This Week’s – Editor Half the Story – Award

by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein

This weeks ‘Editor Half the Story’ Award was won by Vail Mountaineer Staff – Writer Phil Lindeman.

Phil’s story from last weeks VM (Click here) centered on the Town of Avon’s efforts to fund Avon’s currently "free" skier/tourist bus system.  Phil’s story accurately reported that Avon’s Town Council is actively considering a Tax Increase for this November’s (Avon) ballot.

The purpose of this new tax would be to provide a dedicated funding source for Avon’s buses.

Oh! Boo-Hoo! was the tone of Phil’s story – as poor old Avon’s City Council doesn’t have the money to pay for the transit system they want.

What Phil’s story FAILED to mention is the fact that Avon’s Council seems to have UNLIMITED FUNDS available – when the subject of continuing to litigate against Avon developer Traer Creek comes up.  Litigation (by the ECT’s count) is now in its 3rd year.  The cost to the Avon taxpayer now approaching $1 Million in Legal Fees.

FACTOID:  Eagle County District Court Judge Tom Moorhead presides in this case.  Moorhead has already ruled against the Town of Avon – in an earlier case – where he Ruled "Avon’s Council acted in a arbitrary and capricious manor".  Avon lost.  The Avon taxpayer again paid for the incompetence of their elected City Council.

A few reasonable questions:  What happens to the Avon Taxpayer – if Judge Moorhead rules against Avon again?  What happens if Moorhead rules – Avon must pay 3+ years of Traer Creek’s extensive legal fees?  Has any Avon Councilmember even thought to ask him/her self that question?  Obviously not, since a judgment against Avon – won’t affect these Councilmembers – personally.  How many free bus rides in Avon will that possible judgment against Avon pay for, Mayor Rich Carroll?  Per the Daily Fishwrap’s reporter – Randy Wyrick – Trial in the case is set for this fall (Click Here).

Meanwhile in Avon…up Valley folks are wondering why the lake level in Avon is so low – the answer is…when the new fishing peer was built (last year) – the pilings put in pierced the liner in the ground that allows Avon’s lake to exist in the first place…Turns out the lake level has to be lowered so the liner can be patched and allow the lake to return to its traditional height.

More good news of Avon’s elected City Council?  Seems no matter what they try – they can’t help but to cause more problems then they solve.  Avon’s City Council presented this past week with an Invoice (Click Here) from Avon’s Beaver Bench Condominium Association – for $1,786.00  The BBCA represents property owners around Avon’s lake.  Seems BBCA homeowners were inconvenienced by Avon’s recent "Snow Ball" rock concert directly causing extra security fees, snow removal, labor and vehicle booting.  Only Avon’s City Council could fine a way to take what was suppose to be a money making music venture for the Town – and find a way to make it more expensive for Avon taxpayers…

3 responses

  1. While it is nice to hear of the funny things that you dig up about the Avon town council, I squirm in my chair while reading your article. You should ask Ms. Morgan, the Minturn Middle School English teacher, to please proof read your spelling before you publish!

    • Thanks for reading the ECT – firemanAl.

      Feel free to share the ECT’s web page address with folks you think might be interested.
      To be completely honest – the ECT took Minturn English teacher (Ms. Morgan’s) response letter to the ECT – and ran it through our computers spell-check.

      What we learned was Ms. Morgan’s – spell checker was/is significantly different than ours! HA! (actually the ECT a bit surprised about that)

      Item 2: You many have (noticed?) that the ECT goes online Sunday nite (~9PM for our edit team) to review and correct. ECT gang makes a point of applying corrections before (the next day) Monday’s – blast email goes out.
      If you’d like to be included in the ECT’s (Sunday nite – edit team) let us know.

      Again – thanks for reading the ECT!

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