So? What is that behind you, Peter?

By Salvador Dali, Charles Kao and George Hockham

That is exactly what Solaris developer Peter Knobel was asked this past weekend – at the afternoon un-vail-ing of – just behind Peter??? (Click on our photo – to enlarge it)

Peter was asked by one ECT contributor…

What is it, Peter?  What is it supposed to be?

Did you dream this up?  Did your wife?

Peter’s reaction?  Like a deer in your headlights…Not known to be caught speechless very often, Herr Knobel, most certainly was.  Leave it to the ECT to ask folks questions they obviously haven’t had to answer before…After a moment, Peter went on to explain…it’s suppose to bring in (curious?) folks to Solaris…the ECT surmises…to try and figure out just what it is.

Peter’s description of a (Martini glass?) or is it a (Champaign glass?) sports some sort of fiber optic (ice cubes?) in the otherwise very tall (glass?).

Yes, fiber optics, Peter proudly claimed…and depending on how they’re lit up – the artistic interpretation of the (Martini glass?) that holds them – changes.  Peter’s (fiber optic glass art?) obviously deserves a second look – after sunset.  If only the ECT’s photographer could afford the Solaris public parking rates.

Considering Peter’s original ‘deer’ in the headlights reaction…the ECT resisted the temptation to ask Peter…if his fiber optic Martini (ice cubes?) operated in the O band or the more conventional C nanometer optic bands.

Peter did go on to insist that his optic fiber (Martini glass?) had a price tag of around a million dollars.  $ay what?  The ECT was shaken, not stirred by that Noble price tag.  That same afternoon Peter’s commercial retailers in Solaris – when on to insist to the ECT…that “my cell phone use to work in my Solaris retail space – till Peter put that thing up!”

Pictured at the top and in the center of this exclusive ECT photo is Vail Fine Art owner Jim Tylich and VFA gallery sales consultant – Rob Litt…who are no doubt standing outside trying to use their formerly working cell phones…

The ECT wants to wish Peter Nobel good luck with his new Solaris project…including whatever that thing is out in front…and a reminder…that beautiful stone work on Peter’s Solaris…is the proud product – of the Gerald Gallegos Corporation.

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