Avon’s Police Chief–A LawBreaker

by the Justice League of America

Avon’s Police Chief is Robert Ticer and he is a lawbreaker.

The ECT will prove it.

Chief Ticer was appointed to this his new position in Avon last Spring – 2010.  The chief has been on duty roughly nine months.

Keep in mind that the Town of Avon is starved for cash.  Combine weak Avon sales tax receipts environment with an overall downturn economy – and you have a local police force – scared for their jobs.  Don’t forget the County home foreclosure rate at 579 – YTD.  Avon has already laid folks off and has cut back overall work hours for Town Staff.  Remember the hundred of thousands of Avon taxpayer dollars spent for the ongoing litigation against Avon developer Traer Creek – this keeps Avon starved for cash.  Fact is the (now former) highest paid law enforcement officier in Eagle County – Jeff Layman – was laid off (by Sheriff Hoy) recently from his job as Under Sheriff of Eagle County (~$140k/yr)  Long time locals remember Jeff as a former Police Chief of Avon….

So how as Avon PD reacted in the downturn economy?

Simple.  As a revenue generating source for the Town of Avon.

The law it seems, doesn’t seem to apply to Chief Ticer.  Many Avon residences have reported to the ECT that there have been several citizen/Avon police encounters in the last several weeks.  Encounters involving…

– Failure (read: ticket issued) to come to a complete stop, at Avon stop signs.

– Failure (read: ticket issued) to wear your seatbelt. The fine is $65.00 with an additional Avon $10.00 surcharge.

– Radar.  Speeding.  A preponderance of tickets issued.

– One ticket issued because a resident leaving Avon’s trailer park (~7AM) had windows on their vehicle that were tinted “too dark”.  The ECT not kidding – Avon PD has a device that measures how darkly tinted a car/truck window is – and they write tickets if the window is too dark.

– Expired License plate tags.

Enter Avon’s Police Chief Robert Ticer.  The license plate tags on Chief Ticer’s  police vehicle (pictured here) were expired by MONTHS!

The above photo of the Chief’s vehicle was taken outside the office of Avon PD.  At that time of this photo Chief Ticer noticed his vehicle was being photographed, came outside (with an Avon deputy in tow) and asked what the photographer was doing.  Chief Ticer admitted to the photographer that his tages were expired for months…however when the Avon deputy (who as standing there) was questioned – “are you going to write Chief Ticer a ticket?” – the Avon deputy said “no”.

Apparently in Avon – one set up rules applies to the Police Chief, a different set of rules – applies to everyone else.

What can a reasonable person do about this?  First keep in mind that the Police moniker ‘to protect and serve’ has been replaced in Avon by ‘bully then extort’.  If you’re in Avon remember that any automobile infraction, no matter how minor, is an opportunity for Avon PD, to extort more money from you the hard-working taxpayer.

One wonders – if driving through Avon with vehicle windows that are ‘tinted too dark’ is a crime, how long can it before this Avon Police Chief requests Avon’s City Council pass an ordinance making it a crime to drive with improperly inflated tires?

If you’d like to read more about how Avon PD (doesn’t provide assistance to motorists/Avon taxpayers – in Avon PD’s own words) – CLICK HERE

Second, if you have an opportunity to avoid Avon in the future, do so at every reasonable opportunity.

4 responses

  1. I personally think that the timing of Sheriff Hoy’s firing of Jeff Layman is quite suspect… I’m not arguing the firing, as I have no knowledge of what was going on behind the scenes, and that is between employer/employee. However, I do find the timing of the firing to be questionable.

    Let’s see… a strong desire to be re-elected… a VERY close election… a VERY popular undersheriff… hmmmm… let’s keep him on board until I (hopefully) win the election, and then fire him.

    Let’s be clear… Joe would NOT have won reelection were it not for Jeff’s assistance and influence in the community… something that our sheriff certainly had to know.

    This action has caused me to question the the core integrity of our sheriff… someone I have voted for in all past elections. It’s always “telling” how people act when the chips are down, or when they are faced with monumental challenges. How disappointing.

    I think this warrants some reseach by the ECTs… your thoughts?

    Even better yet… Joe, why don’t you share your thoughts with everyone? I’m sure that I am not the only one to be questioning your actions at this time…

    • Yes, Tacklerock,

      ECT suspecious of Joe Hoy’s motives as well.
      ECT issue with (reporting?) this…is story would have been 100% speculation.

      ECT happy to print/link use photos as hard evidence…in the case of Hoy/Layman is was all speculation.

      ECT as you are aware did not support Hoy’s re-election. Now were stuck with him again.
      At least we know the dope smokers are happy – Hoy won’t touch them. An every damn one of them knows it.

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