Newt Gingrich and Eagle County

by Clayton Moore

Newt Gingrich is and has been a frequent visitor to Eagle County.

Often speaking at the AEI World Forum (back in the day) and over the years a frequent guest of Dr. Malik Hasan and Mrs. Seeme Hasan.

The Hasan’s have often held political events at their Beaver Creek residence where the members of Eagle County’s GOP (and others) have always been welcome.

Gingrich will undoubtedly challenge the current occupant of the White House in the Presidential election – 2012.

It certainly won’t hurt Eagle County – to have a person in the White House – who is familiar with our valley after visiting here many times over the years…now will it?

What you may not know is that Newt and Dr. Hasan have had (a years long personal relationship) and written a joint paper (December 2010) about our nations Healthcare System and how Information Technology can help improve it – dramatically.  (Click Here).

Dr. Hasan also has an interesting perspective on Healthcare not only as a Physician/Neurologist, Dr. Hasan helped start a very successful private-sector company called QualMed – a pioneer in HMO’s.  Gee…our nations Healthcare…a Presidential election issue?  Now you know some of the reasons why Newt Gingrich – spends time here in Eagle County.

Looking ahead to a Gingrich Administration?  Some day in the future the ECT gang would like to see Dr. Hasan – as our Country’s next Health and Human Services Secretary – a Cabinet level position.  To learn more about why the ECT believes Dr. Hasan’s unique qualifications match perfectly to this position in a Gingrich Administration (Click Here).

Think the ECT’s story about a potential Presidential candidate..has some how ‘jumped the gun’?  All the ECT can tell you today is – Stick around.

4 responses

  1. Shades of McInnis! If Gingrich co-wrote anything with Hassan, he’ll ruin Gingrich with charges of plagarism at just the precise moment. (And the media will never point out that leading Democrats plagarize Engels, Goebbels, Riefenstahl, Marx, Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Himmel, Ayers, Alinsky, Chavez et al. every time they speak.)

    And now that Hassan’s son, Ali, is a Democrat and has met with Nancy Pelosi, Gingrich really should keep up his guard because it’s doubtful that Obama Mama visited Vail last month just on vacation. More likely she was here to schmooze the Hassans for corrupting the state’s last election in favor of the Democrats, from the governor’s mansion to Bennet’s Senate seat.

  2. Newt??

    What a shill.

    He cheats on each of his 3 wives — two of them while ringing up Clinton for cheating.

    Newt, just does more to turn off people like me who miss true conservatism. Newt calls himself a conservative? What a joke. It’s clowns like Newt, that are ruining (have ruined?) the Republican Party.

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