Minturn Middle School – What’s going on?

by the tutor

The continuing line of letters to the Vail Daily from students at Mintun Middle School has the ECT concerned.

So the ECT looked into it.

The Issue:  Take one of today’s controversial issues say (Global Warming)…and a reasonable person would expect letters from local students to reflect both/different points of view on that subject – or any other controversial topic as well.  After all – that’s why the issues are controversial, there are after all, different points of view.

Concerns were first raised when the first ‘wave of student letters’ from Kristen Morgan’s 7th & 8th grade writing class first appeared in the Daily Fishwrap.

Ms. Morgan did respond to the ECT’s questions (thank you Ms. Morgan) and here is the ECT’s report of what we learned.

1 – Ms. Morgan is very proud of her students and her Minturn Middle School.  The ECT delighted to learn this.

2 – Ms. Morgan told the ECT that she is the students ‘writing teacher’ not their Science teacher.  Ms. Morgan could not vouch for what Science teacher (Ms. April Slagel) was teaching their mutual students.

3 – Ms. Morgan’s attention was focused on her students writing.  Indeed Ms. Morgan went on to state “my assignment–the standards being taught–was for 7th graders to use their learning from Science class on the Mountain Pine Beetle, as well as effects of climate change we see here in Eagle County, to create a persuasive piece.”

The ECT’s concerns about how/what the Students are being taught (in their Science class)…lingers.

The ECT gang has no issues with the quality of the writing demonstrated by Ms. Morgan’s 7th and 8th graders.

It is the Students collective/singular point of view, on a controversial issue – that continues to alarm us.

As far as documented evidence goes…the ECT has not seen any evidence to confirm nor deny if Science teacher Ms. April Slagel – is dutifully teaching Students both points of view on controversial topics.  It is the (so far) one sidedness of these collective letters that causes our unease.

Q.)  If indeed both points of view on Global Warming are being taught – then why aren’t we reading 7th and 8th Student letters, expressing both points of view?  Have the Minturn Middle School Students been taught anything about the climate controversy caused by Penn State’s – Dr. Michael Mann – and the infamous ‘hockey stick’ graph?  (Click Here)

In all fairness to Ms. Kristen Morgan – here is a copy of her entire response to the ECT’s recent enquiry.  (Click Here)

For the record the ECT gang agrees with Ms. Morgan’s proven, scientific view that the Earth’s climate has changed over the millennium and that responsible use of our environment is a good thing.

Finally – the ECT would be happy to offer to publish any future letters from Ms. Morgan’s students – particularly if they express both points of view on today’s issues.

6 responses

  1. I assumed they were writing these letters for an English composition class, not a science class! No wonder so many other countries are jumping ahead of us in Math and Science.

  2. why is it that the ECT is the only local newspaper looking into how these kids are being educated and taught?

    I’m certainly not voting for any school district tax increase until I learn more about how these kids are being taught.

  3. It is disgusting that this writing teacher is teaching global warming under the guise of writing. I’m so tired of this far left agenda being pushed down children’s throats. Why don’t the parents of these students fight back and stand up for truth?

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  5. These students made there own opinion on the facts that they learned. Maybe the students have found answers that made sence to what is really going on. I have read these students letters in the vail daily and let me tell you these are the facts. If you guys have a problem with the way these student are being taught go in and teach them yourselves. After all you seem you seem to have a lot of free time on your hands.

  6. “Maybe the students have found answers that made sence to what is really going on” ( – Mark -)

    (Response) Maybe– but they were gently led — to make it make sense– perhaps?

    ” I have read these students letters in the vail daily and let me tell you these are the facts” ( – Mark -)

    (Response) Facts? From whom? Please state your factual scientific sources.

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