Update – Homestead Open Space Proposal – Tuesday, April 26th

by You’re Not Fooling us!

After rejecting the County Commissioners proposal for purchasing Open Space in Homestead, the Homestead Board has recently ‘agreed to keep talking to the Commissioners about this deal’.  (Click Here)

The Commissioners now obviously have ‘egg on their face’ having misread the market again – believing initially, folks would overwhelmingly embrace their initial offer.

They were wrong.

Now we have the Commissioner’s Ego’s involved – trying to save face on this Open Space blunder.  There is no telling what they’ll do now.

What the Commissioners should be doing is;

1 – stop listening to their political partners at the Eagle Valley Land Trust.  This would include Mr. Cohen as well…

2 – get out on the street (coffee shops and such) and talk to the folks about what they want.

What they’ll learn is that folks are concerned about their jobs, our County/Country’s economy and most certainly gasoline prices.

This is where the Commissioners need focus their attention.  Spending millions on Open Space Commissioners wont stimulate anything – except our tempers.

Thanks to VD reporter – Randy Wyrick’s most recent story (link above)


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