Merv Lapin – Funds new Chinese Language program at BMHS

by – the Rosetta Stone and friends of Merv Lapin

Long time Eagle County local Merv Lapin (principal at Vail Securities Investment, Inc.) has agreed to fund a new program for Battle Mountain High School students.

A new language course – Chinese.

That would be Mandarin not Cantonese…as most Chinese citizens speak Mandarin not Cantonese.

Merv reported to the ECT:  …”I started going to China in 1977 when the country first opened after Mao died.  I lived over there for 3 month periods from 1988-92 and have visited China over 50 times.  It is amazing how the country has changed from a communist to a capitalist economic model…”

It’s amazing to the ECT how much U.S. debt the Chinese have purchased in the same time frame.  A fact obviously not missed by the principal at Vail Securities Investment, Inc…

The Chinese have also made investments in Colorado –  paying $570 million for one-third of US firm Chesapeake Energy’s shale oil and gas drilling project in the American states of Colorado and Wyoming.  (Click Here)

Of special help to Merv’s donation was BMHS Principal Phil Qualman who successfully worked the lumbering ECSD bureaucracy into accepting Merv’s generous donation.


One response

  1. Say isn’t that Ms. Lanie Coffee with Mr. Merv? I’m will Mr. Hefner on this one. Merv put those rabbit ears back on Ms. Coffee’s head where they belong.

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