County Job Killer – Commissioner Runyon

by Change:  Had Enough?

What is Commissioner Runyon thinking?

Re: Spending your Open Space tax money vs. our County’s Economy?

Eagle County’s economy has prospered (for decades) because of the amount of jobs our Construction/Real Estate businesses have generated.

It’s also fair to say that the numerous ‘trophy homes’ in Eagle County – has caused the County’s annual harvest of Property Taxes to balloon as well, in spite of recent public comments from our Public School District insisting poverty is staring our Schools in the face.

Q.)  What is Commissioner Runyon trying to accomplish for today’s now depressed – Eagle County economy?

Commissioner Runyon’s statement from Randy Wyrick’s recent story….”We’re (read: BoCC) spending $3.25 Million dollars of your Taxpayer money – to keep as many as 150 homes from being built up there” (read:  Edwards/Lake Creek) (Click Here for a copy of Randy’s story)

So let’s get this straight, OK?  Our County Commissioners lead by Commissioner Runyon are planning to use $3.25 Million dollars of YOUR County Taxpayer money – (Realtors, Drywallers, Painters, Architects, Planners, Roofers, Framers, Plumbers, Electricians, Title Companies,  Masonry Companies – Gallegos, Attorneys, Banking/Mortgage lenders, Interior Designers, Furniture stores…)

..and do WHAT with your money?  Effectively stop any/all new Construction in Eagle County?  To what end?fishwrap3

Is this Commissioner Runyon’s ‘encore’ after his $4.5 Million Dollar Taxpayer Debacle – the completely failed Stratton Flats affordable housing complex?  If SF isn’t completly failed Commissioner – where’s our tax money?

Even Editor – Half the Story – over at the Daily Fishwrap seems to have been able to figure this one out – his newspaper having thrown their support behind Dick Gustafson – Runyon’s challenger in the 2008 County Commissioner election.

One wonders where Editor – (no story?) is on the recent (Open Space) actions of our job killing County Commissioners.

Well, Don?  Isn’t it past time to wake up?  It’s your newspaper advertisers Runyon and his peers actions are hurting.

– Item – Many thanks to ECT contributor – Mike B. for help with this story!!


2 responses

  1. What is Runyon thinking?
    At least Vail got a new west Vail fire station built and now open. Some construction jobs created there.

    Just what is wrong with this genious county commissioner. Using our own open space tax money to help kill our local economy.

    Runyon makes Forest Gump look like Albert Einstein.

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