Local Holy Cross Electric Candidate – More like Joe Isuzu

by   We give you the documented Proof in this Report

Joe Isuzu?  Remember him?  The TV spokesman in the Isuzu car ads…Joe became a TV commercial icon of sorts for his ability to lie – with a straight face.

The fact is – Eagle County has a candidate that wants your mail in vote – so he can “serve” on the Holy Cross Electric Board.  What this candidate bio – says (Click Here).  “I am running for the Holy Cross Board because I believe I can best serve and represent you.”


So, the ECT gang dug into our public record archives – to research this former Eagle County Commissioner’s track record on “serving” the people.

– November 2006, Eagle County ballot – ballot question (his issue actually) funding for “Early Childhood Development”.  It was known at the time as Arn’s “baby sitting tax”.  (Click Here) for a copy of that November 2006 Ballot question.

It lost on the November Ballot.  County voters said “No, Arn!”  So?  So, in the Spring of 2007 Menconi and his Commissioner peers – assigned $1.3 Million from the County’s General Fund for “Early Childhood Education”.  A direct slap in the face to Eagle County voters – Voters that sent a clear message to Menconi – a message he was more than happy to ignore (using your tax money- Click Here) – because it wasn’t consistent with his personal agenda.

Now, after he faced 2 County Commissioner recall efforts, he’s back looking for your vote on the 2011 Holy Cross Board of Directors mail in ballot (Click Here).

One can only imagine what candidate  “I want to serve you”  would do to your family’s monthly Holy Cross Electric Bill – as he pursues his personal “agenda” of how Holy Cross should produce our Electric energy in the future.

ECT recommends our readers join us as we pursue the ABA campaign for the Holy Cross Electric Board.

ABA = anybody but arn

How long do you want to bet it will be – before the Daily Fishwrap runs a favorable story/profile of this candidate?  U.S Mail in Ballots due on or before Saturday, June 4th 2011.  More info?  www.HolyCross.com

One response

  1. If Menconi was running unopposed for County Dog Catcher I still wouldn’t vote for him.

    Hopefully the Holy Cross electors will give him the same treatment the the Eagle voters did when he ran for Mayor of that town.

    I thought we were rid of this guy!

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