Colorado’s – Schizophrenic Congressional Representatives?

by Dr. Sigmund Freud

It reads to the ECT folks – like a Schizophrenic legislative agenda by Colorado’s Senator Mark Udall (D) and Colorado’s Representative Jared Polis (D).

Polis, best known to some as the leading proponent of a legislative gambit known as “Hidden Gems” (Click Here) that seeks among other things – to limit your access to Federal Lands, and what you can/can’t do on our Federal land once there.


Senator Mark Udall is pushing a bill called “Ski Area Recreational Opportunity Enhancement Act” aimed at opening up Federal Lands (near ski resorts) to additional tourist recreational activities.  Udall’s selling point?  It will allegedly create more tourist industry jobs.  (Click Here)

There is no question our local Eagle County Economy could use more jobs.  Which means Udall’s plan seems to make more sense than what Jared Polis’s legislative agenda seems to offer our County’s economy today.

ECT’s question:  Do our Congressional so-called (elected representatives?) talk to each other?  Allow more access? Vs. Limit access?

Perhaps what’s going on here can be best explained by who is behind, whose agenda, and your alleged representative’s insatiable desire for more money in his bid for re-election.

It’s easy to see our friends at Vail Resorts lining the re-election pockets of Udall – with Udall’s legislative agenda that will no doubt put more profit into VR’s annual report….meanwhile is easy to picture the (Sierra Club and others?) hard at work lining Polis’s pockets with ECO-green re-election dollars galore.

Why is it that – the ECT folks are the only folks calling any of this apparent schizophrenic legislative agenda into question?


3 responses

  1. Don’t you see the threads of the Vail Resorts master plan?
    Drive up to Mountainstar, and look.
    To connect Vail to the rest of their resorts, you need forest service access to Stone Creek and Meadow Mountain.
    Why does Vail want to annex the commercial areas of Eagle-Vail? Why to control the new ski base area that will connect them all. Parking issues solved for pennies on the dollar!
    Why does Vail Resorts give so much money to Udall?
    Why to gain approval of this next phase of development via the forest service approvals, of course!

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