County Commissioners Refuse to – Get It!

by – Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru

How much clearer can our Community be about Open Space purchases?

The vast majority of us – don’t want more of our taxpayer money being spent on County Open Space…50% of Eagle County’s land is already Open Space..

Our Community has tried to communicate with the Commissioners – we have

– Emailed them

– Called them

– Talked to them

– Shown overwhelming Voter Polls that show Eagle County voters want the question of REPEAL of the Open Space tax on November’s ballot

They just seem to refuse to get it.

No more Open Space purchases, Commissioners!

Now add into the emphasis – Edwards Homestead Community – DID NOT respond by the (Open Space proposed deal deadline – last Friday) to purchase more Open Space in and around their Homestead Community.  Conclusion?  The majority of folks in the Homestead Community didn’t want the purchase – that’s why they didn’t respond by that reasonable deadline, Commissioners – (Click Here) for a copy of VD reporter Randy Wyrick’s recent report about that.

What’s needed now?  The Board of County Commissioners – needs to commit – to putting the REPEAL of the County’s Open Space tax on November’s ballot.

The ECT and it’s many contributors – will be happy to write the Ballot Language – that will bring that question to Eagle County voters.

Why is it Commissioners – with no public support – you put the question of your own Term Limits (extension) on last November’s Ballot – yet (so far) have refused to put the question of the REPEAL of the Open Space tax on November’s County-wide Ballot?

Whose interests are you working for, Commissioners?


One response

  1. These County “Ommissioners” are acting like an appointed and localized board of the federal EPA. AND, they seem to think that Eagle Couny elections have given them carte blanche to tax-payers’ funds

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