Shingle Avalanches – in Eagle County?

by Zero Mostel, Topol and the Drifters

At first the ECT gang thought the roofs on the County owned Lake Creek Apartments were more reminiscent of the roofs found in the village of Anatevka, or perhaps Alabama or Mississippi these days…

So the ECT gang investigated…and here is our report.

The condition of the roof shown here is by no means an exception to the majority of roofs found at Lake Creek today.  The recent photo was taken from I-70 eastbound – from the west end of Edwards, where these apartments are located on the north side of the Eagle River.  Several other building roofs in the complex were damaged as well.

Side Note:  Interestingly all the roofs in the County’s Miller Ranch (Edwards) affordable housing complex are 100% intact near as the ECT can tell…

The ECT folks contacted the County’s Housing Director – Jill Klosterman last week and asked what the County’s plans where to repair the roofs.

Here – verbatim is Ms. Klosterman’s response to the ECT – “Thank you for your questions.  Replacement shingles were ordered immediately after the damage was discovered after the windstorm last month. The shingles arrived on site today (6MAY2011) and replacement of the damaged roofs will begin within the next few days.”

The ECT is delighted to report this story.  The ECT contributors will be anxious to show our readers photos from next weeks (in progress?) roof repairs.  The ECT, Ms. Klosterman would also be happy to print the names of local contractors (jobs created?) that have been hired by the County to make the necessary repairs.

The ECT more than happy to report any/all new jobs being created in Eagle County these days.


8 responses

  1. good for Ms. Klosterman. Her predecessor would never stand for fixing that which Eagle County has an obligation to maintain, Potente’s forte was wasting millions on so called affordable housing – stratton flats, while the County’s Riverview apartments continued to deterioate.

    We call all hope Ms. Klosterman sees things differently.
    good read here. good for you Ms. Klosterman, good for you ECT reporting this.

  2. Hey, ECT nice touch with that web link to the Drifters on youtube. Haven’t heard that tune in a while. made me laugh!

  3. Just wondering if…….it is a “local” contractor. I know that the last time roofing work was completed at this location they used a company from Denver. They would not entertain a bid from our company. We are local and hire our employees from the valley. So much for supporting the “locals”.
    I would be curious to know if the damage is on the same roofs that were re-roofed recently!

  4. By the way….we roofed several of the units in Miller Ranch…. Of course they are intact! Do it right the first time!

  5. TNT Specialty Constructors, (a local company), performed the roofing on several of the first multi-family bldgs., however rescinded the contract/work due to differences with the general contractor.

    BTW; Unless there was some sort of strange “mico-burst” phenomenon that just so happened to occurr at that particular geograghic location; However, considerining the widespead consistant damage, throughtout the complex, one might suspect inferior workmanship…. Ya thank?

    BTW#2; The shingles supplied for the current repairs were not provided by local suppliers, as niether were the materilas for complete re-roofing some of the bldgs last year.

  6. My vote is B, inferior workmanship.

    That black paper is biodegradable–so exposure to the sun causes it break down and rapidly so! Hope the county fixes it fast before it degrades and we taxpayers end up repairing drywall and putting the tenants in hotel rooms…

    Of course the county wouldn’t hire local–they only want the cheapest labor and supplies-and they tell the taxpayers THEY need to hire local. A “Do as I say, Not as I do” scenario.

    Good reporting ECT! Good information Valley Contractor- thank you thank you!

  7. Good reporting ECT, and thank you Eagle County for your prompt reaction and repairs scheduling.
    Key points from the newspaper- titled “Roof repairs at Lake Creek Village”

    * The Lake Creek Affordable Housing Corporation Board of Directors approved an accelerated replacement schedule for the remaining damaged apartment building roofs during its regular quarterly meeting on May 6.

    * Black underlayment where red shingles are missing is easily visible from I-70.

    * Lake Creek Village is five years into a seven-year replacement cycle for all 34 apartment building roofs and 41 garage building roofs.

    *The 270-unit complex is owned by Eagle County and managed by Corum Real Estate.

    Read full story here

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