Mama Obama and our County’s Rich Black History

by Dr. Carter Woodson

Frankly, the ECT had trouble figuring it out…

The question stands…why would the Mama Obama take her young family to celebrate the middle of Black History Month – at our Vail ski resort where 99% of our County’s constituents are all of the caucasian persuasion?  All the ECT can figure is…it must be all because of long time Eagle County local – smilin’ Rodney Johnson.

ECT as you would certainly expect…is an aficionado of Eagle County’s rich Black History.  The ECT chose 99% and not 100% because of our friend and all around good guy Rodney Johnson.  Rodney you see is a long time Eagle County local – whose smiling face is proudly shown to improve Michelle’s family portrait.  Fact is…Rodney’s family has had a major impact on the history of Eagle County’s politics.  In a (years earlier) Eagle County Commissioner’s election local Real Estate magnate Rod Slifer will never forget – Rodney Johnson’s brother James Johnson defeated millionnaire Rod Slifer (Smith and Frampton real estate) – to become Eagle County’s first Black County Commissioner.  Not bad political showing when you’re out gunned by a multi-millionaire and 99% of the voting public – has to put sunblock on while spring skiing.  And that’s not all…legend has it that Rodney’s brother also spent a considerable amount of his social time (back in the day) with a young lady by the name of Sara Fisher, now known to most today – as Commissioner Fisher.  Seems those Johnson boys, have a way of getting around.  Rodney can always be found in a good times Aprèsski spot in Vail (the ECT suggests Mezzaluna’s deck in Lionshead) and you can track him down on Facebook – if you wish – just search Rodney Johnson Vail on Facebook.  You’ll find him.  Apparently the Obama’s have too…

Ooops!  For a look see at how our friends across the Atlantic (UK) saw how Mrs. Obama’s ski vacation impressed them, (Click Here)   PS – the Sebastian Hotel in Vail is owned by a Mexican investment group.  NAFTA indeed…

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