2-Mauro’s News Today?

by Peter Parker Photography –

Local radio station personality – Tony Mauro – Station Manager at KZYR caught doing his thing in front of the Dusty Boot in Eagle last Sunday.  One wonders if Tony’s trainer – Ellen Miller – from the Vail Athletic Club knows Tony is talking today and (not training?) today for the upcoming 10K Spring Run Off.

Don’t worry Tony – No chance ECT readers will confuse what you do on “true local radio” with what Marcel Marceau does for his living.

What would the ECT folks like to hear more of on KZYR?  Motown – with a generous sprinkling of Johnny Rivers thrown in too!

Go Ahead Tony – click on the Johnny Rivers web link – it’s one of our favorite classic tunes.  Considering what’s happing these days along the Mississippi River – we thought the tune appropriate!

And a Special Congrats!  To local Newlyweds – Merv Lapin and Lanie Coffey – Send the ECT a photo from your honeymoon and we’ll gladly print it, Merv!!!!


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