Does this seem right – to you?

by – the Fox Guarding the Hen House

Everyone paying attention to Colorado’s Judiciary knows that there is a very public effort this year – to remove Judges from the Bench.  It’s called ‘Clear the Bench Colorado’ – which the ECT does support.

It is (among other things) an effort to remove Activist Judges who legislate from the Bench – in order to promote social change that ‘they think’ is good.

Now enter – Colorado’s Office of Judicial Performance Evaluation…the Fox standing in front of our Courthouse…er…hen-house.  Turns out this pro status quo group…

“Over the decades-long history of the “performance review” commissions, they have NOT ONCE recommended a “do not retain” vote for a Colorado Supreme Court justice (historically, that’s a 100% endorsement of the incumbent); the commissions have NOT ONCE recommended a “do not retain” vote for any Colorado Court of Appeals judge (again, a 100% endorsement); and the commissions have only very rarely (16 times, counting this year) recommended a “do not retain” vote for ANY judge at ANY level (an astounding 99% endorsement rate).  According to these “evaluations” there is no need to remove ANY of the incumbent judges or justices appearing on the ballot this year.”  For more information and a look at the ECT’s source for this quote – (Click Here)

Does this seem right to you?  Fair and Balanced?  Who is this Pro-Judge group and why do they pretend to represent your interests?   (Click Here) – proves this group – wants you to vote to retain every single Judge up for re-election in Eagle County this November 2nd.

Don’t be fooled.  Be informed.  It’s time to Clear the Bench in Eagle County and else where – and the County could certainly use a new Sheriff too – vote for James Van Beek – Eagle County Sheriff – Nov. 2nd


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  1. – Commissions on Judicial Performance Home Page –

    Commissions on Judicial Performance were created in 1988 by the Colorado General Assembly to provide fair, responsible and constructive evaluations of trial and appellate judges and justices.

    The evaluations enable voters to make informed decisions in judicial retention elections, and also provide judges with information that can be used to improve their professional skills.

    Per The Colorado Statesman, 7/16/2010 By Marianne Goodland

    Since judicial retention evaluations began in 1988, there have been 953 judges on the ballot.

    Fifteen got recommendations against retention and 10 got “no opinion.”

    Another seven were voted out. In the last retention election in 2008, 102 out of 103 judges were retained by voter approval.

    … Arnold (his website is noted, the three other Supreme Court judges up for retention in November — Justices Michael Bender, Alex Martinez and Nancy Rice — were part of the “Mullarkey majority” and Arnold said they bear just as much responsibility for the decisions that his group takes issue with. That includes –

    Mesa County Board of County Commissioners v. State of Colorado, which dealt with mill levies;

    Barber v. Ritter, which dealt with TABOR as it related to cash funds transfers; and

    Town of Telluride v. San Miguel Valley Corp., which ruled on an eminent domain case.

    To date, Justices Bender and Rice have now filed for retention; Justice Martinez has until Aug. 2 to make that decision.

    Full story here:

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