New County Property Valuations – Now online

by – do we dare look?

If you’re impatient and don’t like waiting for the Post Office to deliver your new Eagle County property valuations this week – you can (Click Here).  Choose the – Public User Login button once there.

Eagle County’s Office of the Assessor has put all the new Property Valuations online.  All of this of course is Public Record.  Get a copy of your most recent Eagle County Property Tax Bill.  Upper left-hand corner has your “R” Account number – that can be used to plug into the Assessors web site to discover your new Property Valuation.

ECT recommends you use your (FireFox browser) as we had trouble with the County’s web site using Internet Explorer v9.0.

The ECT took our residential property account number pasted it into the online form and hit ‘search’.  The top right of the first form to appear has a “Actual (2011)”  number.  Compare that number to your “total actual” number (printed on the top right of your most recent property tax bill)  Most of the folks the ECT gang talked to this past weekend had a new valuation in the 25-30% less than peak number printed on their most recent tax bill.

ECT readers encouraged to leave a comment in this story – of the percentage decrease (increase?) in your new property tax valuation.

County’s Treasurer’s Office – Responds to ECT Request

For the record – it is the responsibility of the County’s Office of the Assessor – to come up with the number printed on your annual Property Tax bill.  In turn it is the job of the County’s Treasurer’s office to Invoice and Collect that billed amount.

Which brings us to the ECT’s question to the Treasurer’s office this week?

In general how are Property Tax collections going this year – compared to years past?  (Click Here) for the Treasurer’s answer.  In short?  Property Tax Collections are “off” obviously reflecting a weak economic environment in the County…Regrettably, it seems that our County Commissioners think that if they just keep spending millions more on Open Space – that act alone will somehow improve our County’s overall economic condition.

Does anyone know – what if anything – our County Commissioners are doing to assist improvements in our local economy?  It’s safe bet the Daily Fishwrap and VM newspapers don’t know – so far both of them – are apparently afraid to even ask that question!!!  Does this seem right to you?

The good news here is that elected County Treasurer Karen Shaeffer expects another robust annual tax sale – where (example) Mr. Jones can buy (read:pay) the property taxes due on Mr. Smith’s property – where by Mr. Jones tax investment gives an annual percentage return, FAR in excess of what any bank is currently offering.  That’s the beauty of the Tax Sale from the Treasurer’s perspective – it’s a great investment for those who can afford the investment.

From the perspective of Mr. Jones, his investment is secured by Mr. Smith’s property (not Mr. Smith) as that tax obligation stays with that property.  Clearly it’s to Mr. Smith’s advantage (or someone interested in purchasing Mr. Smith’s tax delinquent property) to have that paid off as quickly as possible.  There is no guarantee to Mr. Jones investment as to exactly “when” that might happen.  The longer it takes – the more money (via interest) Mr. Jones will earn.


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