County’s Economic Council Report and ECT agree – on the importance of Words not used…

by Clayton Moore

Not one Word.

ECT pleased to report this week that the just released (Click Here) Economic Council’s report on Eagle County’s economy – did not contain one word about ‘Open Space’.  This is proof-positive that spending millions of taxpayer money on Open Space has done NOTHING to improve our local economy.  County Job Creation?

Then why Commissioners, should we keep spending millions more on Open Space?

If the BoCC is genuinely concerned about our local economy (the Commissioner’s Fiduciary responsibility) then why are they spending a disproportionate amount of their day – on Open Space purchases.  Let’s not forget the Commissioners new $100,000/yr Open Space Director position they created…Why are folks reading so much in the Daily Fishwrap about continuing to spend millions on Open Space – yet at the same time – County voters have little to no idea (read the report) what the Commissioners are trying to do – to (jump start?) our County’s Economy.

What the County Commissioners should be doing is;

1 – Stop spending our tax money on open space

2 – Put the question of the Open Space tax on November’s Ballot – and let the County Voters decide if it should continue

3 – Focus on local Job Creation.  Job Creation will obviously slow the current rate of Eagle County home foreclosures that is scourge in our Community today.

If you’re wondering (as the ECT was) – what the cost to the County’s Taxpayer was for this report – Commissioner Stavney responded quickly and informed the ECT the cost was $6,900.00


One response

  1. The only job of the government in job creation is to get out of the way and let capitalism do what it does best. The local business will create jobs!

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