If only it were – TRUE!

by – the fans of limited government

Sadly – it’s not true.  While our friends at Eagle County’s print newspaper – the Vail Mountaineer – refused to give credit for the ECT gang for breaking the story about Eagle County’s single largest Foreclosure, EVER – the property known as the Bachelor Gulch Ritz Carlton ($61 Million by the way)…The ECT folks have no problem giving Credit – where Credit is due.  Below the headline from last Saturday’s Vail Mountaineer.  Seems our friends at the VM, missed an additional   “,000”  somewhere in their Editors review.  Imagine that.  ECT readers can just add the missing “,000” to the number below for a more accurate figure of Colorado’s most recent approved Budget.  ECT happy to help Editor Minich!  By the way Editor Minich – both the Denver Post and 9News.com gave credit to the ECT for breaking that story…


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