Forest Service – Announces New Travel Management Plan

by Clayton Moore

Access to our Country’s Public Lands is a Birthright of every American Citizen.

Same as any reasonable person, the ECT crowd promotes responsible use (don’t litter, don’t start forest files, don’t deface, don’t abuse…etc) any of our Public Lands – nor anywhere else for that matter…

The Issue today it seems is that the U.S. Forest Service is promoting a plan – to ‘Steal Your Liberty’ – by limiting our collective access to Public Lands.  (Click Here)

USFS wants to close – No less than 519 miles of Roads and Trails and an additional 692 Miles of what the Forest Service considers “bandit” routes.  Too many of which are here in Eagle County – probably right in your back yard.  For a look-see of what is targeted to be closed in Eagle County – the so called Eagle Rangers District (Click Here)

Where does it say (our U.S. Constitution?) that one group of Americans has the right to tell another group of Americans – where they can/can’t go on Public Lands and what they can/can’t do on those Public Lands, once there?

The ECT re-affirms our responsible use – principle.

At first the ECT thought this plan was written by Rep. Jared Polis.  Any wonder why so many informed/aware Eagle County residents want to leave Polis’s (Congressional District 2) in favor of joining CD3 that includes exclusive Western Slope County/ interests?

The ECT encourages our readers to take a hard look – at donating/funding to any local ECO-group that supports – this taking of your Liberty – for their ECO-Agenda.


One response

  1. Thanks for the article, Clayton Moore ! This reminds me of a time last June when I had set my painting easel up along Sylvan Lake Road, in a well-worn parking area – marked by large rocks, and at least 3 car widths off the side of the road. I had been painting for at least two hours, when a Park Service employee in a new white truck stopped and told me that I was parked illegally and would have to move. I told him that the parking area was well-marked and that I had removed much of the trash that had been left by others before me. I asked him if I could stay long enough to finish my painting and was again told “no”. I then asked where I could park, in order to finish my project. He then told me I would have to park 1 mile to the west or 2 miles to the east. I explained to the guy that it had taken me a long time to set up my supplies, that my things were very heavy and it would be difficult to park that far away and could I please stay, just this one time in order to finish. I was not drinking illegally, I was not littering, — I was enjoying the beauty of the Sylvan Lake Park. Still the answer was, “No” only this time he threatened to fine me $50.00. I told him that it would take me a little time to load things into my car and this Park Service worker assured me that he would be back, and if I was not gone he would indeed write up a ticket for the fine. Shortly after, another employee in another brand new truck, came around to make sure I was leaving. THIS WAS UNNECESSARY HARASSMENT!

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