Leftist Ideology – the Triumph of Hypocrisy over Fact and Reason

by – in their own words

The ECT gang shows you this week – America’s leading leftist – in his own words.  Our short (1:44) video of what today’s Commander-in-Chief has to say about the effectiveness of the so called ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ that unquestionably help to find and then permanently eliminate – Bin Laden.

While today’s Commander-In-Chief has criticized some folks for “clinging to their guns and religion”…in turn what does he cling to?

– Continuing the Bush policies in Iraq and Afghanistan, kept Gitmo open despite promises to the contrary.

– Stepped up CIA drone attacks against the Taliban and others

– Attacked Libya from the air

– Once found – ordered the assignation of Bin Laden

Not too bad really for a guy who won the last Nobel Peace Prize they handed out.

The ECT’s point – simply that in spite of overwhelming video and audio evidence to the contrary – today’s average American Leftist will persistently cling to their belief’s, albeit – their Ideology over fact and reason.

Sadly they will unwaveringly support ‘their guy’ no matter how much evidence can be presented that proves the contrary to their agenda.  Indeed the Triumph of Hypocrisy over Fact and Reason…the sorry state of your average American leftist today.

Below – the ECT offers our proof – using the left’s leader – in his own words.

6 responses

  1. Good morning to the right,

    No one knows for sure how much of a factor waterboarding was. Yes, it’s been reported that the messenger’s name was discovered using waterboarding. Ok, fair enough.

    But it’s also been reported on your #1 news source, Fox News, that bin Laden was living in Pakistan for at least 5 years. So if he was there for 5 years, and Fox says he was, then why didn’t Bush get him? Please answer this.

    Maybe it was because Bush didn’t care?

    What the right wants to do is hijack this huge score from Obama — using ideology. Bachman didn’t even mention the President in her press release. So who’s zooming who here?

    bin Laden was living in Pakistan for 5+ years, presumably relying on the messenger — who’s name was reportedly uncovered using waterboarding. Alright. Then why couldn’t Bush close the deal? That’s what you all should be asking yourselves.

    Because the facts are:
    1. that Obama made finding and killing bin Laden a priority. He said in his campaign that if the intelligence was there, he was going for the kill.
    2. the mission to kill Bin Laden was put together using Obama’s team, not W’s, over a year ago.
    3. it was very clever to go into Pakistan without telling them. Obama did all this without telling anyone, including Pakistan.
    4. it was also risky. Because they didn’t know for sure Bin Laden was in the compound.
    5. the easy decision, the safe decision, would have been to drop a bomb on the compound. But instead, President Obama went big, and went for the kill shot.

    Obama went big and he stomped it. And for that, it’s him, not W, who is the man. No, Obama is the big man!

    W couldn’t close the deal. Obama did. So please quit trying to turn this huge score for Obama back to your side. Well, you can do it, but no one except those who are already not going to vote for Obama — that’d be your side — is listening. And they’re not going to vote for Obama under any conditions. So isn’t this all just a waste of space? If you’re really trying to win voters, shouldn’t you be focusing on facts?

    Gitmo. Obama has kept it open because he’s probably figured out there’s some use to it. Good for him. This is yet another great move, shows he can lead and make the tough, unpopular decisions. Because keeping it open goes against his campaign promise. It also alienates some of his liberal (but not me) base. So Obama is smart enough, and strong enough, to change course. Because that’s what great leaders do.

    Back to ideology.

    From Paul Krugman today:
    “First, there were the Bush tax cuts, which added roughly $2 trillion to the national debt over the last decade. Second, there were the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which added an additional $1.1 trillion or so. And third was the Great Recession, which led both to a collapse in revenue and to a sharp rise in spending on unemployment insurance and other safety-net programs.

    “So who was responsible for these budget busters? It wasn’t the man in the street.

    “President George W. Bush cut taxes in the service of his party’s ideology, not in response to a groundswell of popular demand — and the bulk of the cuts went to a small, affluent minority”.

    There you go.

  2. Good afternoon BlueBayou!

    Since nobody has taken the priveledge to respond i will glady reply to your fiction. Firstly, waterbaording has, is and will be a successful means of interogating an enemy that would not give you the same humane treatment. We waterboard our special forces and they don’t wimper about it. Only the left cries foul yet they see it as OK to kill an unarmed civilian with a tap to the head. Make no mistake, I am glad we got rid of UBL. I only wish the hypocritical left would give credit where credit is due. Not to BHO, but the Seals and CIA. Very hypocritical of you and very typical of the left to espouse the horrors of waterboarding yet condone an assasination that was made possible because of waterboarding.

    BHO made an easy choice so don’t fool yourself into thinking he’s some kind of superhero. It was a self serving decision. He couldn’t bomb the compound or he would have been unpopular for killing innocent civilians and we may have never known the fate of UBL. He had to send in the Seals, that’s what they are trained for and if word got out that he didn’t act, he would be finished forever. Don’t kid yourself in thinking it was a difficult decision. We didn’t tell the Paki’s because we have no reason to trust them. The compound was right in their backyard and they didn’t know? Riiight.

    UBL was in Pakistan for five years because he was being protected by the trustworthy Paki’s. It took many years for the CIA to track down who the couriers were and locate UBL. Don’t blame it all on Bush, even slick Willie couldn’t find him and that was before 9/11 when he was out in the open. Clinton tried and failed more times than Bush had the chance to. Even Oliver North mentioned UBL as the worlds most dangerous man during the Iran Contra hearings. FYI, that was in the ’87.

    I’m glad you mentioned GITMO. Why do you think Bush opened GITMO. That’s right their is some use for it. Funny thing is all you believers were gung-ho when BHO (or whatever he’s calling himself now) promised to close it during his campaign yet it turns out it’s just another campaign promise he can’t come through with. Better heap tons of praise on the man though for not letting all those evil people out of prison so they can go and do evil things like some of the one’s that were released. I find it humorous that you all BELIEVED him yet don’t take him to task for not living up to another one of his promises. It was pretty easy to figure out that he couldn’t close it so i’ll give him a pass on that. But not all you beleivers. You still think Bush was wrong for it but BHO is correct. More hypocrisy!

    Let’s not get into ideology. Let’s talk facts. After the tech bubble burst and 9/11 happened, the economy flourished and we all were pretty happy for 5-6 years. The $3
    trillion you talk about is nothing compared to the trillions BHO has racked up in a few short years. Not even close and the tax hikes you think we need are another feel good fallacy for the left. The truth is government has gotten hugely innefective, grossly inefficient and wasteful. We could take ALL the money from the wealthy (not just a tax hike) and it wouldn’t come close to scratching the surface of paying down our debt. We need to rain in spending and eliminate the size of government. Time for a cultural change. Time for a bankrupt ideology to accept that entitlements don’t work unless they are earned and provided for by all on an equal basis. Big Government has failed us and will continue to fail us.

    • Comment: Big Government has failed us and will continue to fail us.

      You bet your backside – Mike81620.
      ECT’s been trying to learn more about Eagle County’s Mill Levy’s.
      ECT has contacted twice the DoLA group. See ECT story this week – Assesning the Assessor.
      Still can’t get a straight answer. Nobody seems to know – Nobody held to account to answer the questions…

      What questions were sent to DoLA? TWICE!
      EXACTLY which Eagle County Mill Levy’s have (de-bruced?) such that – that EC taxing authority can raise their Mill Levy – without a “vote of the people”. If that Taxing Authority can, by how much at one time?
      No doubt dictated by the (then) – (ballot language?) when that Taxing Authority de-bruced…right?

    • “Big government” is just the easiest thing to say. It has no meaning.

      Because what the right really wants, is to pick and choose government spending. It’s so hypocritical, you can’t even keep track of it all. How could you? Eventually, it becomes impossible to remember all the lies.

      All you guys are doing is preaching to the choir. You’re not convincing me, and I’ve voted Republican. You’re not convincing anyone but your own kind. So where’s that really going to get you? Or is now the time when you bring up, “Don’t tread on me”?

      You claim to be about the constitution, when all you really want to do is re-write it. Or, interpret it in a way that serves your selfish interests.

      You’re right, it’s going to take a cultural change — it’s already happening. Because when you add up the minorities (births to non-white mothers now outnumber the rest), gay people, Independents, young people, plus existing Democrats, there’s no way the right stays in power. In fact, your side is a dying base — just look at the pictures.

      So the chicken kakkles loudest when its head is on the chopping block.

      I’m outta here.

      This board serves no other purpose than “misery loves company”. Find someone else to fight with, this is a waste of bandwidth.

  3. Huh—pose as logical response and folks like BlueBayou say “I am outa here cuz you people are ‘a waste of bandwidth.”

    BB must be one of our local government entitlement employees–in fact I will bet they are.

    The good thing about this Great Recession which now will be double-dip inflation is we might finally LOSE these Leftists who masquerade as Public Servants when the Leftists LOSE their paid jobs because taxpayers lose THEIR paying taxable jobs…

    See ya… lol!

  4. SeeYa Bluebayou! At least we won’t have to read anymore of your meaningless drivel. Dying base? See you in 2012.

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