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by – Just wondering where do we County Taxpayers actually Park?

Their recent letter printed in the Daily Fishwrap says – “Great Open Space Project”.  (Click Here)


Just exactly where is this open space “Scudder Webster Parcel”?  Edwards, we presume from reading this letter… located somewhere near/in the Homestead neighborhood.  The letter is signed by (many+1) enthusiastic (Edwards property owners?) – the ECT folks, like others that don’t live in Edwards – just wondering where the rest of us – County taxpayers can park to take advantage of this recently purchased Open Space parcel.

Anybody know?

Is this another Open Space land “deal” that has (once again, County Commissioners) benefited the few – at the expense of the many?

It’s time to put the Repeal of this abusive (favor the few – at the expense of the many) Open Space tax back on this November’s County-wide Ballot?

Commissioners – this recent Open Space purchase has “Edwards Special Interest groups” written all over it.

This (P.Y.T) discovered Gardening in West Vail this past weekend.  Cool-it guys, she’s happily married – however she’s happy to talk to you about her West Vail Community Garden – now coming online in her neighborhood.  The Town of Vail was happy to provide the water spigot for this project – but this new non-profit group has to pick up their monthly water bill.  Evidence of Public/Private sector at it’s best we say.  The ECT not too sure about those pie-wedged gardens, but we’re sure the local deer will love them – if they don’t get their fences up soon.


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  1. The Scutter-Webster property the EVLT so generously announced is being purchased for 3.25 million was presented to the Homestead home owners’ asserting ” look what we are doing for you”!
    The EVLT will save Homestead a future development density and resulting related traffic much larger than actually possible, or save the land from a possible future employee housing site if Homestead would not comply. Arousing fears of the possibilities. The purchase of this property is a good thing! No one is against that.
    However, in return the Commissioners need access through Homestead Open Space to the forest service for this purchased property. It was announced by the Homestead HOA board that they will give 120 acres of Homesteads 460 acres to this access venture plus as requested by the County a donation of $70,000 from Homestead residents to assist in developing parking ,upkeep, etc. The Homestead homeowners will also need to purchase liability insurance for this acreage. This access will be on lower Scutter-Webster property at top of 2nd filing in Homestead. Presently the land is private open space and anyone injuring themselves on it outside of residents would be trespassing. If we do not agree to this the County would take it’s money elsewhere, or hold the land for future???
    The HOA board was very reluctant to discuss this and made residents aware they were going through with it despite voiced concerns.
    Usually around the state land going into Conservation Easement is assessed for its tax and development value and purchased for a percentage of this value from the owners. Our County Assessor places the value of this land at $14,000 an acre if developable. Are the Homestead by-laws being violated? Commissioner John Stavney mentioned in one of the earlier meetings he would only request 5 feet width of trail through Homestead’s open space, obviously not held to. With the value the land holds why is the Board giving this land away along with additional costs to its’ Homeowners??? There are questions and concerns here that will not be answered!

    • Thank you for replying Ms. Robinson…

      The ECT main question remains. Where to the Eagle County Taxpayers – PARK to use this Open Space land?

      To be FAIR – isn’t it reasonable for County Taxpayers to expect that they have a place to PARK – on order to access this purchase?
      Some would read your response as…”hey, this great for me! the heck with the taxpayers that have paid for this!”

      Please email the ECT with a digital photography of exaclty where we’re suppose to park….

  2. In response to Scutter -Webster purchase. There IS a plan to provide parking at the lower boundary of this property. No one disagrees with that! The purchase of this piece is not in contention. What IS a concern is the giveaway of 120 acres of privately owned Homestead open space.

    • Great!!!
      May the ECT get a (PDF?) copy of that alledged plan?
      ECT readers very interested in HOW MANY parking spaces will be available to EC Taxpayers – on this most recent of OS purchases.
      Who has been contracted to put in the parking spaces? Again, how many?
      When is the construction of said parking spaces, scheduled to begin. Who is paying for the parking space contruction? Open space money? Homestead Homeowners???

      Point here – is ECT is trying to determine if the County Commissioners (have broke with their established tradition) of using our Taxpayer money for Open Space purchases the taxpayer, CAN’T

      nor easily access

      Now if the County Commissioners have broken with their tradition – NOW THAT WOULD BE A STORY!

  3. The Scutter-Webster property purchase I believe still has not
    been transacted. The commissioners are trying to leverage
    Homestead into donating 120 acres of its’ open space before the purchase is a done deal. They won’t admit to that though.

    • ECT believes you.
      ECT ongoing concerned that BoCC has not abandoned their tradition of buying parcels that the Eagle County Taxpayers can’t
      …after the BoCC used our tax money money to buy this…the latest proposed parcel.
      If the EC Taxpayer can’t legally PARK reasonably close to this purchase – why should that taxpayers money be used to purchase it. ECT concerned (not accusing) Edwards/Homestead homeowner acting in their own selfish best interests…same as Gates, did and Bair’s did before them…
      That’s why this entire Open Space Tax REPEAL BELONGS on this November’s ballot!

  4. I do not understand your fixation on parking??
    There will be parking and I am sure plenty of it right
    next to Homestead 2nd filing homes, along with increased
    traffic through their neighborhood. The Scutter- Webster property needs access through Homestead open space to provide access to forest service, (reason for leveraging the purchase of Scutter-Webster with Homestead). I think asking the Homestead community to freely donate $70,000 toward the construction(pkg) and upkeep of it is quite brazen! Along with Homestead needing to pay for liability insurance on top of that. With no reimbursement to Homestead for Homesteads’ 120 acres of open space which does have a value of $14,000.00/ developable acreage. A lot larger swath than a trail would not you say? Without the Homeowners
    vote, all decided by their HOA board and the Commissioners???

    The Scutter Webser property needs a trail through Homestead open space to connect it to Forest service access.

    • Parking? You’re kidding right?
      Have any idea what local parking is like in Vail/Beaver Creek on a powder day?
      Parking dear lady is a MAJOR factor on just about all the resort real estate projects around here.
      Just ask a developer.
      Looks like we’ve established – you’re not a local skier…

  5. Yes I have lived here since 1969. I know all about parking.We are talking about a trail head into the woods. I am sure there will be parking. You will have to go to the HOA meetings with the County to have a say because this is being done without much requested input otherwise.

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