Others Talk – The ECT SHOWS you Vail’s Snow Depth

by Peter Parker – Photography

Reported this week – Vail Mountain has received the most snow of any ski season – since it’s inception – 48 years ago.  A reported 500+ inches YTD.

Below is Mr. Parkers photo from the top of Pete’s Express Lift (the highest point on Vail Mountain – Blue Sky Basin – 11,500 ft.)  Photo from January 2nd 2011.  Notice the snow fence.

Now take a look at the same Snow Fence from Tuesday, April 19th 2011.  Can you find the fence?

Avon – Court Battle Won – Litigious War rages on…

The Town of Avon issued a press release this week to recount the recent favorable rulings in their on-going litigation with Avon Developer Traer Creek. (Click Here) for a copy of that press release.  ECT folks believe it’s important to report both sides of the ‘years old’ litigation between Avon and the Wal~Mart/Home Depot developer Traer creek.  So far no change in the District Court Trial Date – currently scheduled for the end of October.

Jamie Walker – Avon’s so called ‘Community Relations Officer’ has (so far) failed to address any of the Avon Taxpayer questions the ECT raised in last weeks story (Click Here)  Repeated here for your convenience – Jamie Walker at the ECT’s questions from last week –

A few reasonable questions:  What happens to the Avon Taxpayer – if Judge Moorhead rules against Avon again?  What happens if Moorhead rules – Avon must pay 3+ years of Traer Creek’s extensive legal fees?  Has any Avon Council member even thought to ask him/her self that question?  Obviously not, since a judgment against Avon – won’t affect these Councilmembers – personally.  How many free bus rides in Avon will that possible judgment against Avon pay for, Mayor Rich Carroll? OBTW – What happened to this years annual Easter Egg Hunt in Avon?  An age-old Avon family tradition…now pushed aside in favor of paying for more litigation?


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