From the Street

By Lazarus of Bethany 

The ECT couldn’t decide if the Phoenix Rising – or the Biblical story of Lazarus rising from the dead – was a better analogy – to describe – Avon’s (closed last week- but we re-opened this week) restaurant – Fiesta Jalisco is now back in action.  Good for you.  One wonders if Avon’s catatonic Town Council – even noticed Fiesta Jalisco had closed in the first place.  Not a word from that crew, even when Avon’s Outback Steakhouse and Pizza Hut – packed up and moved out of Avon last Spring.  (Click Here)

Complaints received about our County Commissioners this week at the ECT.  All about…our three County Commissioners – putting their selfish “best-interests” ahead of the Eagle County taxpayers.  How so?

Readers complaining specifically about the fact that the repeal of the County’s “Open Space” Tax isn’t on our November County wide ballot, rather that the Commissioners selfish desire for a third, 4 year term – is the real ballot question this November 2nd.  The ECT insists as we remind our readership again – the $4.5 million dollar taxpayer (Stratton Flat housing project) loss – was a direct result of the votes of these Commissioners.  How any reasonable, clear thinking Commissioner could believe he/she is deserving of a third, 4 year term after that taxpayer debacle is beyond us.

Getting it right?  Construction well under way at Eagle County’s – HUD Section 8 Federal low income housing.  Local (yeah!) general contractor RA Nelson is managing this overdue project to completion.  ECT delighted to see this, and report it this week.

The ECT regrets to report to our readership that Beaver Creek’s famous financial stimulus program known to locals as ‘beaver bucks’ – is officially and permanently – terminated.  This bad news – delivered to two ECT contributors this week – by acting Beaver Creek Resort Company Executive Director – Ludwig Kurtz.  Ouch!

Beaver Creek’s always popular Oktoberfest was on again last weekend – with Helmut Fricker’s talented Accordion keeping everyone in attendance – entertained.  The ECT’s short video of Helmut – in action, leading the assembled crowd with Helmut’s singing cheer “We want more beer!”


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