Minturn Middle School – Update

by Staff and James Prescott Joule

Minturn Middle School is a public school – operated by the Eagle County School District.

From the ECT’s earlier story (Click Here) – the ECT wanted to learn more about what that Schools 6th, 7th and 8th graders where being taught in their Science class.  The Students letters written in their English class where about Global Warming/Climate Change and some of those letters later appeared in the Daily Fishwrap (a.k.a. Vail Daily) as letters to the Editor.

What peaked the ECT interest at first – was that all the Student letters seemed to be of the view that Global Warming was some sort of ‘scientific fact’ and that there was no mention in the Student’s letters that this topic is, what it is – Controversial.

So what did the ECT gang do?  The ECT contacted MMS teachers – Ms. April Slagle (Science) and Ms. Kristen Morgan (English) – and requested a copy of their class’s formal “lesson plan”.  (Click Here)

That’s not what the ECT got in return.

To be fair, said Public School teachers where under no formal obligation to respond at all.  The teachers did respond (via email) with this brief information (Click Here).  Indeed, without the requested ‘lesson plan’ it’s very difficult to tell exactly how/what our Students are being taught at this Public School.

Regrettably, with the information provided to the ECT – did little to dissuade our continuing concern that the topic of Global Warming/Climate Change is being taught as “Agenda” rather than what it is in reality – Controversial.

For the record: The ECT folks have no issue with Controversial topics being taught in our Public Schools…provided that both sides of that issue are taught/discussed/debated and presented.

Critical Thinking:  Indeed every reasonable adult knows the benefits of critical thinking.  Young Students learning how to debate and support different sides of controversial topics – result in better ‘thinkers’ in their classes and future courses – while our community’s benefit in the future because we’ve trained a stronger generation of ‘problem solvers’ – who use ‘critical thinking’ to resolve difficult issues.  Is this how our Students are being trained at MMS?  ECT reports you decide.

Just for fun?  How about a challenge to Science Teacher – Ms. April Slagle and her students!  OK, in the Pubic School documents emailed back to the ECT – specifically titled “7th Grade Science Year-Long, Long Term learning Targets – has a printed sentence about Student goals – “I can compare how energy is created and utilized by organisms in photosynthesis and cellular respiration”.

What law in Physical Science is being violated – by the phrase highlighted in blue?

Answer – next week!


10 responses

  1. You are dreaming. Your question is way over the head of the average science teacher who is a product of the public school system. This is why more and more people are home schooling.

  2. nice follow up story on minturn middle school, ect. more letters to the editor from these students over at what you call the daily fishwrap. haven’t read one letter that would suggest the kids where taught that the issue of global warming is controversial.
    at least now I know how I’m going to vote, when our public schools ask for their tax increase this november. indoctrination verses education at MMS? pretty clear what’s going on in that public schools science class.

  3. I realize that most on this site are incapable of processing anything but what they find on Fox, or extreme right sites like After all, this is the same bunch who gave us the birthers.

    For those who care about truth in journalism, here’s this:

    and this, “Fact-Free Nation”:

    And if Butch Bazooka is reading this, dude, you continue to be proof positive that the fish wrap will print anything.

  4. Conservation of Energy – energy can neither be created nor destroyed: it can only be transformed from one state to another

  5. Staff-
    Your ramblings are starting to resemble “them”. Open discourse is a foundation of free speach. Why do you repeatedly use their true identities yet you hide behind the moniker of “staff” or some clever byline that doesn’t mention names of any of the ECT team!

    Come on and man up to your opinions and quit acting like a worm on this website. We have traveled the same circles in this valley for over 10 years and I have never seen (who?) shy away and hide like this before.

    Now, with that said, I do partially agree with you. Global warming is a theory only and offers little substantiated evidence to being even slightly proved.

    My issue is that you have picked a fight with probably the BEST middle school in the entire district. I have had the pleasure of guest teaching at Minturn (as well as all the others)and find the staff and students more informed and more inclined in questioning ideas presented to them then some of the checked-out students elsewhere in our valley. Start acting like a real reporter and research your subject across the entire area.

    Look closer at Berry Creek and Eagle Valley Middle Schools for real issues and look at the positives from Minturn (yep, another first place finish in National History Day in the Mountain Division ….no other ECSD school even entered!).

    Stick with facts my friend and the truth shall set you free.

    • Let the ECT gang get this straight…

      1 – you’re critical of the ECT’s anonymous, nature – at the same time you (Calvin?? if that’s your name) remain anonymous yourself?
      2 – ECT article questioned how students in MMS Science class were/are being taught a controversial subject.
      3 – ECT ‘attacked’ no one. Our main questions remain unanswered since the science teacher did not share their specific lesson plan.
      4 – For the record, know any other folks in the local media that are even willing to ask any of these questions?
      5 – rest assured the ECT gang will give your comments all the consideration that they deserve.
      6 – The ECT’s readership continues to grow each week – seems the majority of local folks are more interested in the information the ECT folks provides to them – than necessarily ‘who’ provides it. One wonders if you even know who the character – Clayton Moore – played. Clayton you’ll recall is a constant contributor to the ECT…

  6. School Voucher Program A Hit
    Douglas County Likely To Exceed Application Limit
    By Tyler Lopez, 7NEWS Reporter

    May 3, 2011

    This program will save taxpayers a lot of money. refer to:
    — The district estimates it would save about $3 million by having 500 fewer students.

    Offer parents choices-if they are happy they will stay put.

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