Affordable Help – Disputing Property Tax Valuations

by the Property Tax Man’s nemesis…

Now you can get help – getting a fair Property Tax Valuation on your Eagle County Property.

FACTOID:  It is fair and accurate to say – that within in the last 4 years the Eagle County Property Taxpayer has withstood the largest property tax increase – in the history of Eagle County.

News Flash:  Your Eagle County Property values – in today’s real Estate market – are off anywhere from 30 to 40 percent on average.

As required by law:  Eagle County’s Office of the Assessor – will contact each of you by writing (U.S. Mail) on or about the first week in May, 2011.

Here is what you can do – to protest (which is your right) what you believe is an unfair valuation of your Property from the Office of the County’s Assessor.

Edwards, Colorado is home to – web site – EagleCountyTaxAppeal.Com  They’ve been around doing Tax Protests since 1994 and it’s run by Roger Pack.  W 970.926.1131

Roger has anticipated an especially large number of protests for Property Valuations this year and is offering a special one time $95.00 – what Roger calls ‘Feasibility Tax Report’ that can be used when filing your Tax Protest with the Assessors Office.  Roger is also offering an additional 15% discount on (early orders – by 30APR2011) for his firms Services – aimed at a successful Property Tax Protest.

Roger’s firm has the ECT’s 100% local business endorsement and here’s why –

1 – If County Property Tax payers take advantage of Rogers (early order program) Roger will then be able to CREATE NEW JOBS for his (now needed) expanded staff – to handle the anticipated additional work load.

2 – Each successful Property Taxpayer Protest – gives each Taxpayer the satisfaction knowing Eagle County will have less of your money to spend on Open Space – and less money for Taxpayer funded debacles – like the $4.5 Million dollar Stratton Flats Affordable Housing disaster.

3 – If you’re are a Property Manager in Eagle County – here is your big chance to help your customers (with Roger’s help) get a fair valuation for the many trophy homes your business manages.  Don’t miss this opportunity in an otherwise slow local economy to keep your customers happy.

4 – Our elected friends on School District Board will be encouraged to ‘live within their means’ as all of our Private Sector business do each day – as well as the vast majority of our own households.  What do you think our children are going to have to deal with – when they grow up – and start running their own businesses?

Amen.  Give Roger’s team a call – it’s time to push back on our Government that wastes and spends too much.


2 responses

  1. Re “4 – Our elected friends on School District Board will be encouraged to ‘live within their means’”

    No they won’t–they still plan to push ahead for another tax hike–despite the good news they got from the state– that there is no need now, but they sure do want!

    Taxpayers- teach our schools the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’ – (and there is a huge definition difference between the two words.)

    THE WORD ‘need’ – defined:
    : a condition requiring supply or relief
    : lack of the means of subsistence : poverty

    and THE WORD ‘want’ – defined
    : to wish or demand the presence of
    : to hunt or seek in order to apprehend

    * Does our schools ‘need’ more tax money?
    (answer is -“no’)

    * Does our schools want more of your tax money?
    (answer is – “”yes”)

    These people are (supposed to be) educators-why do they not know the difference of these two words?

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