Open Space? – Stuffing the Ballot Box

by friends of Scott Rasmussen

The ECT’s top story last week pointed to more online evidence that the majority of Eagle County Voters want the opportunity to Repeal the County’s Open Space tax on next November’s ballot.  (Click Here)  When the ECT story broke last week – it seems to have caused a flurry of online voting activity (inside a 24 hour window – see above) – in an obvious attempt “to get the numbers right – to support my pro open space agenda”.

What reasonable conclusions can be drawn?

1 – Many folks read the ECT each Monday morning – then some of them headed over to the VD to cast their online vote.

2 – Special interest groups (those seen as benefiting from the County’s multi-million dollar Open Space fund) were quick to react – to shore up their weak numbers on their side of the online Poll.  Look at the change in just 24 hours…Fact is – the Sunday May 15th numbers (left photo) agreed almost to the decimal point – with the ECT’s numbers from our online Poll.  The fact is – an overwhelming number of ECT/VD readers FAVOR the opportunity to vote on the Repeal of the County’s Open Space Tax this November!

3 – Our County Commissioners have (so far) shown no interest in putting the question of Repealing the Open Space Tax on November’s ballot.  Some insiders suggesting the Commissioners prefer the political support of these special interest groups – over the interests of the majority of County’s taxpayers.  You decide.  The ECT will present the evidence.

4 – There is no question, if given the chance – the Repeal of the Open Space tax will take place.  The only remaining question is – by how large a margin would the Repeal votes win by…


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