From the Street

the Edwards Interchange – Governments latest local Stimulus Failure – will it ever be completed?

Since the ECT’s last issue the Almighty has seen fit to start our ski/tourist season off with plenty of fresh new snow.

White – any Vail based lodging based business will tell you – brings green.  That economic fact is good for all of us, more so up valley than down valley as County Home Foreclosures climbed to 579 YTD last week.

Our County/Country needs more jobs to be created.

The Governments – local/state/federal are failing uniformly to improve our local and US wide economy.

The current leadership in charge is focusing on the wrong thing.  Taxing the so-called rich will do nothing to improve our economy.

Instead the discussion needs to focus on “how can the government help create more millionaires – that invest in new businesses – that pay more in taxes – as those new businesses create more jobs – that ultimately stops the current rate of home foreclosures.”

This singular attention (by the U.S. Congress) to focusing on ‘taxing the rich’ is insane.  There is little hope this current focus will change until new much more Conservative (read: less catatonic) leadership takes over the U.S. House of Representatives – this January, 2011.

Insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over again – and expecting a different result…Which brings us to last months actions by the majority of voters in California.  Practically every single liberal democrat in that state was re-elected to office, including Pelosi.  The very next month?  California’s Governor issued a “state of emergency” – Click Here because of the financial condition of California.

The ECT can find no sane reason why a reasonable California voter – would vote to return to office – those leftist people who are responsible for for California’s economic problems in the first place.  Can you?

Colorado is and has been on the same political/economic glide slope as California is.  Liberal Democrats predominantly in charge politically in Colorado as in California.  A state with a failing public school system, marijuana/drug and immigration problems that mirror exactly.  A weak State economy that is not improving – job loss, causing more home foreclosures.  The only bright spot the ECT can see is that (like the US House of Representatives – a more Conservative Colorado State house (read: House not Senate) will be in charge this January.

Hope for the new year?  While last months election results show most of the majority of voters across our County – ‘have figured it out’ – our local community languishes behind.  The good news is that most of our Tourist base of fresh new dollars comes from parts of our County where voters ‘seem to get it’ and have decided (at least at a discount) to come visit our resort Community again.

We’ll all see what next year brings to our Resort based local Economy – including – Vail’s Mayor, Dick Cleveland (left) Vail Town Manager Stan Zemler (middle) and former Vail Mayor Bob Armour…


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