Commissioner Stavney’s – Trouble with the Truth

by Investigative Reports

They’re not telling you the truth.

VM reporter Matt Minich broke an interesting story last week about proposed new Colorado legislation.  In particular Colorado House of Representative – Millie Hamner’s (D) bill HB 1154.  Millie represents us, since Eagle County is in her House District 56.

Millie’s proposed Bill is being done at the request/behest of your Eagle County Commissioners.  The ECT would like to thank Rep. Hamner’s office for responding promptly to the ECT’s request for a copy of that proposed bill, so we could read it.  The ECT’s polite request? (Click Here)

The Bill is less than 3 and a half pages long.  Apparently the ECT gang is one of the few folks who have actually read that Bill.  Now thanks to the efforts of the ECT you can too.  (Click Here)

The problem of course is how your County Commissioners (democrat Jon Stavney in particular) has described and commented on this proposed State wide bill – from Matt Minich’s story.  If Matt’s printed quotes and comments are indeed accurate, your Commissioners and local supporters – aren’t telling you the truth about this legislation.  Read the Bill.

Exhibit A – from Matt’s story….

The bill would not give the County any new powers over local businesses, Stavney said, but would simply allow the County access to the same kind of information available to municipalities.

Commissioner Stavney’s view of what the bill actually says…is dead wrong.

What the proposed bill’s language actually says and allows for is…new and additional REQUIRED reporting of…





Questions Abound –

Why are local businesses located in unincorporated Eagle County (and everywhere else in the State) being penalized with newly proposed/additional, regulatory reporting requirements?

Also proposed new County Fees – to cover the cost of Eagle County expanding local government to administer this…

Why – at a time when Eagle County’s most egregious economic problem is Home Foreclosure – due to JOB LOSS – why would the County Commissioners want to propose/support legislation that would dissuade new (job creating) business from entering Eagle County and at the same time financially penalize businesses that are already here?  OBTW – 16 newly reported County home foreclosures just last week.

It Gets Worse – Enter the so-called “Vail Valley Partnership”

Chris Romer – Executive Director of VVP is listed as a public supporter of this proposed legislation.  VVP is fundamentally a private sector organization that purports to support the business interests of businesses in the tourism/resort industry located here in Eagle County.  Resort lodging, transportation, restaurants, recreation…etc

The obvious question is – why would Mr. Romer support legislation causing additional reporting burdens and new County fees – levied against the very businesses that pay to join his organization?  Has the Board of Directors at VVP read the proposed legislation?

Has Mr. Romer’s organization been promised additional County funding (taxpayer funded grants?) if this State wide legislation passes?  After all…all three County Commissioners support this Bill, right?

So far (13FEB2011) the ECT can find no web links to the proposed legislation on the VVP web site (nor on Eagle County’s web site)…Is Mr. Romer and his board counting on his membership, NOT reading the 3 pages of the proposed legislation?

What you can do!

First and foremost – read the three and a half pages of the proposed new State wide legislation.

Second – If you’re a dues paying member of VVP and don’t agree with Mr. Romer’s endorsement, contact him (W 970.949.1000) and let him know your views.  Be sure to tell Mr. Romer, you’ve been able read the Bill because the EagleCountyTimes.Com – has provided you with a copy.

Third – Also contact Rep. Millie Hamner (Click Here) and tell her you don’t support this legislation.

ECT Disclaimer:  For those ECT readers that might believe the ECT may have taken “something out of context” in our story or Matt’s at the VM – here is the web link to Matt’s original story (Click Here) and above is the ECT’s web link to the actual proposed legislation.  The ECT reports, documents, then lets you decide.

To VM reporter Matt Minich – ECT gang hopes you will follow up on answers in our story – about your story.  ECT very interested in getting some of the answers published to our questions.  You can bet your last dollar Matt, your competition at the Daily Fishwrap won’t touch any answers to our now mutual story.



7 responses

  1. ECT did a nice job of making this ski bum aware of this proposed legislation.

    I have no problem with offering some information, like whether or not we provide health insurance, which we do. But there are some details that are proprietary, that we shouldn’t have to disclose.

    But it’s pure bunk, histrionics, to lead that this law would discourage a business from moving here.

    Most businesses won’t move here — anyway. Housing is too expensive, the talent pool is too small. And, there’s no incentives being offered to draw businesses here. The ones that will move here are going to anyway, because of the lifestyle. They would see something like this as the price of admission up here.

    Talking about incentives, there’s two ways government can increase the odds of a business moving here. One, tax breaks. Offer a business tax breaks for relocating here if they employ people here. Two, marketing. You have to get the word out, to let a business know that the county wants businesses to move here.

    Neither are likely.

    Tax breaks won’t happen because they just don’t have the money. And of course, the right would see this as socialism and blast the leaders for doing so. Two, investing in marketing is another no-no on the right, and they’d have a cow. Investing is spending, and we certainly can’t do that, right? Never mind that investing is a key tenet to capitalism, what the right claims to be all about. More contradictions.

    The valley is about construction. And until the housing market gets back on it’s feet, which could be awhile, it’s just mumbo jumbo to pin unemployment problems on the commesshheners. However, with the stock market being where it is, housing could recover some on the high end beginning this summer. Because my bet is that there’s a direct relation of high stock market earnings to ski homes being built.

    Speaking of recovery, did you see the last earnings report from UPS? UPS reported higher than ever profits. So this means people are buying things. Durable good orders were up, too. So recovery is taking place. Maybe not as fast as we would like, but then again, look at hole we were in.

    Speaking of which, isn’t it about time ECT readers demand more of the ECT? Yes, there is good reporting here. But far too often, ECT fails to offer real world analysis as to why people are out of work up here. Most of the time, the commentary is just beeching and moaning, and blaming everything including the time of day on the Democrats. Anyone, even the fish wrap, can do that.

    • BlueBayou,

      Thanks for reading the ECT and our link the proposed legislation too!
      Looks like that has puts you way ahead of our County Commissioners.

      Would like to read your comments on…WHY????

      our local fishwraps don’t seem to want to put a copy of the 3 pages of the legislation out there for comment…it’s only 3 pages.
      isn’t that what a healthly independent media, does?
      …ask yourself why it is…that the ECT is the only media outlet willing to do this today in Eagle County…

      Yes ECT prides ourselves on our [Click Here’s] then smart folks like yourself can read and decidie for yourself.

  2. I agree that the Daily Fishwrap is bunko. I can’t even bother with it now.

    I also think you have the ability here to do more and I encourage you to. You did a great job by reporting this and I have sent an email to Jon and Millie, against it. Here’s some snippets:

    Subject line: No on HB 1154

    Good morning Millie and Jon,

    My name is . I’m a registered Democrat.

    I read about this proposed legislation on the Eagle County Times website. I’m opposed to this legislation.


    I don’t feel that this legislation is a burden, but having another form to fill out and registration fees to send in isn’t exactly high on our list, either. I also wonder if it would discourage other high tech companies from moving here, for the same reasons I’ve stated. I also don’t think it’s right to charge us some sort of registration fee when we already pay state taxes and property taxes…

    I’m not saying my reasons apply to all businesses. For example a construction company probably doesn’t have the same concerns we do.

    Finally, I feel your entire efforts should be spent figuring out how to help businesses grow, not, adding more forms to fill out and registration fees.

    Thanks for reading,


    Note my last comment. Let’s get away from pinning our problems on one side or the other. All that does is waste time. Instead, let’s get to some solutions, fast.

    Asking a business to pay more fees and fill out more forms isn’t any kind of answer.

    I’m bummed out that these politicians we elected are wasting time arguing about abortion, social issues. When instead, they should be spending all day every day creating jobs, what we sent them there to do.

    Speaking of creating jobs, ECT needs to encourage its readers to go out to eat, buy stuff from local ski shops, go to the movies, spend some money. That’s right, “redistribution”. The best thing we can do is spend money. In fact Harvard Business School teaches that when sales are down, cutting back is the wrong thing to do. Instead, you need to market more — invest! I challenge each ECT reader to go spend 10 dollars locally, today.

    • AWESOME!!!

      Commissioners: Finally, I feel your entire efforts should be spent figuring out how to help businesses grow, not, adding more forms to fill out and registration fees.

      Thanks BlueBayou! for doing your part, now that you’re informed.

  3. We can’t expect the government to get us out of this. Instead, we need to move our feet! ECT readers are Republicans, right? Well, Republicans have money, they need to go spend some — locally!

    In the past 2 weeks I’ve hired a local carpenter to do some stuff and a local plumber to put in a water filtration system for us. I’m spending money locally, are ECT readers?? If not, they’re not walking the walk.

    “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”.

    I know ECT readers are in the chips. Well, they need to spread some around. Everyone here knows someone in the trades out of work — go hire them to do something. Then, don’t hire anyone who uses non-documented, illegal workers. You won’t see any illegals mowing my yard. No, I have a local American citizen taking care of my yard. Speaking of which, quit mowing your yard — hire someone local to do it. Your back will thank you. And, you’ll have more time to shop locally, spend money!

    The Fishwrap needs to be writing about ultra important stuff like this. They should start a “who can spend the most money locally” contest. Something, anything, to get some jobs going.

    Don’t just talk about it — invest in your local economy!

  4. One more thing. We got to start doing all we can to Buy American. You can do so by shopping locally, supporting “Made in the USA”.

    We’ve got too hung up on “free” and “lowest cost”. It’s not good for our country. If you shop locally and the cost is too high, tell the owner of the store. Believe it or not, complaints and suggestions are much more valuable to a business owner than compliments.

    Here’s the filtration system we bought:

    Buy Organic foods, because doing so supports farmers! Remember them? Here’s two great services we use:

    Please, support your local farmers. You might pay a few bucks more, but so what? Over time, when demand increases, the farmers can lower their prices. But they can’t get there if you don’t help them!!!

    Carry on.
    And buy locally.

  5. Jared Polis called the Eagle and Summit County Wilderness Preservation Act.U.S. We re still gathering input she said directing interested parties to go the for more information about the process…..The broader includes up to 342 000 acres of new wilderness in the White River and Gunnison national forests encompassing four counties Eagle Summit Pitkin and Gunnison…..The new Eagle and Summit County Wilderness Preservation Act would reportedly create nearly 170 000 acres of wilderness public lands that are off-limits to motorized travel and industrial uses such as mining logging and oil and gas production in Eagle and Summit counties…..Those two counties fall in Polis s 2nd Congressional District while Gunnison and Pitkin counties are in U.S. We re just trying to express our enthusiasm that the Eagle and Summit County Wilderness Preservation Act has happened.

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