EagleCountyTimes and VD Readers agree!

By fans of Scott Rasmussen

Commissioners – How much more hard evidence is needed?  Readers of the VD and the EagleCountyTimes.Com seem to be in remarkable agreement!  The Voters of Eagle County – want the issue of Repealing Eagle County’s Open Space Tax – on their November Ballot.  Eagle County’s Clerk and Recorder – Teak Simonton (D) has already told the ECT – that the taxpayer cost to put this question on your November Ballot is “negligible”.  Commissioners – it’s time to let Democracy prevail in Eagle County!

Look at the numbers!  Frankly the ECT gang a bit surprised how closely (78% vs. 73%) the Poll numbers track.

Follow-up from last week – County’s Lake Creek Apartments

by Zero Mostel, Topol and the Drifters

ECT folks delighted to report that Eagle County’s Housing Department is repairing the roofs of the County’s Housing complex known as Lake Creek Apartments.

Eagle County’s Housing Director – Jill Klosterman reported to the ECT this week that Blu Sky Restoration has been contracted to do the repairs.  Blu Sky is out of Denver with a local office located at 770 Lindbergh Drive in Gypsum.  Lake Creek Apartments were completed by Shaw Construction in 1993.

Special thanks to Jill Klosterman and Jon Stavey for help with this ECT follow-up report.


3 responses

  1. I am sure Blue Sky Restoration employs union workers.
    Why would our County want to employ local contractors??
    Unions are the wave of the future, more costly and defeating private enterprise.
    Hard to believe any private Contractor will support Progressives but they do??

  2. Union workers? Are you kidding me? (I believe you are; I share your sarcasms). In my opinion, the situation couldn’t be more opposite.

    First and foremost; how could a “restoration” contractor, rather than a specialized roofing contractor end up with a roofing-specific contract? Consider the following. Here’s my opinion;

    These “restoration/disaster” type contracting operations primarily operate within the insurance industry and to put it politely, are extremely proficient with negotiating techniques and methods required to obtain the work/business; sometimes without any competitive bidding and/or at extremely inflated prices. True artists in their own realm.

    Sometimes, instead of going through a fair and equitable bid process, with local/applicable type contractors, a private or public entity can be duped or enticed into less than ethical &/or cost effective endeavors.

    A “restoration/disaster” type contracting operation will land a particular trade-specific project with its sole role in the game as a “paper-pusher” & negotiator with the applicable insurance company or independent “adjuster”.

    All the actual work is sub-contracted out to sub- contractors, who may or may not be authentic/legitimate, (that’s an entire subject on its own).

    Just our $ .02

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