Local Realtor Technology- Catching Up?

by friends of William H. Gates III

They’re called Quick Response codes, or QR codes for short.  They’re designed for shoppers of any sort with a SmartPhone.  This overgrown (postage stamp/bar code) of sorts can be scanned using your SmartPhone and a free app you can download into your phone.  The ECT folks like the app called ‘I-nigma’ you can download from the iTunes store.

How can it help me?

If you are in a store, and the sales clerks are either busy – or can’t be found – just use your SmartPhone to scan the QR code in front of the new item you’re looking at on the shelf.  Your SmartPhone app reads the code and takes your SmartPhone to a web page (usually a smaller sized web page – formatted for your SmartPhone) that gives you additional information about that item for sale.

One enterprising local Realtor showed up last week – in the back pages of the Daily Fishwrap – you know that section – the oversubscribed  ‘pick-me! pick-me!’ real-estate ad section where her QR code was used in place of the usual color photo of the property.  Obviously you could scan the print edition or (the ECT’s preferred method – SmartPhone scan) that image from the online e-edition of the Fishwrap.

ECT hasn’t noticed any QR codes in the VM newspaper – yet.

QR codes are remarkably quick and easy to make.  All you have to do is email the ECT a specific web page link (example:   www.EagleCountyTimes.Com) and our team will email back your specific QR code (a simple small – JPG digital photo) you can put on your web page, or print advertising document that can be emailed to your favorite magazine you advertise in…a Bravo Music festival playbill, or perhaps the playbill at the Vilar…opportunites are endless.  Email the ECT here, Staff-at-EagleCountyTimes.Com

Library Tech – Eagle Valley Library District continues innovation

Our EVLD survives off your County Property Taxes.  Hence the friendly folks that work there are happy to show off what their Technology team is currently working on.

They call it their e-Book project.  Amazon Kindle fans are no stranger to this e-Book technology – now our local library district is an early adopter of this new online technology as well.

Adobe you’ll recall was/is the inventor of the famous PDF file and free PDF reader.  Adobe’s new software product (designed specifically for libraries) is called “OverDrive” and the e-Reader software is free for many different “smart devices” (Click Here) – Overdrive/Kindle support targeted for Dec 2011.

The catch is your local library has to subscribe (read: pay for) the e-Books that are currently offered through their Library subscription with the Overdrive online library.  It’s a strictly ‘pay-as-you-go’ online subscription service for libraries.  Example; the libraries subscription may be limited to a 5 concurrent user e-Book “check-out” of say Mark Levin’s classic book “Liberty and Tyranny”.  Once that e-Book limit has been reached, a user can be added to the online ‘wait-queue’ waiting for a current user to check that e-Book back in – exactly the same process as printed books are checked-in and checked-out from the library’s front desk.

Some Authors and Publishers are heavy into this new technology, others are not – preferring you still buy their print book.  It all depends.  OverDrive (as you would expect) has a rich collection of the old classics (to Kill a Mockingbird, Moby Dick, War and Peace…etc)…less so it seems with the current list of books on the NYT bestseller list.

For more information on how your current EV Library District – Library card can be used to access this new technology – contact the EVLD (Click Here) or just use the above QR code the ECT made for our friends at the library district.

Special thanks to ECT contributor Diane Levin for help with this story.


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