Diversity Indeed – You’ve gotta see this Oktoberfest 2010 Video

By Gloria Estafan, Penélope Cruz and Salma Hayek 

Now this is the ECT’s idea of real diversity.  Take a lederhosen ladened Bavarian Band at Vail’s 2010 Oktoberfest – and have ‘em belt out a good tune – more commonly heard – south of the border.  The ECT hasn’t heard something this impressive – since Susan Boyle climbed on to a stage. 

The ECT is requesting an online Comment (translation please) of what this young lady is signing.  The ECT’s Spanish – not up to par.  Look closely at the video and the (lip syncing?) tambourine clad, Helmut Fricker – the ECT suspects Helmut’s Spanish isn’t much better than ours…HA! 

Enjoy this 51 second video of this very talented (Bavarian?) young lady.  Amazing. 

Helmut Says…Ach du liebe Zeit! 


Click on our ECT gallery’s individual photo’s this week – to enlarge them!  The Solar Cells?  Something for local Matt Sherr to ponder- on his way to Ecuador! 





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