  What has stalled Traer Creek’s development over the past few years?  (Click Here)

It remains to be seen if any of Avon’s candidates are smart enough to campaign on improving relations with Traer Creek – to the mutual benefit of all concerned citizens & consumers.  The only Avon candidate the ECT can think of – that has a reasonable chance at this is Jim Benson – who served on Avon Council years earlier at a time when negotiating with a developer was the way to move Avon forward – no litigating against them – which is what today’s Avon Council seems to prefer.

We’ll all see who’s paying attention – as we move closer to November.


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