"My Property values will go up" – Commissioner Peter Runyon

Commissioner Peter Runyon: “My property values will go up if this goes forward.  I am confident of that”.

Runyon was referring to property he personally owns in Edwards/Homestead.

Goes forward?  Runyon was referring to the proposed $3.25 Million dollar Open Space proposal (160 acre Edwards parcel) from Eagle County’s (unspent balance $22 Million) Open Space fund.

Matt Minich at the VM gets full credit for breaking this story in last Friday’s Mountaineer.  For those worried that the ECT has taken “something out of context” from Matt’s story (Click Here) for a copy of Matt’s entire story.

Apparently Commissioner Runyon is more familiar with spending (OPM) on items of seemingly selfish interest – than he is with the last 18 words of  Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.  Lincoln you’ll recall was a Republican – Runyon an uber-liberal democrat.  For those of you interested in why Lincoln’s famous 18 words are relevant to this story…(Click Here)

OPM?  Other Peoples Money.

At least we know where Commissioner (now term limited) Runyon stands when it comes to where he spends his time as Commissioner…

Worrying/doing anything about Eagle County’s rampant Job Loss rate – that is driving Eagle County’s Home Foreclosure rate?  (OBTW – now at 94 YTD  13MAR2011)  Certainly not.

Runyon and his Commissioner peers fully intend to take $100,000.00 from the County’s Open Space fund – and create exactly one new County government job – who’s mission it is – to give millions more away – in future County open space funds (Click Here).  The ECT would also like to point out that the so called “Eagle Valley Land Trust” is also supporting this purchase.  The EVLT web site also lists their “Development & Marketing Director” New New Wallace – as a democrat, OSAC member and Edwards/Homestead Board of Directors – member. (Click Here)

How convenient.  Seems the… “Political/Special Interest Apples don’t fall to far from the tree” in Edwards.  Peter Runyon ECT readers will note – is also referred to as “the Mayor of Edwards” in some circles…no you too, have some idea why this is the case.

The ECT gang will take this opportunity – to renew our call to have the question of repealing the Open Space (property tax) on next November’s County ballot.


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