Billy Mays says – “But wait, Chris Romer! There’s more!”

By – the ghost of  Billy Mays

I read this recent column by Chris Romer,  executive director of the Vail Valley Partnership (also known as “VAIL VALLEY TOURISM AND CONVENTION BUREAU“)  in the VD newspaper.

“Don’t be fooled by ballot measures 60, 61 and 101.  Vote no on 60, 61 & 101.”

But wait!  There’s more!

Per the Vail Valley Partnership tax returns–“Government Contributions” are a Main Player in their donated annual cash income… and you taxpaying folks are… The Government.  (Click Here) for a copy of Chris Romers 2009 – Vail Valley Partnership – Federal Tax Return)

Mr. Romer forgot to include a couple of line items in his list of  ‘Reasons Why We Really Need Taxpayers To Vote No on All Three’ – See, the ballot issue also would limit the borrowing power of local governments — meaning the Vail Valley Partnership aka  VAIL VALLEY TOURISM AND CONVENTION BUREAU still wants your towns annual contribution (read: annual government hand out) and the chances of VVTCB getting the same size check – is zero when 60, 61 & 101 are passed.  Simply put – your town wont have the same amount of your tax money to hand out.

But wait!  There’s more!  Some Really Happy News for you when you vote YES on ballot measures 60, 61 and 101!

Mr. Romer kindly tells us that each taxpayer (read: mom and dad) in Colorado will save, cash in hand — “only” — $1,360/year when these three ballot issues pass in November.

ONLY $1,360.00/taxpayer – means you and your working spouse will be given back your family’s $2,720.00, in oxy-clean cash money – each and every year – and folks!  Guess what!

– That  $2,720.00 of your family’s money will pay for – four, Epic ski passes this year and on mountain lunches of course.
– That’s your money that could be used for your family vacation this year – and here you thought you couldn’t afford one.  Apparently Mr. Romer (and others like him) don’t think your family deserves one!

And by the way-on Line # 4 where the VVTCB 501 C 990 Tax Return asks “Did the Organization engage in Lobbying Activities”  Vail Valley Partnership  left it…..blank.  The truthful answer is “yes we/he Mr. Romer did”.

So let’s ask their Executive Director,  Mr. Chris Romer, who signed that tax return, “Did they or didn’t they engage in lobbying activities?”    Call him at  970-476-1000  or email: – and don’t be afraid to ask Mr. Romer – where he took his family on vacation last year!

While you visit with him, be sure to tell him YOU WANT YOUR MONEY and you are voting YES on all three.

One response

  1. About non-profits and charities–as staff sez: “awareness only”

    For example, take Denver’s Mile High United Way (and I like United Way-don’t mistake this next comment for being against them) but, did you know that the non-profit gives (or gave) thousands of dollars to a couple of Colorado public schools? Their tax return shows that, PDF, on page 25 of tax returns-

    Maybe if they didn’t give money to CO Public schools, they would not need a CO state mortgage loan. ( ref: scanned IRS doc )

    Mile high United Way may have paid the mortgage off early-I have no idea- but the State of CO (meaning taxpayers) were shown as carrying United Way’s mortgage ‘first’. Denver – county and city- carried their “second” per the docs. (PDF page 27 tax returns)

    Why are government entities in the mortgage lending business? Isn’t that normally a bank or mortgage brokers job? Doesn’t that job keep our banks and mortgage brokers employing people, so helping our economy?


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