From the Street

by Eagle County’s Independent Media –

They made the ECT gang laugh out loud.  Watching the VM and VD reporters scurry like your favorite pet for the table scraps that were dropped on the floor…It seems that after the ECT broke the story last week about Eagle County’s largest Foreclosure ever ($61 Million dollar) in Bachelor Gulch – it somehow showed up on the front page of the Denver Post online (Click Here) causing after that a flurry of activity by local reporters…er…so called Journalists…

Another ‘we-scooped-ya’ by Eagle County’s Independent Media.  How is it Mr. Rogers.. a small group of part time folks – can research and get ‘the news’ before (paid professionals?)  How do you keep your job, Mr. Rogers?  What does this say about the ‘journalistic standards’ at your employer – Swift Publishing, Mr. Rogers?

While both and the Denver Post gave credit to the EagleCountyTimes for breaking that story – the local VD and VM newspapers didn’t.

Gee, is it possible the VM and VD newspapers – feel the same way about the ECT, as the ECT feels about them?  Too funny!

Rumor – Eagle County may be moving in the direction that Glenwood Springs is (moving?)  In an interesting piece written by Post Independent reporter – John Stroud (Click Here) John reports that the GS City Council is considering halting (at least temporarily) the City’s affordable housing requirements – as a way to stimulate new economic activity in our downturn economy.  Glenwood has what they call an ‘inclusionary housing ordinance’ – not unlike what happens in Eagle County today.  This is where Government (in effect) forcibly takes private property away from a developer – and dictates to that developer what he must do with a portion of his property – that said (job ceating) Developer wants to develop.  In most cases recently – Government demands more of what they call – affordable housing.

This heavy handed Government approach – has had the same effect in Glenwood Springs – that it has had here in Eagle County – Developers leave and go elsewhere – and take the construction jobs Developers create with them – as they leave.

Just a reasonable question…who was all this so called ‘affordable housing’ intended for in the first place, Commissioners?

Time will tell if our County Commissioners can assemble enough awareness to see what their current policies have done to our County’s economy.


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