Post Apocalypse – Global Warming?

by Harold Camping’s nemesis

ECT presents our evidence this week – you decide.  It’s true the ECT folks put the Global Warming believers in with the same crowd as Harold Camping’s believers.  It seems these kinds of folks have to believe in something – no matter how much evidence to the contrary.  By the way – Anyone seen local Bob Fisk lately?  Bob you’ll recall is our community’s local investigator for (MUFON) – the Mutual UFO Network.   Abduction the more likely the cause of Bob’s media absence rather than Harold’s recently predicted Rapture we suspect.

Our two photos this week – taken exactly 1 year apart shows the Eagle River flowing under the rail-road tracks just past Dowd Junction.  There is no question the Eagle River has not reach peak flows for this seasons run off.

The ECT makes no claim what Post Apocalyptic day that will be this year.  The ECT’s crystal ball broke from over use – during the writing this weeks top story about the suspected out come in Cordillera.  A way for the cash-strapped Cordillera Golf Course to make some money?  Perhaps some sort of peak-flow lottery is in order.  No doubt some local non-profit will find a way to make a buck off the ECT’s idea…

Interested students can (Click Here 2010 High Rez Photo) and the 2011 High Res Photo can be had (Click Here).   The ECT scrubbed the 2011 photo’s grafitti – we wouldn’t want to confuse any local 6th grade science students, with…well…science.

Anybody want to make a guess on what the 2011 bridge graffiti is?  No doubt left by some advanced alien race the ECT discovered when we developed that 2011 digital photo!  Somebody better alert the rest of the Global Warming believing  media around here, dontcha’ think?


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