How do local litigants Act – When they’re not litigating?

by Paul Drake and Della Street

A reasonable person interested in understanding more about our current local litigants – would ask the question ‘how do they behave when they’re not busy litigating with each other’?

Well – the answer to this question was – in part – on display publically in our Community this past week.

Plaintiff and Developer – Traer Creek, caught donating a building (~4,000 sq/ft) on their land for our local Salvation Army after the Salvation Army lost their space in Edwards.  (Click Here)  This means that our Community’s branch of the Salvation Army can continue their work to distribute about $4,000.00/week of assistance for Rent, Food, Medical…to our friends in need here at home.

Meanwhile…back in the Avon Town Council Chambers last week

Defendant – Avon Town Council met this past week to say “no” to their constituents residing in Beaver Bench Condominiums – who handed the Town of Avon their Invoice for ~$1,700.00 for additional expenses they were forced to pay for dealing with their Condo’s impacts from Avon’s Snowball concert event last March.  Avon Constituents in Sunridge didn’t fare any better with their invoice (~$2,000.00) either.  (Click Here) if you missed that story.  Also this same group of Council members is considering a Tax Increase in Avon – which may appear on this November’s ballot.  Avon insiders believe this is part of this Council’s plan to “tax the many – to benefit the few” – noting that the tax increase would be targeted for Avon’s bus system – a system that currently doesn’t (nor is it projected to) serve the entire Town of Avon.  Avon’s total legal fees (OBTW) now approaching $1 Million.  At least now you know the priorities of Avon’s Mayor Rich Carroll and the majority of Avon’s Town Council.

1 – No Avon money for impacts Avon’s Council and it’s decisions have caused their constituents

2 – Not enough money for Avon Buses, so let’s consider raising taxes in a downturn economy

3 – But don’t worry, Avon has plenty of money for litigation against the – local job creating, private sector…

One more thing….Not Public Record – Although current and former Avon Town Council members were deposed recently in their ongoing litigation against Traer Creek – the specifics of what was said in those depositions – is not Public Record, yet.  When it goes to trial (currently planned for the end of October 2011) whatever information gathered at those depositions – will be Public Record – once those specific (deposition/videos) are presented at trial.

Rumors are circulating that the 3 Avon Councilmembers deposed – experienced “debilitating amnesia” once they were sworn in under Oath and the video camera started running.  Shocking, don’t you think?


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  1. In order to save money – Maybe Avon could cut down on the number traffic harrasments by thinning out the police force. Keep the ones that are arresting the drug traffickers and eliminate the officers that are harassing the taxpayers when they are trying to get to work in the morning.

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